Synchronicity was Defined and Coined
by Carl Jung

Synchronicity was coined by Carl Jung from his experience with one of his patients who was describing to him a dream of golden scarab and the next day during their psychotherapy session a golden scarab hit the window of the room they were in.

Coincidence or Synchronicity?

Coincident can have an illusionary definition for many people if their beliefs form the perception that everything just happens and we don’t have much power over our experiences, then anything that coincides with anything else is just a coincident. However, if the beliefs are beyond illusions that we do influence our reality then coincidence will show a different perception how everything is connected then coincidence shows its hidden meaning, 

coin (2 sides of the same thing) cidence , how everything is connected.

When we open our mind to be able to notice how two different beliefs can project two different realities that define how we perceive reality. Experiencing coincidence in a unified way then is the same thing as synchronicity.

Synchronicity Magnifies Your Perception
the More You Notice it

Synchronicity ... I love the vibration of how it feels when I say the word because it has a powerful vibrational kind of momentum tone to it. I feel it in my heart as an expanding feeling that has a powerful wisdom as a tool for us to use while we are evolving.

Using the analogy of television and the signals through a satellite compared to ourselves as our thoughts give the signals that tune sync. The satellite picks up the signals and transmits it through your own personal satellite unit that then directs all the signals to be the channels that you can watch. 100’s of channels that you can choose are at the switch of your converter to choose whatever program you desire to watch. Even though world wide anyone with the same devises can also choose to watch any channels they choose also because it is available to all.

You choose by your own preferences of thoughts and feelings. This is similar to consciousness with infinite thought vibrational frequencies yet we choose the narrowing of channeling thoughts by what we are focused upon. Synchronicity is the aligning of the same frequency of similar thoughts that is like radar that tunes it in to match.

It is the same way for any reality we are experiencing from our generated thoughts of what we will be tuned into as a vibration that will be the frequency that we will experience as a reality, just like tuning into different channels.

Now of course if you are not being aware then you may be having many synchronicities but are just not noticing them. It also has no judgments or conditions it will show us right on what we are thinking without any favoritism. So whether it is something negative or positive, synchronicity will show us either way. Again its all dependent on our own choice of thoughts of the reality we are experiencing and synchronized to.

When we allow our selves to become so consciously aware we will notice synchronicity through our every day experiences and they will magnify in our perception from our what we focus upon and we will notice more of it. And also notice the variations of the time gaps to when we thought about something and then the time gap of how long it took for the synchronized physical experience to match up.

Synchronicity can Give Us Great Feedback

Synchronicity shows us so precisely our own feedback of what our ranges of whether we are right on or off by a bit or how off we are. If we are not noticing any synchronicity then that is showing us that what we think to what we experience in our outer physical environment is missing the frequency channel. That we are out of sync by how far the gap may be if you become aware of it.

The feedback it shows us is how in tune our inner thoughts are with our outer physical experiences and how in alignment we are. It is a matching, the same as being in tune, meaning no contrast or duality of opposition in the moment of the matching which is being in the same alignment of our thoughts.

When we notice it and become more aware of it enough times then we will find more of it will show up for us. When we become to know what is going on when we experience being in sync then we appreciate it even more. As it shows us we are matching our inner thoughts that so quickly become manifested in outer physical experiences.

The variations of experiences can range from a small simple experience as words matching up with your environment. As I was trying to think of an example, in this moment I just experienced a flow of sync. I thought about the wind for a few minutes and the wind actually picked up, then the radio channel I am listening to was playing a song, then just after I notice the wind pick up the announcer on the radio talked about how windy it is outside, then the next song that came on the radio was “dust in the wind”. The sync’s become on such a rolling flow when we put our attention on it. This would all go unnoticed if I was not in the habit of being aware of it because it’s become such a natural habit now to notice. It's always going on, it's our attention of awareness that then allows us to see what has always been going on.

Another experience that occurs quite often is when we get a phone call from a friend we just thought about. Or desiring a hot coffee and a friend showing up without any notice and brings a coffee for you.

Sync and Manifestation

Depending on our beliefs and perceptions so many experiences out of the ordinary can appear separate, however sync can also be showing us how we are manifesting our reality too, it's so intertwined. Let's go back to the analogy of television and a satellite that picks up and directs the signals that transmit what we watch and compare it to sync and manifestation.

What if we were to just watch t.v. without any knowledge at all of how any of it works? And compare it to sync and manifesting without any knowledge about how it works to come into our reality? It would appear to be so mystical, but when we learn knowledge about reality it becomes to make more sense and dissolves more of the mystery about it. When we experience time gaps would it create sync to appear as a desire manifested?

In the Next Example it Does Appear as Sync Manifested

My desire for the home we had moved out of to sell as we already purchased and were living in our new home which was another vision we imagined that manifested. We wanted privacy, lots of land around us, which was the complete opposite of the home we had moved out of.

Another example was this experience I had that was so profound because my inner vision became exactly physically in sync.  My desire for the home we had moved out of to sell as we already purchased and were living in our new home which was another vision we imagined that manifested. We wanted privacy, lots of land around us, which was the complete opposite of the home we had moved out of.

Everyone was telling us how impossible it would be with the decline of the market and the home itself needing work and others opinions and judgments of so many doubts. But I held firm to my imagined vision of my desire manifested specifically. I had the absolute faith and knowing I could manifest it, all I had to do was imagine what I wanted and block out what anyone else was saying.

For a couple of weeks I did a focused visualization for just a few minutes a day of it already sold with excited feelings. Then I would just let it go and get on with my day and whenever the thought about the house came up I would think of my desired vision already manifested. I would not alter my vision and knowing for anyone or anything. Time was becoming desperately crucial too.

Then I received a vision of the exact appearance of a male and all the specifics too of a short closing. The next day we received a call from our agent telling us exactly what I had envisioned, exactly. Of the kind of male interested in our home and also a quick closing of the deal within two weeks. My vision synchronized exactly right on with every specific detail I desired and manifested exactly the way I had envisioned it.

So it appears to be that synchronicity is the outer manifestation of what our inner has already focused emotional thoughts upon. The inner is what we tune into from infinite realities of consciousness and then through the alignment it manifests and shows us the outer physical manifestation. It is like a mirror for us to reflect from our sync experiences.

So being in sync just as any manifestation is possible, it is only limited by our own beliefs and our level of acceptance of what we expect we will create to synchronize.

Writing Your Synchronicities in the Beginning

When I first became interested to learn more about synchronicity years ago, I kept a journal of as many of the sync's I had during a day. I found it expanded many insights of confirmations for me regarding the nature of reality. Until it became a natural occurring experience that I could no longer keep track, there were so many experiences of it. The more you notice sync's the more it will magnify.

What was most interesting for me was the variations of time gaps for some sync's, and yet on other days very little time gaps of what the reflection had shown back to me. It became a great tool to evolve as feedback for my alignment of inner to outer.

Synchronicity and our level of acceptance can also be great feedback in showing us what we accept in our own personal beliefs about everything and every area of our life. It will expand and change the more we evolve in being aware on a daily basis of the greatest mysteries as they become known to us.

In this video Abraham explains that being in sync is our natural alignment.

Give it a Whirl Right Now

Focus on something for 5 to 10 minutes with the suggestion that you will be experiencing a sync flow shortly after or even while you are focusing. By putting the suggestion already in your mind that you will experience a flow of sync in real time will create associations and vibrations to coincide and sync together. If this is new to you, have a radio, tv program or something playing in the background, this seems to be the easiest and quickest way to experience sync in real time. When you experience it, how about sharing your experience below, or share other sync experiences you have had in your past.

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