Quantum Living Allows All Experiences To Be Empowering

Quantum living is living our life with the knowledge that science, quantum mechanics proves through all the experiments what the ancient masters have always showed and taught throughout humanity is factually true.

It is exciting because what was taught and believed of the old classical science and physics had to break down for the new model to eventually take over the new teachings. So that eventually everyone will incorporate it into their lives so that they are no longer the victim in everything but are instead a deliberate creator of their reality.

Just as many are now leading the way and many of us have already lived our lives this way before science proved it. I know for myself as probably for you too who are reading this, that you may have also learned the information from channeler’s, and continue to do so. It was from our heartfelt intuitive knowing and experiences that guided us along before science had proved it.

Now it is available for everyone if they choose to know it too! Bringing to light the infinite possibilities, infinite realities, and the observer collapses the quantum state of the wave into a physical particle that creates the reality, or the result from the observation that becomes the experience.

We then come to realize that we have been doing it all of the time, it’s the nature of reality as creators in creation. The only difference now is that in the past for the majority who did not know and believed that everything just randomly happens. This old knowledge kept many believing that we were a victim instead of a deliberate creator.

To live the quantum life is to take all of our power back and live our life choosing our creations with the quantum knowledge that leads to our wisdom from our experiences. We have come to KNOW because when we have the experience for our own self, we just know. We no longer are wishy washy in beliefs because our knowing has taken precedence.

Living the empowering life in the most advanced way throughout our day, the quantum way. By having the knowledge and actually living it by being consciously aware of how we are creating each day that is creating our reality to be manifested.

In this video Gregg Braden explains through one of the first experiments done just how interconnected we really are.

Some Quantum Descriptions To Entangle Our Wisdom

I enjoyed knowing a little of the meaning of the quantum words and descriptions but leaving all the math and equations to the physicists. Which I think most of us do the same, we just wanted the really good stuff that gave us more confirmation to whatever we were already doing.

Below I used Wikipedia descriptions to define the meanings for some of the quantum language, for those of you who already know them then you may not want to go the rest of the ride on this page.

“Quantum mechanics (QM)
Wikipedia’s description”
”is a set of scientific principles describing the known behavior of energy and matter that predominate at the atomic and subatomic scales. The name derives from the observation that some physical quantities—such as the angular momentum of an electron—can be changed only by set amounts, or quanta, rather than being capable of varying by any amount. The wave–particle duality of electromagnetic radiation and matter at the atomic scale provides a unified view of the behavior of particles such as photons and electrons. Photons are the quanta of light, and have energy values proportional to their frequency via the Planck constant. An electron bound in an atomic orbital has quantized values of angular momentum. The unbound electron does not exhibit quantized energy levels, but is associated with a matter wave, as are all massive particles. The full significance of the Planck constant is expressed in physics through the dynamic physical attribute of action.”

So in other words quantum is the describing the behavior of energy and matter at the smallest scales of our physical reality. Summarizing that a particle is a solid physical form and a wave is the subatomic properties of the particle’s non solid form. It reminds me of our higher or whole infinite self that is invisible but so real if we are in the allowing state of our higher infinite self, or holy spirit, or source, whatever you may label the larger part of ourself to come through.

Wikipedia’s definition:
”Quantum entanglement, also called the quantum non-local connection, is a property of a quantum mechanical state of a system of two or more objects in which the quantum states of the constituting objects are linked together so that one object can no longer be adequately described without full mention of its counterpart—even if the individual objects are spatially separated. “

So it is two or more objects, minds link together even if separated.

As in telepathy you think of someone and they call, or you pick up information about someone or something, regardless of the distance, then it is described as being entangled with them or it. When you affect external objects as telekinesis we are also entangled with the properties of the object. If you desire money you focus through visualization to entangle with vibrations of consciousness to manifest the desire fulfilled. Entanglement is connecting into the same vibrational frequency, intertwined with another being, thing in it’s frequency range.

Wikipedia’s description:
"Whenever two or more waves traveling through the same medium at the same time, the waves pass through each other without being disturbed."

So superposition is infinite states of possibilities at once, everthing is a possibility until we collapse the wave then it becomes the reality the observer experiences, as in the observer effect.

Uncertainty Principle
Wikipedia’s description:
“In quantum physics, a particle is described by a wave packet, which gives rise to this phenomenon. Consider the measurement of the absolute position of a particle. It could be anywhere the particle's wave packet has non-zero amplitude, meaning the position is uncertain – it could be almost anywhere along the wave packet. To obtain an accurate reading of position, this wave packet must be 'compressed' as much as possible, meaning it must be made up of increasing numbers of sine waves added together. The momentum of the particle is proportional to the wavelength of one of these waves, but it could be any of them. So a more accurate position measurement–by adding together more waves–means the momentum measurement becomes less accurate (and vice versa).”

Wikipedia’s description:
“In physics, coherence is a property of waves that enables stationary (i.e. temporally and spatially constant) interference. More generally, coherence describes all properties of the correlation between physical quantities of a wave. When interfering, two waves can add together to create a larger wave (constructive interference) or subtract from each other to create a smaller wave (destructive interference), depending on their relative phase. Two waves are said to be coherent if they have a constant relative phase. The degree of coherence is measured by the interference visibility, a measure of how perfectly the waves can cancel due to destructive interference.”

In life we are doing it all the time as we are continuously choosing thoughts that are energy from the infinite waves of consciousness. Even if we are not aware that we are choosing the thoughts and leave it up to automatic thinking, at the deepest level it is still always a free will choice. So we can say that we have the powerful ability to choose from superposition states knowing we are the observer effect affecting our reality to be what we choose it to be. Meaning we are the creator's of our reality in every way.

To use an analogy of a tool being like thoughts that we use to direct our way through the waves of consciousness, of infinite channels of vibrational frequencies to choose. Thoughts could be similar to a boat and our free will of choice or automatic choice is like the oars that get us around the ocean of consciousness.

The most important quantum discoveries was String Theory that showed that energy vibrates strings of frequencies.

Since I did not need quantum language in my life just the proof from the quantum experiments was sufficient enough to show me that I was living the quantum way. Quantum proof shows the evidence of psychic abilities and ESP and everything else that is contained in the extraordinary abilities and experiences ranges.

So in a nutshell and maybe for you too, we come to the conclusion that quantum mechanics is all about the awareness to know more about what Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, “Spooky action at a distance.” Which is learning more about the waves of the invisible part of the particle.

The waves are the subatomic properties of a particle when it is collapsed into smallest properties of form, for myself in simpler terms it describes ... invisible.

The same as using the analogy of a coin, a coin is one objective thing that has and shows two different sides to it. It is like a physical being interacting with two different sides of reality, the physical visible (particle) part of our reality and the invisible to our five senses (wave) part of reality.

For science to come finally to a proximity of what ancient masters have always known. This is the tipping of an eventual merging of religion and science, however religion has too much dogma attached with it. So I think it is more appropriate to see it as science finally merging with spirituality. The powerful shift that is going on as our planet shifts and evolves.

In this video from the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know" Dr. Quantum explains and shows differenct quanum experiments.

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