How Often Are You In Communication With Your Higher Self?

The Spiritual Part of You

Higher Self is just one label to refer to omnipotent as Holy Spirit, Source, God, Jesus,, Future Self, Entities, Soul and so on. However, names are only invented labels to define something through verbal language so we can give reference to when verbally communicating.

So I will be using the label Higher Self when describing the larger part of our selves. Just as the majority of the population goes through so many stages in the first 30 years of our physical lives, most of us are not paying much attention to our higher self and communication on a conscious level.

Though we are guided but usually the altered ego personality takes the lead in guiding us to make our choices. However for the exceptions it can be the opposite as psychic, indigo, light children are consciously connected right from birth. If we do not stay aware then we eventually loose the communcication somewhere along our physical developing stages. Or most do not tune in until we have passed those developing stages of growth until later on. Or it's when we set the time aside to pray or meditate which for many is not that often or very long periods during our day.

So praying or meditating is still using a connection to communicate to a higher power or source, whether it is a God or Jesus or Saint or whatever the deity is. It can again all be refer to a Higher Infinite Source and will always guide us to see the love of any situation. A large collection of Inspirational Quotes on life, love, and more

A Trip Down Memory Lane

For myself I used prayer throughout my first 30 years, praying to God mostly and then near the end tried to listen, however it was usually before going to sleep at night or when I needed to ask for something really important in my life. I read that prayer is asking the question and meditation is the listening part of the communication to a higher source.

This made sense to me as I was raised Catholic with an Anglican mix so at first I did what most Catholic’s do go to church and did my confessions to a priest. Then the priest would give me my sentence, oops, Freudian slip there, I mean penance.

Until I went to a Ukrainian school and was taught to do my confession as we all sat in the church pews and confessed to ourself. It was a one on one communication, no more middle man, so I could confess to the supreme higher being, God without a medium to interpret for me.

That was great! I really liked that much better and it was from then on that I stopped going to the confession booth. Just a quick chuckle I must add in here, I read not long ago that in some country they are now using a phone booth to confess sins to the priest.

So this change then was my beginning of taking more of my power back allowing me to speak or think, communicate to the Higher Source which at that time I still referred to as God. Now I refer to God as a Creator or Infinite Intelligence, again it is all the same thing with different labels.

It was not until I was a teenager that my mother allowed me to no longer go to church. I don’t know what took her so long for that permission to be granted to me because my dad was the Ukrainian Anglican and he never had to go to church. So now no more church and I could just confess my sins to God and sit and listen to the answers. Sometimes I was on the right path of hearing my higher self other times I was listening to my personality ego, back then I did not realize there was a difference.

Back To The Present

To speed up the history here, now I do know the difference, just as you who are reading this probably do and probably went through similar experiences to get to where you are now.

Now I know there is Infinite Consciousness which I think is the Mind of God or Creator and we are all waving along with our experiences of creating our realities kind of like being in the Creators dream from different channeled frequency’s of the Creator’s one source mind. And just as all of us can have empathetic feelings for anything our children or family members go through, the Creator may also. However we also give our children free will when they are on they’re own, we can guide them with some of our own wisdom, however they do have their own free will and choices to make for their learning experiences. Just as what may be going on with the Creator and our lives, realities we are creating and experiencing.

Our Own Higher Self Is Like Our Soul Mate

For myself I get the feeling that our physical body is still not attainable to carry or frequenize the whole of us, so just a small part of our whole comes into our physical body. Just like quantum mechanics and the wave/particle duality interpretation. And is the reason I think that the other part of ourself could really be the first and most important label to define our soulmate. It’s such an uplifted and self love feeling and it then becomes so natural without any conditions. Our soulmate or higher self is connected to All That Is, Creator. Our higher self knows everything about our self and knows everything simultaneously removed of time and space as we are in linear perception.

I do feel uplifted and self love then becomes so naturally without any conditions. Our soulmate or higher self is connected to All That Is, Creator. Our higher self knows everything about ourself and knows everything simultaneously.

To use an example of our higher self being like the eagle and our physical self to be the mouse. We can realize through this analogy of an example how our higher self then can know everything and is the best guide for us to follow in guidance of our purposeful soul path.

I found through my own experiences and being self aware through practicing I became to know the difference between my higher infinite self and my ego or chattering thoughts. When we become this aware of the differences then we become to live each day clearly from our higher self's guidance. Life really does change and in the most amazing ways.

Once we come to realize what all the Master Teachers have taught that it is following of our bliss, excitement, joy, love, all the really good great feelings. By now we have learned all about the EGO, and how it likes to direct us by fearful doubtful ways. Until our ego will merge more and more, the more that we be empathetic with compassion to it in the most loving way.

It still is amazing to me how we separate the whole of ourselves but it is the process we go through as we evolve. Higher self leads us to evolve to become infinite creator's. The further along that we evolve we then get to realize and know that all of these seeming separate parts of ourselves are just like looking at a tree without seeing all the roots below the ground. Or the analogy of only seeing the tip of an iceberg above the water when we look below the water we then see the biggest past of the iceberg, just as our physical self is like the top above the water and the rest of our whole self is below the water.

So for me my infinite self is my soul mate, or to use the famous saying, "the other half" of me. Any other being is secondary when it comes to my guidance. It is my choice not to alter from my higher self because it does know everything that I ever need to know.

So Who Knows What’s best For Ourself?
Our Higher Self!

Who should we always turn to?
Our Higher Self!

What is becoming an evolving sovereign being?
Merging our ego and higher self lovingly!

How do we know we are picking up our own higher self information?
By following our joy, excitement, bliss, peace, unconditional love, passion.

It is the most simple way to know not only what direction you are heading but also the most powerful knowing information that will always lead you in the right direction, step by step by following your high vibrational feelings.

This video below is Bashar explaining so wonderfully to follow our excitement and so much more.

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