German New Medicine

I came across German New Medicine which Dr. Hamer discovered the causes of diseases and break throughs of many things the conventional medical system dictates as truth, that are myths, not true.

This web page is highlighting some of the information that I feel is so important to really comprehend to break all the misconceptions, misinformation that the medical system has conditioned most people to believe that also cause fear, panic and anxiety too, Dr. Hamer was able to prove these medical myths as not true.

German New Medicine, Dr. Hamer found through his own disease which he coined and refers as biological process, special program  and coined Conflict Shock, DHS, from a unexpected or very emotionally disturbing conflict that affects the psyche (mentally) and the brain takes it on and it affects a certain body area or organ depending on the conflict shock.

It is also important to realize through Dr. Hamers evidence that if we continue to be reactive mentally and emotionally perpetually with the same or similar conflict, we also perpetuate the system and it prevents a total healing that the body naturally does when the conflict is over, is resolved.

It is also right in alignment with what many teachings state that when we get out of our own way, meaning to stop reactivating or staying in the conflict, and resolve it, the body does its own natural healing for its evolutionary biological survival.  As a default program that runs naturally when we stay out of reacting so intensely with the conflicts and then actually resolve the conflict.

Some of the Findings
from German New Medicine

This really is amazing how many things I have learned throughout the decades with natural body healing always made sense for me and I believed it was the truth.  It is also the reason I decided not to have a doctor for decades.  I truly believed that the body did have its own healing program or default, but I did not know how the body did it, and to now know makes more sense along with confirming many things too I intuitively thought.  

The part I thought I had to do was to help the healing by imagining whatever it was I was ill with by imagining already healed.  So the profound part of German New Medicine is that we do not have to do anything except realize a certain conflict (emotional reaction) created the disharmony, and by being aware of what the conflict was or still is, then working on resolving it, then go with the flow and allow the body to do what it does so naturally, and let it go through its healing process. 

Being knowledgeable and aware of the healing phases is also profound to not be fearful of what is going on through the conflict active phase and healing phases too, especially the first healing phase.  And the healing does not take long either once we resolve the conflict that originally created it and respond differently with less emotional negative intense stress.

Joseph Murphy goes right into how things really are not what they seem or how we have been conditioned to believe ideas that have been presented to us as truth, when they are not true.   In this video transcript titled All the World Believes a Lie

Finding to Knowing the Original Cause

It makes the most sense, that no matter what we unconsciously created in a illness or chronic body condition etc... because once we know what the cause was from, then we can know what to do and change to not have that same illness or body condition resurface, or create something unharmonious in another body area.

So getting to the root cause is very important for me, and that is what I love about Dr. Hamers work, it does get to the root causes most specifically.  

False Claims the Medical System States and Dr. Hamers
findings that unveil the Truth

Some of Dr. Hamers from German New Medicine findings actually had me feeling so excited to hear many things that I intuitively thought were true, along with some other claims that the medical system states that are completely not true.  It is also interesting to notice how so much fear is generated with many of the conventional medical myths.  I am mentioning some of the medical myths below that I found so profound that I resonate with while learning through watching the video and learning about German New Medicine.

So if we are going to create a new story to live, these medical myths are the  ones I have now dropped for living the new preferred story that drops so much fear, panic and anxiety about any illness, while also gives the interpretation to not feel safe in our own body, and now interpret them in the way Dr. Hamer did through a normal biological default body system that does what it does for the benefit of ourselves, not the opposite.  The association created of disease or illnesses to be scary is of no service to ourselves, but rather that it is a safety survival mechanism to survive to create new paradigms or realities for the new enjoyable stories to live.  That we can feel completely and totally safe in the body instead of feeling unsafe or threatened.  Through this link is a long list to easily look up body areas.    

As you will see in the videos below, Caroline goes into depth about it all.

There is no immune system, it does not exist                                                       Yes I know this is a biggy to comprehend or shift to accept, but really contemplate about it.  The medical system states that there is a immune system that goes to war fighting like an army when it gets weak.  This war interpretation is fear, separation, violence, ideas to generate more disharmony in the body and to feel not safe, threatened, rather than love, cooperation, caring, wholeness interpretation to perceive in a relaxed aware unified cooperative mechanism process the body naturally goes through.  Which is always doing what it does for our survival and best interest.   

