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Past Blog Archives

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Webpages from 2010 to 2012


Love Yourself

self healing

oil spill healing

Expanding Experiences

About page

Infinite Abilities and Spiritual Communications

Submit your Psychic Experiences


Breaking an Arrow with My Throat

Boating Trip that Changed my Life

Site Build It Building a website through Site Sell

Manifesting the Infinite Way

Quantum Living

Out of Body Experiences

Paranormal Practices

The Observer Effect

Higher Self

Psychic Children

Shifting Realities


Spoon Bending



Infinite Words create new words from your infinite creativity

Hidden Meanings in Words

Infinite Thoughts

Infinite Creators

Infinite Creations ... Infinite versus Finite Consciousness

Level of Acceptance in what you expect to manifest

Aha Walla two parts of a Whole Experience

Mirror of Ourselves can Appear as Mazes

Letting Go Surrendering


Lottery as Feedback

Evolution Leaders Event

Sovereignty Evolving Personality

2013 New Beginnings

Extra Videos

Brain body videos

Expand your Mind


Helpful Ideas

I M Introduction... Infinite Manifesting Introduction to the Website

Count your Blessings Appreciation and Gratitude

Mastering Cards Henry Sugar Great Practice

Thoughts creating reality

Infinite Thoughts

Infinite Realities what are you choosing

Brain ... What our Brain does when we imagine

Create your Day Your Way

Emotional Addiction ... What emotions are you addicted to?

Subconscious Mind

Neutral Meaning ... Nothing has meaning but the meaning you give it

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Contact Me

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