Already Done

Unzips INFO of Desires Already Fulfilled

Already Done is a powerful statement that you say that activates the feelings, and done repetitiously throughout the day as anchor words that unzips an attachment that holds the desire that you want as already fulfilled.  This technique or reality tool of repeating already-done and adding the preferred info while feeling what you desire is fulfilled, as if you are experiencing it.   When done repetitiously throughout the day is the most effortless way that I have found to really speed up desires fulfilled.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the three practitioner’s in the video that Gregg Braden shows and also visited that switched realities (or healed) a cancerous tumor in less than 3 minutes.  In their medicine-less hospital founded by Dr. Pang Min they healed over 180,000  patients in 8 years by knowing that all the patients were experiencing one reality out of many possible realities, so they picked and focused upon the preferred reality for the patient. 

When they repetitiously chant “already done” those words trigger an elevated emotion and focusing upon the desired reality fulfilled, and walla!  In less than 3 minutes it is done, healed, reality switched, whatever way we want to refer to it, it was accomplished. 

Already Powerful Energy
Contained in the Two Words

Those two words "already done" already carry or contain such amazing powerful energy because of the 8 years the practitioner’s used those two words at the medicine less hospital.  And then of course, anyone else who has continued to use those words and had success accumulated more great power too in those words.  So just by realizing the power that's already contained in those words allows us to ride on that power that's already contained in those words when we use them.  

Just as the 4 Minute Mile
Run Broke Past Limits

Once the running time of 4 minutes was first broken, then others have superseded and can run the same distance in less than the original limit.  We can look at the healing of these practitioner's in the same way.    We are breaking the limit timing of fulfilling our desires, or manifesting our preferences in the same or less time. 

Beliefs from past conditioning may still be running that dictates everything we want takes time to experience from inner to outer.  However, when we compare breaking limits and establishing new timing, creating the newest "idea" that we can experience or shift to a reality that is our preferred experience, just as the practitioner's have done. 

At 33.00 in the video listen to Gregg explain, ...      In this moment I choose, which is present tense but going one step beyond to …  I have chosen (as already decided and done for it to be) etc... activated the new state of being and now occupying it, and don't let anything detour you from it.

Drop All Beliefs and Already Done Works Quicker until Eventually
Our Word Becomes Our Command

As we evolve through learning, or become more conscious and about the nature of reality, we gain more awareness and power too.  I experienced many of the reality tools that I used in the past were not working.  The intuition I felt was that it was time for an advanced upgrade to be able to speed up the timing and use something with less effort and with faster speed for manifesting.

When we have no beliefs that limit ourselves and cause resistance to what we want to experience, then using this reality tool will keep the focus clear.  And when powered with intense emotion as wish is already fulfilled, then already done is a big power booster for manifesting.

What the practitioners were doing was chosing another reality and dropping all attention on the lady’s present ill reality, and within minutes the reality switch was done.  Saying and feeling the new reality as already what was preferred, as a done reality.   Reminding ourselves that it's just information that we are choosing, drop all other concepts and beliefs. 

This tool can be used for anything and everything.  Already healthy, already rich, already won etc…  You just fill in the blank of what you want already done in your experience as reality.  Feeling and saying it consistently is a big key.  Even if it takes awhile to see the outcome from using it.  This is living from the new wisdom that the old belief of evolution and everything taking long time periods of processing is false.

Neville Goddard explains that if we are not experiencing the desired reality yet, then it's because we're not "thinking FROM the desire already fulfilled" we're thinking OF the desire.  And that makes all the difference because if we are perceiving OF the desire, it's not accepted as a reality yet for our self.  But if we are living FROM the desire already done, we are in the process of accepting it, or have already accepted it.  The timing of the manifestation is dependent on our acceptance, convincing ourselves.

Accepting and Identifying Who We Really Are ...Advancing in the Life Game

When we accept and stay identified with our true source of who we really are, knowing that we are the power and not the character playing as the personality.  We are the Creator and continue to evolve the personality, many more choices become available to us because of all the evolutionary work we do daily.

New Choices become available to us that are different than the norm because we’ve actually earned it in our evolution.  New choices as Money Materializing and many of the Siddhis abilities.

Tom Campbell describes it at approx  21.00 in the video, that if we had no beliefs to get in the way of how we create our experiences, we'd just say, HEAL, and the healing would instantly happen.  And this of course goes with anything we desire to experience.

If we had no beliefs about processing and time etc…then we could just say, Heal and reality would obey.  Or the information would be available and we’d automatically be the desired change.

Also at 1.06.30 right near the end of the video is very important as he speaks about tools, even religious beings we give our power away to as tools.  When the truth is we have the power when we realize and know IT IS our self that is modifying our reality by our intentions.  It's about evolving to knowing that we are the ONE that's creating the reality we are experiencing.  Knowing it at the Being Feeling Level.

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