Lottery Spiritual Growth

Lottery Spiritual Growth is using the lottery for your own spiritual growth.  It's another way to clear up old past programming that’s been suppressed and stored in our body.  If we continually react and keep spinning the same emotions of the same old reality of not winning a big jackpot, that's from old memories.  By interrupting these reactions and replace the thoughts and feelings with the new desired reality eventually changes the reality.  Not only will it clean up old past emotions with the lottery, it will clear up other attachments that have to do with lack, unworthiness, doubt, limitations and so on.

When we really accept that any gaming can be used just as lottery spiritual growth, or anything that we spiritual grow from can be a great infinite way to use it for clearing up unwanted stored past programming.  Then we can use gaming or the lottery in the most beneficial way.

So we must become the new reality which also means we’d be responding differently than in the past, especially when we are checking lottery tickets.  Reminding ourselves also that lottery spiritual growth is our great opportunity for new changes.  By being conscious before checking your tickets to recall and bring up old suppressed cellular emotions so they can surface and you can take a really good look at what’s been creating your reality of not winning big amounts.

The video below is very powerful for releasing old cellular limiting money beliefs and creating new prosperity programming.

Stop and Be Present with Awareness
Checking Your Lottery Tickets

Stop and be present in awareness before you check your lottery tickets.  Notice all the past disappointment, doubt, lack of not enough, and any other negative or low vibration emotional reactions.  Just be still and realize that you no longer want to be in that reality. 

You desire to finally face and take a deep close look at all these emotions and see how they have created your life up until now.  Because once you are aware of the emotions, they can be released and let go of without any further engaging to entertain those old emotions you have had stored.  You can feel the emotions as they surface, and then let them go.  Or you can just witness them so you can be aware of how they have been dictating your life so far.  Then release all that you have just witnessed.  It helps me to see it as I would in my email and pressing delete.  This helps to literally see those thought emotions as you take action to delete them into the recycling, and then dump the recycling in knowing they are now gone.  Now the new reality can surface and take its place.  This is the new ways that lottery spiritual growth can be so effective for us.

Celebrating the Release
of Lottery Spiritual Growth

I also find it extremely necessary to celebrate the release and deleting of the old programs.  By celebrating it any way that feels natural and fun for you.  Do celebrate it with an emotion that can now be merged to joy, fun, excitement, divine confidence, as this will rewire it into your new memories to be stored.  These are the kind of cellular memory you need in your body to replace the old programs, memories.  So a big YES!  Any type of celebration that stimulates a high vibration emotion.

Checking Your Lottery
Tickets in the New Reality with
Lottery Spiritual Growth

Now that you have released and deleted all the old emotions, you can now check your lottery tickets as the new personality, as the new reality.  After releasing and then celebrating your state of being now in a enjoying, blissful and fun emotional mood.  You are feeling great.  This way you are checking your tickets no longer in fear, low vibes, but now checking them fearlessly, with a trusting abundant prosperous mindset state of being reality.

Now check your lottery tickets.  If you have small wins, celebrate as if you had a big win by being lovingly appreciative for your win.  This is also using your heart when you're giving heartfelt thanks and appreciation.  Remember that LOA, energy doesn’t know the difference if it’s a big win or not, LOA and your new reality is going by how you are feeling.  This may take some practice but is so worth continuing to do until it becomes a second nature habit that you just naturally become excited that you won. 

If you didn’t win anything continue with lottery spiritual growth and this is even more important to give it all you’ve got!  Because if you react the same old way, all you are doing is creating more memory to begin suppressing what you just took the precious time to release.  And it will take you right back to the old self, the old reality.  So this is essential to really work on this no matter how challenging it is to be pulled into the old reality.  You can stay in a observer, witnessing state of your greater self.  Just watch it and keep releasing it and bring yourself back up in any way you can.  Even if you must recall something from the past or future that you can feel really good about. 

Keep yourself aware to make sure that you are not being pulled back in any way as you now go along your day.  If anything surfaces that’s the old reality thoughts or feelings, keep witnessing and releasing.  After doing this with some consistent repetition, it will become easier and less and less effortless until it becomes the new way that you are, the new reality can continue to unfold.  Before long you will realize that you are now living the new reality and you’ll also realize you are vibrating frequencies of lottery spiritual growth, and winning more and more, eventually the big jackpot will manifest or large amounts of money in some way.

Speaking is evoking powerful energy, notice the word "peak" in the word "s-peak" that shows us how powerful spoken words are in manifesting realities.  Stuart Wilde says it all so powerfully in this audio/video excerpt from his book, The Little Money Bible.

