What Spoon Bending
Show Us and Do for Us …

Spoon bending or twisting can be a most powerful tool for showing ourselves what we believe about reality and the power we have in being the Creator of our Reality. It can show us just how much resistance we have in our beliefs, which are the thoughts we are thinking over and over again from our beliefs.

When we become to know that there is nothing we cannot do or have then it will always come back to our own self that is blocking or stopping the manifested reality into our experience.

Holding a metal spoon in our hands and feeling it become so soft, transforming it into a putty feeling from our intention, focus and belief.

It is easy enough to see when so many others have done it but it takes actually doing it yourself to feel the transformation for yourself. It can be very empowering and give us a different perspective of our own abilities.

Using spoon bending for your own feedback through awareness can show you how strong your resistance is in your beliefs. If you are able do the spoon bending the first time you hold the spoon in your hands that will show you how open and nonresistant you are to new abilities and possibilities.

If it takes hours of focus and practice that shows you are more stubborn and limited to what is possible. If it takes days or longer that shows a very limiting belief but the most important part is the knowing it can be changed, you can change those thoughts that will change those limited stubborn beliefs.

It’s all about Change, Changing Our Thoughts to Possibilities …

I realized that it really wasn’t all about the end result except for when you are visualizing to already see the end result in your imagination and focus as the spoon bending already happened. Other then that, it’s all about the process and what we can learn from it all

What do we believe is possible for not others but for ourselves?

Do not ever use any harsh judgments upon yourself for anything, including spoon bending because that is only going to detour yourself further. Any tools that show our own feedback is a great path to our advancement, no matter how long it takes, the most important part is never giving up!

No matter what it is we desire to manifest, create in our reality, the most important part is holding that desire as already manifested in our mind and keeping the faith, knowing in trust that we will manifest it. When you know that you will not ever give up until you experience the manifestation ... then YOU WILL! The time it takes is all dependent on your own beliefs and we know that those beliefs can be changed.

Read about the successful parties that Jack Houck has held many PK parties of also people buckling the bowl of the spoons, metal with your mind's intention without touching the metal and thick rods and more.

Using Spoon Bending for Everything, Feeling the Transformation

The first time I twisted a spoon I felt the power, the transformation of the metal become so soft, really like hot putty in my fingers was amazing.

This was no longer a metal spoon, this was a transformation of physical matter, molecules transforming into soft putty. Feeling and experiencing the transformation was the most powerful experience.

It’s wasn’t about any physical force, it was all about the transformation that I was creating in the process. The metal became what I wanted it to become just from my focusing and intention.

The second time I went to twist another spoon it didn’t happen until I focused again for awhile. So the first few days took practicing doing it over and over until I became to master it. What is real-lly occurring is the brain is rewiring neurons of the new ability until it becomes hardwired in the brain. Once it does then we are able to do what took some time in no time. Just with the intention, it then is.

This works for everything!

Spoon twisting is a tool that we can use to show us how all creation works. Anything we ever could desire works the same way. Spoon bending show us just how it works in a physical feeling in our own hands as we transform it.

So no matter what it is you want in your life, whether it's healing your body in self healing, or more money, better relationships, better vehicle, better house, better life, it doesn’t matter what it is, all that matters is your belief to receive it. Spoon bending can show you exactly what your beliefs are about everything.

It takes practicing as long as you have to until you finally experience what you want, you just don’t give up until IT IS the way you want it to be.

One Last Important Part
of the Spoon Bending Process can Show us all about Letting Go …

Spoon bending shows us physically all about letting go! To be able to feel the actually feeling, sensation of the experience of letting go in our own hands, to feel the hard metal transforming and becoming soft is amazing. The experience allows us to experience the transformation and removes doubts about everything else we may have false beliefs about.

It can physically expands us to know how it works in everything we want when we are creating. For the desires we have not manifested in our lives yet, it all will come down to not letting go, just as in feeling it while spoon bending being the reason we have not manifested it yet that will be the final release to allow the manifestation to be received.

If you have focused, visualized the end result with enough intensity of emotional feelings and still have not manifested your big desires then it is the letting go that is needed to release so that your desire can manifested, be received.

Practicing spoon bending is the perfect tool to use for getting to know letting go in the most physical way because you really cannot bend or twist metal without letting go.

In my video you will see how easy once I let go ... how the metal actually transforms in my fingers.

This video is from the Evolving Ideas Conference part 2 - Tom Bearden talks about metal bending and fire walking explaining Electrodynamics and the field in the capability to performing supernatural abilities.

The video below is from a recent interview with Loyd Auerbach of his experiences with bending metal and attending many of Jack Houck spoon bending parties.

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