OOB is Our Natural Ability …

OOB is our natural experience when we allow the knowledge to transform into our own wisdom from our own experiences to realize that we are really spiritual beings having a physical experience.

We came from a spiritual dimension birthing into our physical body. Our body is the vehicle that our spiritual self uses while we are in the physical plane of existence. Since our whole spiritual self cannot be wholly contained in our physical body, the part that stays invisible is our infinite self that guides us on our purposeful physical journey. Our ego personality seems to lead the way until we connect again through awareness and knowledge or remembering our infinite self.

We can use the analogy of the use of our physical vehicles that transport our body around from location to location in traveling. When you purchase another vehicle to take the place of the older vehicle, can be the same type of idea as our spirit in our body to transport us around the physical plane. If our body breaks down in disease and we subconsciously choose to end this trip for now. we use death to do it. Our spiritual whole self is then out of its physical body vehicle for our next adventure of experience.

Or in this lifetime if we choose to evolve further as in experiencing immortality we go further in our evolution then just reincarnating back into another body.

As a great teacher Bashar reminds us, “The only thing that is real is experience” and when we ponder on that for awhile we will see the truth of it. As another great teacher Ramtha reminds us, all we have to do is sit here for a few moments and be still in “contemplation” that everything is just an experience. No matter how we try to get around it in denial or fear it still comes back to noticing the powerful present moment and being the pure conscious awareness.

Where Our Mind Wanders Our OOB
or Spiritual Self IS …

Try it right now. Sit quietly and contemplate any thoughts at all, remembering some past experience from your memory, you are actually recreating the past. Or think of a future experience you desire to have, the spirit part of you is actually in that future dimension. Or as you look out the window watching the birds flying, that is where you are for the moment. It does not matter what your focus is upon with your thoughts, it will always be where you are.

Do you see what I mean? No matter what it is we cannot escape the POWER OF NOW and our spirit part of us. Everything else is just a memory or choosing other dimensional realities of thoughts, but we are always doing it in the now and it will be where we really are.

If we are thinking about another person in pure unaltered thoughts, we are OOB. It is a trick of beliefs, a trick of our senses to believe when we are in pure focused thought that we are always in our body. But if we ponder awhile we have already drifted into the powerful dimension of imagination or other dimensional realities. We have left our body for the moments that we are so focused on another or whatever focus we are putting our attention on. Behind the illusion, or belief trick, we are really OOB and visiting with another while our body sits in our chair taking care of itself. As our body was designed to do.

The Sensation of OOB

You may have had the experience, just as you are about to fall asleep or sitting in a serene surrendering relaxed state, and felt the sensation of your body feeling really heavy.   Then something inside us seems to keep wanting to release.  We can feel ourself becoming huge as a sensation and everything we are perceiving becomes so huge in magnification as we float with the sensational feeling.   I have had these experiences many times before I knew what was really going on years ago, and would become fearful as the feeling was so unknown.   I would stop it by closing and opening my eyes quickly a few times to stop it from progressing further.

That is an aware starting of OOB experiences that you might have, but then you might not have it either.   It's different for everyone depending on their beliefs or expectations of how we go into these out of body states.   Beliefs and techniques we use whether aware of it or not are really reality tools we are using.   Whatever ways we experience it when we just go with it long enough, and let go of the fears so that we can be comfortable with the OOB experiences itself.

When we become really comfortable with the experiences after some practice then we can go OOB to anywhere we desire.   Another country, above the clouds, above the planet, other planets, other dimensions, anywhere we desire to go.   Just as any experience we have will always be our own proof of what we experience.

In the video below Ingo Swann demonstrates exactly how the experience was for me when I had my first conscious OOB experience at a firewalk seminar I attended years ago.   All of us in the seminar were lying down so relaxed listening to a recording that brought us into a deep meditative state.    I felt my body become so heavy, while simultaneously I felt another bigger yet really light part of me lift.   This other part of me that I now refer to as my higher self seemed more aware, more intense and connected with the clearest perception ever.   With such clear vision that can even be described, I could see the room with my body and all the bodies in the seminar lying on the floor.

I lifted even higher through the ceiling and then higher while observing all of the landscape with streets.   Then higher and viewing the city to becoming as small dots as I swept along to view in even higher dimensions.   Above the clouds and so challenging to describe, but it felt like I was one with the universe yet uniquely aware of my separate part too.   It seemed to last for hours, then next thing I realized I snapped back into my body feeling so heavy, and bliss started to fade back into the sensations of my physical body.

As you watch in the video as it projects upwards, it feels so much like the feeling I was trying to describe above when the lifting became out of my physical body.

We are OOB when We Dream

Another experience we might have just as we are falling off to sleep and then you feel that floating and or the JOLT, like a big SNAPPING movement that jolts you back into awareness or wakes you just as you start to doze off. Most times we will not notice it if we have our thoughts so preoccupied with what we are concerned or visualizing before we fall asleep. But if we consciously be still and focus on OOB we can be aware of what is going on.

In our dreams we are out of body and traveling and experiencing infinite dimensions that most individuals shut off from their normal daily experiences as just a dream, unless you are lucid dreaming. However it is still another dimensional reality we are experiencing and calling it a dream. All it takes is focusing and desiring the experience with enough passion to allow yourself conscious access to what you are doing so much of the time already but without your tuned in awareness.

For more information on OOB wisdom Monroe Institute is a most exuberant site.  Also Tom Campbell. More OOB information on Tom Campbell's website filled with his experiences and his seminars.

In the video below Art Bell interviewing Bob Monroe,.  This is part 2 of 10 parts/videos, and the other parts will follow after each video on youtube.

 I love this movie, Just Like Heaven.    It's a great movie to watch about out of body.

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