When we have Infinite Realities to Choose from in any Situation...
what do you Focus Upon?

Since we a choosing all of the time from infinite realities dependant on where we put our attention by focused thoughts and emotions that concentrates the energy of vibration to frequenize our reality to become into physical.

We have available to us parallel infinite realities (which many of the video's explain) to choose from, so it is always to our benefit to choose the one we prefer, instead of the one we don’t prefer to be our physical reality we will be experiencing.

Remember that our linear perception of time and space gives us the illusion that everything is a linear momentum of past, present and future.

This is the illusion that gives us no power when we believe that is the way true reality works.

We take our power back when we see through the illusion by opening up our mind to the new teaching of reality and how flexible it really is.

In this video from the movie, "What the Bleep" illustrates how we have infinite possibilities until we collapse the wave function into a particle solidified state of reality we experience.

How my Wallet Experience gave me another Opportunity to put the Infinite Realities
into Practice

An experience I would like to share with you of a situation that allowed me to sit back and observe to create the preferred reality I desired.

The other day I went to our water filling station to fill jugs for clean drinking water. The filling station is the only one in our area and it's usually quite busy.

The other day I was the only one there and I had put my wallet on the pole near the jugs as I kept getting quarters out of my wallet. After I had filled all the jugs and put them in the truck I left and went home. I took the dog for a walk and just before relaxing realized my wallet was not in my purse.

It has been over an hour since I left the filling station and I assumed that many people must of come and gone from it within an hour.

The 10 minute or more drive to the station was when the first fear thought surfaced that my wallet was probably gone and all my cash too. I love my wallet especially because it was a gift from my son and daugher-in-law.

It only took me a few seconds to remind myself that I have infinite realities to choose from and to choose the one I prefer to be the one I experience. I also reminded myself of the creation law, “what we put out we get back” so I knew that my energy in that context was good too.

Though the odds would seem that the fear based reality would be the most logical of my wallet gone. I knew better and that I am a powerful being, which I reminded myself and choose to focus on what I preferred my reality to be.

So I pushed away the fear thoughts and focused like a video playing in my mind, calmly with absolute trust that my wallet was still sitting there as I left it, and no one else was there either. I did that over and over as I drove until I arrived at the road that the filling station was on. I also gave thanks in advance for my wallet being there.

As I drove closer to the entrance. I seen a vehicle drive up to the traffic lights and knew they had to come out of the station, as there is no other road between the lights and the station.

Yet I kept my focus and attention on what I preferred.

As I drove up to the pole, my wallet was there just where I left it. Then I checked through it and nothing had been touched it was just as I left it.

What if I would of Choose the Fear Reality?

We may wonder about the opposite choice of choosing the fear based reality of the wallet not being there. If I would of continued in focusing my thoughts with feelings in fear, anxiousness of my wallet not being there, would the reality have been different?

I think it would have been different, the wallet would not of been where I left it. Maybe more drama would of played out in my reality as it has in my past before knowing about shifting of realities. There are many possibilities that could of manifested as my reality, someone found the wallet and called me to return it. Or it could have been gone without a trace.

It is also dependent on our own belief systems how our manifestations are created into physical. If parallel realities is true, then it gives us the power to choose and no longer be a victim in our lives. Just from choosing what we prefer instead of what we do not prefer, two opposite vibrations that will create the reality we put the most energy into.

Whether we choose to believe in reality shifting or not, just the realization from our own proven experiences will show us that we have a choice and that does make all the difference.

“As within so without” in our Imagination First

Being Specific, Trusting and Giving Thanks in Advance Glues it all Together

I had experienced what I had envisioned with feeling, trust and thanks inwardly in my imagination first and it became an exact replica of my outer physical manifestation, exactly.

I choose from the Source, Field, Vortex, Infinite Intelligence, whatever you choose to label it as … it is a field of parallel infinite realities that is going on infinitely all the time.

Being very specific when we imagine whatever it is we desire to become manifested seems to really zoom our preference in with trusting in that knowing it will become especially when we bless it with thanks and then becomes the created physical reality we experience.

For me it is not just this experience, it is doing it with everything throughout my day, leaving nothing out. It is when it becomes a practice we do all the time with everything and then it becomes so natural to live our lives this way. We leave nothing to chance because we become to know from our own experiences that chance is an illusion.

In creation there is only creating, no random chance, just creating by what we focus upon. And the biggest opportunities will always be using this practice of shifting through infinite realities and solidifying the one we want to experience in physical. It just takes some practicing long enough until it is hardwired in our brain.

Accepting what You do not Prefer

Accepting and giving thanks for the reality that you are living that you do not prefer or want keeps the higher vibration active. Realizing that any part of the reality you don't prefer is only left over residue from focused thoughts you gave attention to.

By giving thanks for the unwanted or not preferred reality, you are also vibrating energy of gratitude, appreciation that is a high vibrational frequency. Appreciation that you realize now what you do want instead. You will expand your high vibrations to add to what you are already putting out.

This is what Abraham says, “making peace with where you are” and when we make peace with where we are we are allowing the door to open to bring more to appreciate.

It also quickens our vibration to manifesting more of what we do want into our experiences.

So whatever it is you don’t prefer right now make peace with it and continue to insert the reality you do prefer.

By choosing from the parallel infinite realities that are already going on and solidify it by focusing with feelings upon it. Then it will become the physical reality you will be experiencing.

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