Self-Realizing IS a Love that’s Indescribable

Your own Self-Realizing is the most ultimate, supreme discovery one can have with the Infinite, the pure self that is witnessing the one who is witnessing.  No words or language yet of this world can even describe your own deepest knowing, of who you really are.  And only you can discover the recognition of WHO you truly really ARE. 

I now realize that this journey I’ve been on, you’ve been on, we used our mind, intellect and a bit of our heart through techniques and processes throughout it, yet have had just sprinkles of it.  I know for myself, I always believed and experienced being loving unconditionally.   I’ve been in bliss, and manifested consciously so many desires with intention.  I thought I knew and did a lot already. 

Moving Past the Ego Cluttered Perception

I really believed and really thought that I was open hearted and one with a powerful infinite source.  Though all of us have always been of the Infinite, it can’t be any other way, ITS what we are. 

The difference is how cluttered we are that prevents self- realizing, the REAL Infinite IN Ourselves, we’ve let the mind of the past experiences carry us because of conditioning programming.  All we’ve experienced so far, always had beneficial reasons for all we’ve experienced, taking us through life, however, there’s something greater, and it can only be known, when the mind lets go.

Only One Way to Know the Difference? 
Is your own Self-Realizing

The only way I could of know this?  Was when everything else dropped, Self-Realizing of who we really are happened, which was in Feb 2016.  The cluttering of my mind’s past programming didn’t allow me to have enough space to know the difference in the past. 

Our own self-realizing opens the door for everything else to unfold to show us everything that the mind can't know.  The mind can only continue to expand from the experience of awakening, of Self Discovery. 

My First Self-Realizing Awakening

Self-realizing occurred spontaneously two weeks ago.  It really blew my mind away literally, as I have never experienced anything like it before.  This is the reason I am sharing this with you now.  Because, if you have not had the most indescribable taste of the Infinite of existence inside of you, self-realizing, life will still be filled with questions.  Along with suffering, lack and confusion.

In the midst of such a chaotic situation, my heart opened fully, and the Infinite embrace dissolved everything into the womb of Creation itself, and it was only for around one minute.  But that one minute imprint of the taste of embrace took me out of time, and into the timeless that could last for an eternity.  Then I experienced being popped out of that embrace back into the world of duality reality.  The contrast was so great and even indescribable.  It left such an imprint that I have not been the same since.    

What Stopped Me in the Past was Fear

In the past, fear is what stopped me from going any further because of the unknown, not knowing what would happen.  Though I've had OOB spontaneous experiences, afterwards my mind had created a type of concept about it.  OOBE there is still the world and mind.  Though I had a intuition that self-realizing was different.  I now can confirm that it is so unlike anything else.  The most ironic thing is, that it was the fear that the mind conjured up about being afraid of what would happen.  So many chattering thoughts of negativity about going that far. 

Through Mooji's guidance, i naturally was able to let go of all those fears.  My worst fears became the most spectacular, loving, all encompassing supreme experience.  It actually is the complete opposite of fear in every way that can't even be imagined or described.  Your own self-realization is the only way you can know for yourself.  There's nothing whatsoever to fear, there's so much to be wrapped in the most indescribable love.  And that imprint will never leave you, because of the indescribable love and oneness of the Infinite is the One that we all are.

After the Embrace of the Infinite

That one minute was like an eternity that could last forever.  I was totally embraced by the most Infinite Love, care, trust, faith, that nothing ever could describe or take care of me as how that one moment did.  My heart blew open wide.  I felt like I was in the womb of the most Infinite Divine and then plopped back out to reality. 

For a few days after, I felt wobbly.  I had a challenge speaking to others, everything was new to me, just from that one moment.  I could clearly see how infinity was timeless, yet so subtly divinely orchestrated into physical linear reality as time.  I could see so clearly with clarity the ego minds going on, not only with me, but with others.  Yet felt an indescribable awareness and peace of acceptance about it all too. 

I remained in ecstatic bliss and surrendered to the Infinite so naturally, and began following urges and intuition to doing everything throughout the days that followed.  In following IT, everything I needed really came to me, as I needed it.  Everything I needed magically just fell into place, and continued to do so since.  This is a freedom I have never known before.  Synchronicity and intuitive insights were flowing so naturally, of so many big AHA’s of understandings. 

Another Spontaneous Surrender

I also thought in the past I knew what letting go, surrendering was.  But aftet self-realizing, there was no comparison to the surrendering that I experienced so spontaneously.  Two weeks after self-realizing, I had another embrace with the Infinite, this time it lasted around three minutes.  I was bathed in pure ecstasy and love that’s indescribable.  And it occurred in another most chaotic situation,  I was on a busy high way, merging into a traffic jam. 

