Infinite Words Matter!
Are your Words Limiting or Expanding your Creations?

Using Infinite words will make all the difference. The words we speak matter literally. Words and our thoughts are energy that creates vibrational frequencies that is creating our reality. We can observe how we speak in the words that we use and it is interesting to take notice that our words are the end result of our thoughts and beliefs.

Just as each letter as I am writing this page expands and transforms into words and then sentences and then a page full of information. When it expands further we then can accumulate a chapter and then a book is transformed into creation. This is a great analogy to show us how the thoughts we choose become transformed into beliefs which then become our words and our creation of our reality in an on going energy.

Infinite words are different compared to the mundane normal words that we speak out of automatic limited beliefs. Limited words are words we use without any awareness of what we speak. So since words are the end result of what we think and creates our beliefs of what we think is true for us.

If our daily words are very limited, finite then that is also the vibration that will be the frequency of the reality we are creating and experiencing. If our words are unlimited, infinite then that will be the reality that we are creating and experiencing.

As we expand on our journey and choose to use infinite words we evolve from finite to the infinite and are constantly changing. Our beliefs are also changing from choosing infinite words from infinite thoughts that are being created as we evolve and our consciousness expands, leading us to go beyond into more unknown idea's to experience that we can evolve even more, making more unknown known.

You probably have already noticed many of your words that you now use also have changed to support the evolving you. Words that in your past self you may not have noticed or used are now a part of your everyday words.

There may be another evolving thing you can do that will also allow your expanding infinite expression to evolve which is creating new words from the infinite consciousness. Because as you evolve everything does change about you and your reality, so when you allow infinite words to be expressed through yourself you will find that these infinite words are a unfolding of the infinite you that is expanding.

Infinite Words from the Creative
Infinite You

When you use infinite words the creative you starts to flow, we can also look and find hidden meanings in words. It is when you have new experiences and creativity flows that these new experiences are from the infinite source which means the words become unlimited also in your infinite expression.

Words are the end result of what we become to express in our talking and communication to others, so if our words are from the limited consciousness then they will always show us what our beliefs are consistent of. As we evolve we are experiencing new experiences and the new words when we allow ourselves to create as a result will be infinite words. And anything from the infinite consciousness will seem new to the norm limited consciousness of reality.

When we experience feelings of passion, serenity, bliss, ecstasy, elation, nonjudgmental love, infinite unconditional love these are feelings as a result from thinking infinite thoughts. These expressions are the evolving YOU having the experiences of the infinite life that is becoming more natural on a daily basis.

When we experience feelings of depression, hopeless, of fear, doubt, anxiety these are a result from thinking finite thoughts. These expressions are not evolving thoughts, they are automatic thoughts from old stored memories of the past.

Master Teachers

If you are reading this then you are already expanding infinitely because since we know that vibration is everything then we are on the same vibration. Just as the analogy of a radio, if we tune into 97.3fm that is what we will get. However if we tune even one frequency off into 97.4 we will not receive the channel we desired. This is the same way we operate with what we think about, as our thoughts are similar to the channels of radio frequencies.

As Abraham explains, “we are vibrational beings” and everything is emitting a vibration that will channel into whatever vibrational frequency we emit, which is called, “Law of Attraction.” Or as Bashar channeled from Darryl Anka explaines, “whatever we put out we get back” which is one of the "four laws of creation" and that does take care of everything. Because when we take total responsibility for what we put out in any type of energy, be it thoughts, actions, behavior, anything we put out comes back to us, this gives us a most exuberant reason to be more aware of what we are doing.

Moving Beyond the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Have you ever experienced creating new words for your new experiences? It is quite the amazing experience when we allow what we are experiencing to flow into our expression into words.

For an example when I am having an infinite experience of elated joyous bliss and feeling ecstatic then I find that words come out of my mouth that would make no sense if someone was listening with a limited perception. Because that individual would just think I was out of the ordinary or crazy because they still do not have a comprehension, or belief system to support beyond the ordinary infinite experiences.

When we do something out of the ordinary we are evolving from limited consciousness of the ordinary. So we are going to be doing and expressing in the most extraordinary ways.

Infinite Expressionary

I have created my own dictionary of infinite words that I have allowed to verbally flow that describe meaning as an outer flow of expression of my experiences. I have written in the definition of the new words of what they mean for my experience to express it beside each word I have created.

“INFINITE IDEAS CREATE INFINITE GENIUSES,” my quote, since we are being creative we must allow the creativity to flow and honor our creations. As we all are potential genius's, just as we all have ALL POTENIAL in all of our abilities when we allow them to become activated or to expand in our evolving nature.

If you have never tried this, you may also experience the expanding fun in it. I created a Infinite Expressionary that really does come in handy. Any time that I have allowed myself to become into a downer mood, or negative reaction I read my infinite expressionary and read a couple words.

What this does is trigger the memory of the experiences I had when I created the infinite words and then as I continue to read more words and the definitions, my spirit become aroused and next thing I realize I am flying high again in creativity and bliss.

Infinite Expression Fun Experiment

Do you remember the Walt Disney movie Mary Poppins and the word in the movie that became quite famous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? It took a very genius creative mind to not only create the word but also Disney World and all the great movies. Walt Disney was definitely out of the ordinary, wouldn't you agree?"

Now if you allow yourself to be ready then let us give it a try right now, remember you are now going into infinite creativity.

Do you have a paper and pen handy?

Great then allow yourself to relax and think of something that would be the most fantastic experience for you that you would love to experience in your future. Let it be something that is so exciting, so elated, so fabulously amazing!

Just think about by imagining it for a few minutes and really get into the feeling of living it as if it was really occurring in your reality. Which means quieting your mind to only being presently focused on doing this imagining until an infinite creative new word comes through your mouth and you then say it verbally and write it down. Then write a description of what it meant for you beside the infinite word.

Of course this is what we do when we are creating our future, meditating, remote viewing or any other psychic practicing. It is the same process of going into our IMAGINATION, the infinite mind, or infinite source, or quantum field, different words to describe the same thing. And the way to get there is to quiet the chattering mind to focus on one thing.

So are you expressing by saying the word that flowed?

My word that flowed out is, “surrealtomuntious” that is what I was feeling. Since I was focused on creative creating there was no other finite normal conventional word that really could describe my feeling from the experience I was having, which allowed the flow of a word that I created to now describe it.


Have you wrote it down and described it? Great!

As you add to it and use your Infinite Expressionary you will find incredibly amazing creative flow continue in your daily life. You will amaze yourself and experience the genie of your genius in infinite ways.

Infinite Expression Sharing

Share your created infinite words and add to Our Infinite Expressionary on line, just submit it below and I will add your word or words to it.

Create an Infinite Word, it is fun and brain expanding too!

Create an infinite word and share it with us on our Infinite Expressionary!

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