Psychic Children
Psychic Children That Have Extraordinary Abilities

Psychic children with these extraordinary abilities are popping up all over the world and have the most extraordinary abilities. There are many label of names in defining these children including Starseed children, children of the rainbow, children of the Blue Ray. They can perform abilities that will expand your mind to what was thought impossible to show that anything is possible.

These super children can read books, magazines that are picked at random with their eyes blindfolded and read through different parts of their body. Using their feet, hands, arms.

The children are blindfolded and given pictures from the audience and can not only tell what is in the picture, but give out information of the individuals in the picture. Of where they live, what they are going through or what they have gone through and other members of their family and friends.

Some of the psychic children influence live rosebuds. Audience members were holding roses in their own hands and the children just waved their hands and the thousands of rosebuds slowly opened into fully blossomed roses before the eyes of the amazed audience. It is under the strict discipline of scientific research, the Chinese government has observed these same children changing human DNA molecules in a petri dish. They remember their past lives and the purpose for coming here to help the world evolve. Just incredible!

Paul Dong and Thomas E. Raffill write about the abilities that these children can do in their book, "China's Super Psychic's."
Paul Dong teaches Qi Gong or Chi Gong which means "Energy Exercises" which is mental focus and breathing exercises.

It was also discovered that the childrens's DNA is not the same as normal human DNA. It seems that when we practice extraordinary abilities it changes our brain rewiring which in turn would change our DNA. The potentials for our empowerment are amazing when we expand our mind and brain to new unknown abilities like these psychic children as they are infinite creator's and are a role model for all of us. As in Norman Doidge, M.D. explains in his book "The Brain That Changes Itself" the plasticity of our brain. When we practice something we have not done before our brain rewires new connections.

Drunvalo Melchizedek interest and research in these children inspired him to bring this information of the children to the public with video's of the psychic children's abilities performed for audiences. To expand our minds as proof of how much more powerful we can become.

When we open ourselves up to all this information we will find proof of it scattered all over the world.

Other Amazing Abilities

"Daniel Tammet is well-known for his unusually vivid and complex synesthesia. In his mind, he says, each positive integer up to 10,000 has its own unique shape, color, texture and feel. He can intuitively "see" results of calculations as synesthetic landscapes without using conscious mental effort, and can "sense" whether a number is prime or composite."

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