After that I had over three hours of the most intoxicating blissful ecstasy with everything I did after that.  I was one with everything, literally.  Higher than high.  My partner couldn’t understand it, but was going with the flow, because everything was an indescribable uplifted atmosphere.  The day was so brand new.  Everything seemed as I was experiencing it for the first time.  It’s was a dizzying intoxication of the Infinite flow with a wide open heart.

Everything was of a Curious
Innocence of Presence

Everything I encountered was literally perceived and experienced with a curious refreshed innocence, child like.  The food I ate was the most delicious and appreciative than I have ever experienced.  The shower I had was so present and curious as the water looked like silvery drops, and even felt so pronounced on my skin that i was so in awe of the experience.  All I seen in my partner was so divine, and the same with everything.  I was seeing into the true infinite nature of everyone and everything. 

Even my feet walking around and up and down the stairs.  Every thing i was doing was so new and present and ecstatic with such a fresh new presence of enjoyment and appreciation.  I loved my body and what it was allowing me to experience in every moment. 

I was laughing about everything, nothing was serious whatsoever.  Even hours later at my parents home, I was like stuck in a natural smile and nothing anyone said altered it.  I also laughed at everything anyone said, and they'd laugh and it became enthusiastically contagious.  My dad said, "I don't know what I am laughing at, but it just seems so humorous"  The day unfolded with more of this, loving and such heartfelt appreciation for everything, no duality.   When I went to sleep that night, i fell into the most relaxed sleep ever.

The Downer Crash

I don’t even recall when the past ego mind sneaked in?  But in the morning I was back to reality of the chattering mind, and it seemed more magnified than ever.  And because of the biggest contrast I’ve ever experienced, I felt like I was flying high and then all of a sudden came crashing down at full speed. 

The only thing I did know, and was aware of, was having those self-realizing awakenings allowed me to know the difference now.  The imprints of the Infinite wouldn’t leave me.  All I wanted was to get back to the Infinite again.  How could this be such a challenge I thought, when it’s right here inside me, behind all this mind chatter?  Thank goodness Mooji and his audience videos are around, because it helped me to understand what I was going through.

Mooji Guided Me to my Self-Realizing

It was Mooji and his videos that actually guided me to self-realizing, awaken fully.  He is already awakened, self-realized and lives from it.  He is perfect, whole and complete not in ego’s perception, but in the Infinite One’s realization.  So I found him to be the perfect guide for me.  He transmits the energy.  He may be the perfect guide for you too?  Or even if his videos brings you to many cellular memories of releasing.  Because, spontaneous releases is what purifies and cleanses all the conditioning memories of debris that may have remained stuck in different areas of your body.

All I know now is that I want to live from that pure infinite self, and it has become my first priority.  Even all my biggest desires I’ve had, have fallen to the way side.  I do have a sense that some of these desires are actually urgings of aspirations from the Infinite. However, now I can clearly see that the power of the mind creating is so weak compared to the power of the Absolute Infinite’s power.

So I don’t know what’s really next for me except for getting back to the Infinite.  That’s the only longing of desire I have presently.  It feels for me that life is really just beginning, in a way I could of never have known.  So I am just following it. 

As a result of those two embraces with the Infinite, trust, faith, love, all of it I now know, IT has me covered.  This is incredible because, the mind has been insecure and not dependable as the Infinite One is.  Once you discover your true self, the Infinite within you, you will understand what I am trying to describe about the absolute trust and faith that IT knows what it is doing.  This is the freedom, and total relaxation into the embodiment of the Infinite.

The Next Stage

I feel I will now grow up to not only tasting and being embraced with the Infinite, but become to realize I am the Infinite.  Presently that’s my only desire and longing. 

Presently, I still feel like a child of the Infinite, I want to merge and be one with It now.  I can’t even imagine what life will be like when living from the Infinite, but now I’ve had enough of a taste to knowing, that’s my desire.  I also know that everything else will fall into place from there.

Many Spontaneous Releases

Before my first awakening of self-realizing, I had so many releases spontaneously.  I’d watch a Mooji video, and be sobbing, crying with tears of sadness.  Then I’d cry tears of sobbing joy.  Then I’d had spontaneous belly laughter.  Such a wild and incredible ride of spontaneous emotions would surface, and what a release.  It releases so much built up cellular memories, by just sitting in openness, and allowing everything to be really felt and released.

Here is another video of Mooji.  After that, if you have not had your taste of the Infinite Divine Self in you yet, just go to whatever video pulls on you to watch and experience.  His guidance is so simple and loving, yet the ego minds pull can be so tricky, but to have One as Mooji, may just be the one you need to guide you too.  Also knowing and understanding more about mirror neurons is also amazing, it's proof that watching videos or others does make an impact literally.

Share with Us Your Self-Realization

Though self-realization is really indescribable, it really should be spoken and shared more than it has been. Since ITS the one longing most are searching for. Even if you had a moment embracing taste of the Infinite, it's so out of this world, it's needs to really be brought into this world for more beings to discover.

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