What Infinite Psychic Abilities are You Using?

Infinite psychic abilities can not only be learned by watching another perform, when we observe another we are actually participating even though it appears that we are just watching.

This is part of an article from Scientific America July 1, 2008, “Marco Iacoboni, a neuroscientist at the University of California at Los Angeles, is best known for his work on mirror neurons, a small circuit of cells in the premotor cortex and inferior parietal cortex. What makes these cells so interesting is that they are activated both when we perform a certain action—such as smiling or reaching for a cup—and when we observe someone else performing that same action. In other words, they collapse the distinction between seeing and doing".

So watching another perform any psychic abilities is a head start on your own practices. Then with your own focus and practice you will experience the ability for yourself.

This is an audio of Dr. Lee Pulos (17 from the bottom of the page) talking with Nicole Whitney on News for the Soul about a large range of different psychic subjects and his experiences and psychic super children that he has seen and his own clinical practice of hypnosis.

He has also experienced for himself in the Philippine's of observing amazing healings and other extraordinary abilities. Such an amazing program to listen to if you have not heard it yet. It is the 13th spot on the last of the page.

Infinite Psychic Abilities Video's

Kenny demonstrating telekinesis

Telekinesis video of Nina Kulagina

Telekinesis video of Robin Lim

Telekinesis video of James Twyman

Shifting Realities - Bashar

Trailer for What the Bleep - Movie

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