So what does exist if there is no immune system.  A perfect biological system while we are healing and that includes the supportive functions of white blood cells and antibodies and many other biochemical processes. 

Diet Theory (Food)                                                                                               Dr. Hamer: “An individual who eats properly is less susceptible to suffer biological conflicts. That is self-evident. It is a lot like why rich people don't get as many cancers as the poor, because the rich are able to resolve many conflicts simply by pulling out their cheque book and writing a cheque. But preventing cancer (or any other disease) through diet is impossible because even a healthy diet cannot stop conflicts from occurring.  In Nature, the strong and healthy animal will naturally suffer fewer cancers than the one that is weak or aged.  But this does not mean that being old is therefore carcinogenic.”

I am replacing the word cancer to two words that I am coining as Conflict Repair to reference cancer because cancer has too many dogma attachments to the word, so instead when referring to cancer, I will be using Conflict Repair.  This is much more in alignment with what it is, the body repairing itself, not killing or threatening itself. I can even feel the difference using Conflict Repair instead of cancer.

We Cannot Die from Cancer (Conflict Repair)                                                                                    This surely is a big one to probably everyone.  We have been conditioned to believe that just merely from the word Cancer is already a death sentence filled with fear, panic and shock which is a major big Conflict Shock to the psyche, brain and body.  But to realize that we cannot die from cancer, that cancer is actually Conflict Repair and is a natural response to our survival is a majorly profound, and something to embrace.

Cancer (Conflict Repair) is a result from a Conflict Shock and the body or whatever area effected goes into forming a tumor (mass of white blood cells, tissues, as part of helping the body to protect it and heal it.  So it is not to be feared, but rather to be understood and relax into the knowing of the healing phases the body or organ is going through.

It is also so important to know that many times when cancer (Conflict Repair) is detected or diagnosed it is in a healing phase, and that anything done through some medical treatment, example kemo, surgeries, or Medication, pills etc...interferes with the healing and is adding another conflict shock to the organ.

Cancer (Conflict Repair) does not metastasize                                                                                           Wow another biggy that the medical system has no idea about and states it can spread which creates more fear and panic when metastasizing does not occur, is not the truth.

Bone Cancer (Conflict Repair)                                                                                                                    Is a result from low evaluation of ourself, or low self esteem for oneself either from an emotional distress of an event or situation, or our own devaluing of ourself.   Also can be a result from another organ diagnosis that causes another dire conflict shock.                                                                                                                 

Toxins do not cause cancer                                                                                   Caroline also explains about toxins and the medical myth that states that toxins cause cancer is also false.

Smoking does not create lung cancer                                                                     Lung cancer begins from a conflict shock of a life or death situation.  Fear and panic from a cancer diagnosis or timing from a medical person is another conflict shock that can then form in the lungs (as another process of protection and healing) even when the cancer is in another area other than the lungs.  

Liver cirrhosis has nothing to do with alcohol consumption.                                        There are people who have liver cirrhosis who don’t drink and there are alcoholics who never develop liver cirrhosis. But territorial anger  conflicts and drinking often go together, and are much more vulnerable to suffer conflict. Liver cancer does not come from alcohol, but alcohol and cancer come from sorrow and misery.

Body Gets Worse through the first healing phase                                                  Again we have been conditioned to believe that when anything gets worse in our body condition to run to a medical system to resolve it.  When the body is actually going through its OWN natural processes to heal, and if the conflict is resolved, it heals quite fast through the second healing phase as long as the conflict has been resolved.

Microbes, Bacteria, Fungi is Needed and Infections do NOT create Diseases                     All these different microbes, bacteria, fungi etc... are needed as part of the restoration process in assisting the reconstruction of the tissues in order to restore the organ to its normal functioning.  the Microbes decompose the tumor.  If we do not have enough microbes, bacteria then the tumor will not be decomposed and can sit there for years unnoticed.  Wow and now thinking back through covid pandemic and all the fear generated about bacteria and sterilizing everything was more untrue, and fear with again misinformation.

Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure does not cause heart attacks                        “Making a link between elevated cholesterol and the onset of a heart attack is a fundamental error in scientific reasoning.”  Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

“Cholesterol is important for cardiovascular health. Cholesterol is a necessary ingredient in any sort of cellular repair.” Dr. Ron Rosedale, The Cholesterol Myth

Money Stress Causes Conflict Shock                                                                           Dr. Hamer also found through his research that there are less people  sick that are rich because they can handle allot of stress by using money to resolve things, compared to people who are always in lack and struggling with money to just survive with.  

Animal Testing                                                                                                    It really is a sad case that they still do any animal testing which the animal then endures so many conflict shocks in the process.

The video below is Caroline Markolin PH.D. Be aware of other people who are now riding on Dr. Hamers work but are not trained, and renaming it and misinterpreting it.

There is more that you can read about to be aware of certain people that are not sufficiently knowledgeable with GNM work.  In the link is a blog post that you can read more about it. 

Video below is part 1

Video below is part 2

End Conflict by Knowing what
Emotions You are Addicted to
Then Transform Survival Emotions to
Elevated Emotions

Though I did hear Joe Dispenza speak about the body sometimes gets worse before it gets better, Dr. Hamers German New Medicine really explains it in detail.  I wanted to know more. 

I also loved what Joe Dispenza said that we do not have to go back to a certain conflicted event, but instead just look at the emotion instead.  He said in one interview that the interviewer mentioned that he was addicted to sugar and would always feel guilty after eating it. 

Joe D reply was maybe you are addicted to the emotion of GUILT that eating sugar gives you, change the emotional state and the need to do whatever it is diminishes, at 33:20 in the below video.  It is so profound to really take a look at the survival emotions we are addicted to and change the emotion to an elevated emotion instead of the guilt, or suffering etc...  Because in doing that we also simultaneously transform a big bundle of conflict too.

Stress Does Not
have to Be Harmful to Our Health

German New Medicine does state that the way we view and respond to any conflict will be the difference in how the body responds.  So this is right in sync with viewing stress differently compared to stress harming us or our body.

Through different research and experiments that you will hear about in the video below that Kelly speaks about is the evidence that what we THINK about STRESS is what matters.  So it is another myth that stress makes us sick or can lead to death.  Just another threat that is of no service to the body when interpreting or giving any negative meaning.  

A great profound Seth (Jane Roberts reminder, Seth said WHAT WE THINK ABOUT ANYTHING IS WHAT WILL BE THE OUTCOME.  This stress findings is stating the same thing.  So if we make stress our enemy then the body responds by constricting flow and other body sensations, however, for people who believed that stress was actually healthy for them, there was no constrictions in the body, even though the heart was pounding etc...

For decades I would change problems to be viewed as challenges as Seth taught, and then to even change challenges into opportunities to learn and to evolve to more sovereignty.  

It really comes back to we ourselves can give the best useful beneficial meaning to anything and the body will believe and respond from what we think about whatever it is.  Teachings have said forever that we give meaning to everything, now that is the Great Power that we Are.

Three Minute Healings or
Switching Realities 

I loved and resonate with the under 3 minute healings of the practitioners in the medicineless hospital,  (which I went into more detail from the link of the already done page) without knowing what caused the disharmony in the body first is an essential part of maintaining the body harmony too.  When I read Dr Pang Min book who is the founder of the medicineless hospital, he speaks about the important preparation a patient goes through before the patient is healed with the 3 practitioners.  Dr  Pang Min also mentions that by living life daily in walking around as an already healthy person. 

But by knowing and resolving what Dr. Hamer refers to as conflict shocks would allow us to do that by actually knowing what, why and how we are then walking around perfectly healthy because we truly would be living with exuberant great awareness. 

You can learn more through the link below about German New Medicine and Dr. Hamer.

There is another website in Canada of Dr Hamer and the New Medicine.

This link is Q&A video of Ilsedora Laker from the Canada website

Here is an audio of Caroline speaking years ago about it.

Do You have any Experiences or Comments about GNM

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