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My Second OOB Experience

You can submit your psychic experiences at the bottom of this page and I will share another of my psychic experience, my first OOB my first Out of Body experience was at a firewalking seminar and was so amazing and serene and lasted a long time. But my second OOB psychic experiences I had many years ago also stands out in my memory because of the scare I had with it.

I had been writing at my computer for awhile and it was getting late and I was tired. I sat at my computer in a meditative trance just staring at the window and it was dark outside and I just sat there staring.

Next thing I realized I was out of my body and looking down at myself on the computer staring out the window. It was such an amazing experience because just as my first experience years before this one, I felt such a peace and empowerment with wisdom. No fear or doubt just peaceful bliss and freedom.

After a few minutes my son came into the room, he knew I was on the computer because many times the sound of my fingers typing for hours on the computer would wake him. But this time he came in and looked at the computer and then started screaming, “Mom, Mom where are you?” Repeating it many times and behaving as if he could not see me at the computer.

Meanwhile I was still OOB watching it all. Then within a few more minutes I popped back into my body and was screaming back to him, “I am here! Cant’ you see me right here on the chair?”

He kept calling for me even after I was back in my body and now it started to scare me because I thought I was dead, and at that time I had a fear of death. Then he started to laugh and that finally broke all the emotional drama and tension that was going on.

At the time he was studying acting and had been an extra in a couple movies, however when all the drama went on that was the last thing for me to think of that he was joking around and practicing his acting.

It was awhile before I had another OOB experience because of the triggered memory of fear of not coming back into my body, however once you experience it enough times, just like anything else, it becomes a natural experience you enjoy doing. Then even the fear of death dissolves. And it lead me to more psychic experiences that are really infinite abilities.

In this video part 1 of 6, Michael Talbot's interview on the show Thinking Allowed, about holograms and Michael’s OOB experience.

Your Psychic Experiences

Practicing and using our psychic experiences allows us to change and expand in consciousness through our experiences. Evolving as we infinitely are manifesting to know more about our self and the nature of reality and making any unknown experience an experience to know.

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i created a 5.9 earthquake august 23 2011, mebane nc That's quite powerful and I'd like to hear more specifics about the experience?

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When my adorable cat named kitty-kitty was alive he always played with a little furry plastic toy mouse. He loved and would always leave it at the door …

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