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Being Infinite Creators we are able to own all our power. We first must know that we are Infinite Creators creating every single experience in our lives, because without that awareness we are creating our life through illusions. Illusions give the appearance that everything just happens to us, whether it is our health, our jobs, our incomes, our relationships, our families and friends and interactions. Especially when we experience anything we do not like and give our power away to the lower vibrations of frequencies of hate, blame, revenge which is all judgments of our experiences. We can see the difference between an finite creator creating compared to an infinite creators creations.

Words of Encouragement for Uplifting Mind and Spirit

Infinite Creators See through Illusions

As Infinite Creators we know through our experiences that we are the creating of our reality by the thoughts we are choosing, whether aware or not, those thoughts are creating our reality all day long. When we get to the knowing that this is the way it is and has always been and will always be then we take our power back and see through all the illusions.

It would be the same way that a magician can trick us to believe that a magic trick they perform is real until we are shown how to do the magic trick for our own self. When we know how the trick is played, we then have the power also to perform it; we are no longer the audience watching and being tricked. Using this analogy so that we can know that the nature of reality is the same way, we are in the audience of our life instead of being the magician and knowing how reality really works.

We then become to realize that all of the power comes in the knowledge of the knowing of its truth, we are infinite creators creating our reality and when we know it we then can take responsibility for our reality. We know that what we are thinking and talking about is creating reality all day long and creating our future by its momentum. By knowing that gives us so much power because we are then living a life deliberately leaving nothing to chance. Infinite creators consciously choose our creations.

We leave nothing to chance.

When we get to this point of evolving we then know that everything and every interaction and experience is creating by our own self. There is no randomness of things ever just happening to us, everything is now perceived as our own creations, whether they are negative or positive creations. All creations are a result of our own thinking and to see the feedback of your own proof is to observe to see how it is always thoughts you thought and or talked about that came about in your experiences. When we observe long enough we will see our own proof and there will be no denying that each of us is creating our reality all day long and our future too. So that everything we see is a self reflection that will always show us our feedback back to our self.

Observing our self and everything that is occurring within our days will show us how we are creating our life. Then we evolve to realizing that webbed into our observing is actually creating how we observe. As quantum physics now proves through all of the experiments that have been done. We as observers are affecting our reality by how we observe it. So it is a two fold benefit because by observing we are realizing by our own feedback of proof that our thoughts are creating our reality and the way we observe our reality is the actuality of how our reality unfolds and is affected by our observations of it.

A look from 3rd Dimension into 2nd Dimension

In the video below we can see the comparison of Dr. Quantum from What the Bleep movie visits a being from the 2nd dimension.

It shows us that when we limit our perception and knowledge without expanding our consciousness we are so like the circle being from the 2nd dimension. Limiting beliefs can narrow our perception from the true expanded nature of reality in other dimensions.

We can expand our beliefs to accept new abilities such as psychic abilities by practicing anything that we have not experienced. That means that we must expand our perception to accept these abilities as part of our own heritage. But we must see through many beliefs that give the illusion of not being real or possible. And of coarse it will be by experiencing it for our own self that we will then know it is true and possible.

Using our Power as the Observer

I have found that the more I do any practicing for a few weeks by observing anything in any new way compared to the past old ways, the new ways become just as automatic and natural as the old way was. Then all my old reactions are no longer automatic and the new responses are the automatic way I respond to anything that triggered me before and that changes everything. All these newer ways, which is the infinite creators way to respond. Knowing we are the observer affecting all situations in a better way then we have done in the past changes the affect of how our reality unfolds in its creation.

As we experience to notice more and more proof for our self then we are inspired to continue the new changes by observing everything with our awareness because we now know that it is the way we are observing and responding to everything that is continuously creating our reality. We then choose to observe and respond in the most positive or loving way because of our wisdom from the knowledge of our experiences. Responding to others as we would choose them to respond to our self takes on a whole new meaning.

We are Multidimensional Beings

As infinite creators we become to know that we are multidimensional beings, there is more to us then what just appears in the objective physical reality we perceive. There is also more to us then just our physical body. When we expand and open our minds to evolved knowledge, we can tune into these other dimensions through our imagination.

Our mind through our powerful imagination is where we are focused upon even though our body may be stationary in one physical place. Just as you are sitting probably on a chair and reading this information your mind is not always focused on your physical body. It is focused on what you are reading or other thoughts that are passing by through your mind.

As you sit on your chair you can expand your thoughts to be so focused on a friend for a period of time. For that period of time it could be that you are really intertwined, entangled with your friend. As your body sits in the chair you can focus to be anywhere of any distance away from your body's focused thoughts upon it.

Just as when we fall asleep and dream and you are focused in that dimensional reality experiencing everything as real until you awake back into being focused in your objective physical reality again.

When we realized as infinite creators we are more then our physical senses show us that we are dimensional beings always traveling without our body as we travel with our focused thoughts it can be powerful awakening and adventurous journey.

In this video Bashar explains 3rd, 4th 5th dimension, and time and space.

Life Becomes Blissful…

Knowing we are Creator's we no longer deny or doubt that we create our reality and every part of it. Then we pull all of our power back to our self because no one can alter our thoughts that we are choosing to create from. Doing it blissfully means that through our awareness of how we observe everything becomes how we respond.

It is when we respond and it become natural in the most blissful ways because that is what we will be continuously creating and then we are choosing from the infinite source of manifesting. We become to enjoy blissful experiences and the creations of them through our observing and creating. All challenges become opportunity for evolving growth in every part of our life.

Then what we will become to notice is that any types of depression fades away because depression is only a result from thoughts that create feelings of hopelessness. And that comes from thoughts that create the feelings that we do not have any control or power to change anything in our life. When we know we can by owning our creating abilities and creations as a result then we are empowered. We know we are the infinite creators using the greatest power, creating our life by how we observe and respond to anything and everything; we take our power back from the illusions that once distorted our thoughts about life.

We know we are the infinite creators in being and can change our thoughts always to what we prefer to experience in all our creations. Our life becomes a joyful exuberant experience daily and the momentum expands into everything we perceive. We know that we are what we think we are and experience it all the time now. We own our infinite creators abilities because our experiences is always our feedback of proof that confirms it to our self. We then live our life as infinite creators by how we now think and that thinking creates the most powerful feelings.

Infinite Creators choose Infinite Thoughts to create all we desire from all possibilities into manifestations.

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