What are Your Beliefs about Wealth?

Wealth is not always about money even though when it is first mentioned it usually triggers attachments of money first. It contains many more concepts then money and when we take a deeper look at our beliefs we can see what attachments we have associated with it.

By expanding our beliefs and perception about being wealthy we can allow it to be about so many things that usually is taken for granted as perceiving it as abundance. We can be abundant in love, in great friendships, in our jobs, in our family and the services we offer to others or others offer to us. There is always an abundant reservoir of knowledge to be found everywhere especially in the wealthly abundance of nature. Nature shows us how by its abundance that perpetually multiplies.

This can be a very important catalyst concerning our beliefs about wealth because when we open to expand our beliefs and observations regarding wealth to include everything that is what we will receive in return. It does seem that its an absolute infinite law that the universe or infinite creator gives back what we put out in everything and usually over multiplies our return of getting back what we put out. So when we expand our beliefs to include all of this wealth of everything abundance is seen everywhere. A great website all about helping you create ultimate wealth easy combined with great expanded information.

Wealth in Money

We may all not desire to be wealthy in money but most of us do need money, it is our vehicle that we use for almost anything we want or need in life. Unless we are totally sovereign and have no need for money but for most of us that’s not the case? Though if we desire to become sovereign beings eventually we realize it will take learning and experiencing more knowledge so that we can become sovereign beings. When we follow our infinite purposeful path we will eventually become sovereign in every way.

It is our beliefs that are creating our reality, whether we are aware of it or not and many of our beliefs can be out of synch with our desire for wealth.

Beliefs are flexible and can change as we experience new reality that was unknown to us until we experience that unknown to be known, then the trust is embedded to structure the new belief. If you are not have an abundance of money then your beliefs about money are still in lack programming. That is easy enough to realize and is the first important step to creating an abundance of money. Now all we need to do is change the program of beliefs so that the reality can change.

New Ideas about Wealth and Money

If someone gives you a gift you do not respond by saying no thanks I don’t feel deserving of receiving it, do you? No, most of us feel grateful and receive the gift and open it. Yet when it comes to money we are doing the opposite, not being in the receivership energy because of the old beliefs that are still running the program. 

We have to go back to being aware of what we are thinking and talking about daily. That will always show us what we are creating more of for our future which is being creating moment by moment. Do we complain often? Do we say ah poor so and so? That is more victim thinking from old beliefs.

It doesn’t take long to do this kind of inventory, just a few hours in a day will show us what we put out. Whether its from our thoughts or conversations of words, its by taking notice our own belief system in action.

If it is in lack programs by being aware we then know what we believe. We realize that we must change the thoughts we are choosing and the words we are speaking to prosperous thoughts and words. It will take practice and constant self observation every day. When we realize that our words are our end result of our beliefs and how essentially important it is to change old beliefs to new prosperous beliefs about money to keep the momentum going. Also reminding our self that we are deserving and that money, prosperity is our birth rite, not just for the chosen few

As you use your imagination by visualizing, affirming, reminding yourself consistently throughout the day and how you react or respond in conversations about money? If its not wealthy energy then the moment you notice it, is the moment you change it too. You will become to realize after a few days and weeks that you have changed much of the old programming of beliefs to new empowering money and wealthy prosperous thoughts and words. Once that change has occurred then you have changed the old program and expect the reality to change. The new expectation does change the reality.

Does Visualization Work For Lottery Winning?

If you asked Cynthia Stafford she said that she visualized winning $112 million dollars from the California lottery.

You can check out her interview from "the balancing act"

Cynthia is absolute proof that we can create the reality we want by keeping the faith, by believing into knowing and trusting in our desire, visualizing that desire as already manifested and knowing then creates the expectation that manifests the reality to become what we desired.

If we know and seen the proof in our own life that what we put our ATTENTION on does create reality then it does not only work for some things it works for everything. We are always creating whether we are aware of it minutely or not.

Have you practiced using the lottery as your own feedback for your own belief system? It can be a great tool for feedback because it will show you your belief about luck, faith, deservingness and most importantly trusting your energy.

Luck is really an illusion because the nature of reality does not generate randomness as many experiments have proven. Nothing is random, everything is energy. What we believe and expect will be what we get, in other words what we create. Remember it is seeing through illusions that gives us our power back to know we are the creator’s creating our reality.