Checking Tickets in
Bliss and Thankfulness

Getting into a blissful state of being is high vibration for manifesting and the best state to be in before checking your tickets.  While simultaneously saying and feeling thankful in advance as if you already won sync's the alignment.  High states of feelings is your heart and brain being in sync. 

Saying THANK YOU while feeling genuinely thankful, puts you into a state of being thankful for having already won.  Which shifts you into the state of being to be the reality of a winner, feeling the appreciation for your win.  As Rhonda Byrne reminds us that Christ said “thank you” before performing every miracle.

Joe Gallenberger talking about Liquid Luck and Vegas seminars.

A Whole New Reality and State of Being

When we get to that new state of being, that new perspective, new thoughts, new feelings and new behaviors and attitudes, we begin to think, feel, speak the new self, reality begins to show ourselves more sparks of the new reality, until it’s physically manifested into our experiences.  You will also experience synchronicity to show you signs too with your lottery spiritual growth.  You will also be more in tune with your intuition of your infinite greater self.

Imagining and Perceiving as Wealth Language also Creates New Programming to Be Accepted into Our Conscious Mind to be Programmed into Our Subconscious Mind

So let your words be tremendously profiting for You

As we now continue to see how we invested and continue to invest our energy, focused attention and know we are infinitely unlimited to reap in the receivership of all the energy we’ve invested into our new reality.  All that investing of our processes of changes along the way we've made and continue to change.  See it as appreciative energy, it not only keeps it's value, but increases our value of  ourselves in worthy divine ways not as depreciation.  See it from all the retroactive generating accumulating energy can be perceived as currency exchange that’s accumulated into your “vortex” beginning to overflow into money currency

Just imagine that there is a universal bank with your own account with all your accumulated energy just waiting for the exchanging of energy into money currency.  That accumulated energy has been a profit and building up just like a savings account being paid back as a retroactive withdrawal for your receivership. 

Lottery Tickets Exchanged
into Money Currency

Winning tickets are now exchanged into money currency.  You begin to profit from your accumulated big invested energy being transferred of energy exchange into money currency and prosperity.  You are claiming it by owning and now being not only just sitting in receivership, you are claiming by now receiving it. 

That’s the new feelings and attitude that has been built through the process of letting go of all the past old programming and no longer engaging in it and fully engaging in your Divine Worth.  Now allowing because of your Divine Infinite Worth of knowing you are absolutely worth it, absolutely lovingly with great joy, fun and appreciation of yourself and all the work you have done to get you to this new reality and new state of being.  You celebrate it every day in every way. 

You are now immersed in this new reality and having the best time ever.  The old programming is now disconnected in your brain and the new reality is now the running programs that are attracting/creating lottery spiritual growth.  This new creative and abundant energy curren(t)-cy into your experiences and you are either enlightened or surely on your way now.

So creatively you have used what the “norm” has referred to as gambling into a great infinite opportunity to clear up the past and create the new reality and living it.  Lottery spiritual growth has been a divine way instead of any old normal way of living.  As I have wrote about at the end of the inspiring lottery winners page.  Realizing to know that any desire that comes to you is from divine source of guidance or you wouldn't have that desire to begin with, especially if it's a desire you're passionate about, so be worthy of it, never judgmental about it.

Listen to Joe Dispenza discussing becoming enlightened and a new personality.  How we must let go of the old self to become the new self with new thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attitudes.   With an open heart and trusting in the future we desire and are creating.

                         Interesting Tidbits 

Something else I noticed that's insightful with lottery spiritual growth and find interesting is the hidden meaning in words, also referred to as Anagrams.  With my younger granddaughters we enjoy taking turns picking a word and creating different anagrams, words with finding hidden words in a word.          

Money and Won

m-ONE-y has the word "one" in the middle as a message or sign that to be one with money will create more money like a magnet.

In the word WON, there are 3 great energy words that when rearranged spell, Won, Now, & Own.  It does seem that the potential to have WON can be instantly manifested as in NOW, and when we are a vibe match, when we OWN by being that vibe match we manifest it.  When we add a K in front of the word Now it becomes K-now.  

Also in the word "currency" add a "t" it shows the root word "current" meaning Now.  Also in the word "abundance" has the word "dance" at the end, so having fun, rhythm and "dance" with abundance.  The word, world without the "l" becomes word, reminder to speak the creative power of words into your your manifested WOR(L)D, in the word mine is M-in-me, in me.

Time the word me with the hidden meaning that time really is relative to ourselves in how time is experienced beyond the manmade clock time. 

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