Wealth is also a part of that reality by either focusing our attention on lack or prosperity. So this should inspire us to focus on what we do want and be aware of our thoughts so it can create what we do want.

Notice the Abundance

What a trick our beliefs systems can play on us, tricking us to think that we do not have abundance. Though its amazing that we can have quite the proficient belief in lack. All we have to do is take a look around us and be grateful for it all. Just take a look at how many pairs of shoes, clothes, appliances, books, plates, cups and so on that’s in and around your home. Then walk outside and take a look at the blades of grass, the trees, the birds, animals, clouds, stores and so on. We can see abundance everywhere when we focus to notice abundance, but we will not notice it if we are so locked into the lack belief. It’s by noticing we will find more abundance.

Think of any vehicle you have purchased? Before you desired a certain vehicle you probably did not notice any others of its kind around until you became interested. Once you become interested your focus becomes open to see what has always been around. The same thing is for money and wealth, it is all around us and we are the only one that is keeping it out of our focus. Once we start to put more attention and interest in wealth and prosperity we will notice more. And the more we notice the more we bring it closer to receive it too.

Money and Wealth Attitudes

Making potential money and wealth affirmations or words as a mantra will also help dissolve the old lack beliefs to bring it into knowing you can manifest anything you desire. If one person on the planet has won a lottery of wealth, then anyone has the same ability. The only thing getting in the way is an old running belief and the only person that can change it is your own self.

Any person who has won the lottery has thought, “I CAN & I will” enough about winning big even if they are not consciously aware of it themselves. They might say, “I can’t believe it I won” yet subconsciously they just KNEW they would win. It is the only way that creating works. There is no randomness, remember, there is no luck. Sure maybe the conscious mind of the ego personality believes in luck and randomness but when we know from our own proof long enough from our own experiences that behind those illusion, is creation. And the creator is YOU! Perceiving behind the illusion to knowing how the nature of reality works will always dissolve all the illusional beliefs that dictate the illusion.

People who are lucky, believe they are lucky, luck has nothing to do with it, luck is the illusion. Behind the luck illusion is creating from beliefs of memories that have been valued and sustained. When we change the program the belief then changes too.

So what Program is still Running in
Your Belief System?

Think of our beliefs as a magnet that is either pulling in to you or pushing away from you. The belief of lack is the magnet pushing away and the knowing is the pulling toward you. It will make all the difference in what you create for yourself of wealth of money or lack of it. Do you finally get something you want and then loose it the next day? This kind of experiences still has lack programming running that will always push things away. Beliefs like, “I knew it was too good to be true” these kind of old beliefs of programs running will be creating the reality to manifest. Or “good things happen to those who wait” but how long can that waiting go on.

It takes a keen awareness on a daily basis to notice and keep changing any limiting belief that pops up. To use the analogy of weeds growing in our flower garden, if we just pull the weeds without getting the roots we will find that the old programs of beliefs that are lacking wealth will keep surfacing. To get to the root is to be aware as often as we can to get all of the weeds transformed into blooming flowers, or money, wealth trees.

Here are some affirmations from Abraham to use for money

Let’s Plant Seeds of Money Triggers

Remember that old belief, “money doesn’t grow on trees!”
Well let’s change that right now by noticing all the abundance of the tree. All the leaves, branches, roots below the ground, we can realize that the tree is already abundant.

Now find any tree that is in close proximity to you so that you can look at daily. Every time you look at the tree see the leaves as bills of money. This way we are using our imagination to its most potential by creating triggers to associate with it.

What will happen after a few weeks of seeing all of the abundance of leaves on a tree looking and representing money, wealth? AHA! You got it!

You will find that every tree you look upon will represent money and it will be a win win experience because every tree you will ever see will represent money and wealth. So if you pass fifty trees wherever you may travel you will be reminded fifty times and what does that do for your new programming beliefs, amazing benefits. Fifty more times you would not have thought about money and wealth and those fifty more times creates more thoughts to energize. Do you see where this is all leading?

Bit by bit it will become natural! Bit by bit you will start to see money flowing and gravitating to you. So let’s do this for 30 days and then please do let me know if money situations have changed for you.

Here is a cute video of what a money tree would look like, let your imagination flow with it as a reminder that money is your birth rite. You are deserving of it!

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