I-M Introduction

I-M, Infinite Manifesting is Going Beyond …
Into Higher Consciousness

I-M, is the short form for what I refer to as Infinite Manifesting as an Infinite Manifestor. Since you are reading this means you are on the leading edge of our greatest evolution on not only our planet but for yourself, which is most essential and exciting. No matter how you came upon my website you can know that it was not just random, as there are no randomness in creation. You are here by what science of quantum physics refers to as entangled energy, what psychics call telepathy, what Seth expained about creating your reality, Abraham teaches as Law of Attraction that is an upgraded teaching of ancient wisdom that has been known to masters always. So what does this mean for you?

It means that you would not be reading these words or come upon this website if you were not evolving. By evolving I mean curious or already on the infinite path, desiring to know all that you can about who you really are in this physical journey we call life. To know more about your own power and how to use it while becoming to know more about the nature of reality and desire to continue to open up to all possibilities that still seem impossible, the I-M way. You intuitively know that this evolving journey you are on is your biggest main purpose in your life. You do not want to be a victim anymore because you know the wisdom resonates in you that there is so much more for you to discover and it just doesn’t feel good being a victim, it actually feels dis-empowering and it is.

I choose I-M the short form for Infinite Manifesting as my label and concept for my website because it represents the Infinite as the higher consciousness. Of thoughts, vibrations, dimensions, data of information where everything is unified, connected, everything is possible.

More of the invisible becomes visible and I-M, manifesting from the infinite expands us to experience what was once unknown to become known through our experiences.

Infinite Manifesting, I-M is seeing through the illusions of beliefs that define everything just happens to us into knowing that we do create our reality, we always have and always will. To use the analogy of comparing it to the highest mountain compared to the lowest valley is to see more of reality then we could ever even imagine compared to social conditioning of automatic recycled consciousness.

Old Beliefs can Be like a Brick Wall

I share many of my experiences throughout the website with information from great teachers that inspired me along my journey. Along with other visitors who also have shared their experiences, insights and wonderings. If there's anything that you read that you don't feel comfortable with or sounds just too unreal to be true, stop for a moment and realize this is only old beliefs or ego data personality that's defining it. Similar to coming to a brick wall and not knowing what’s on the other side of it. The brick wall is similar to our old beliefs that limit us through judgments of fears and doubts to go further. Instead sit with those defined as unreal thoughts and imagine and ponder what if what you are reading was true? Think about it for awhile, opening your mind to all the possibilities, and eventually you will find more and more evidence to support the new information when you are ready for it.

The only way to dissolve any skepticism is to practice and experience whatever it is for yourself. Your own proof will always be your greatest wisdom.

The Most Important Part is You

The most important part of it all is You. When you experience anything that in the past seemed impossible that becomes possible as your own proof, you know it because you own the experience Once you do you have torn down that brick wall and merged more of your ego where the new horizons of experiences will be amazing of how much power you have available to be using. Think of it this way, would you judge the Wright Brothers for their crazy idea of flying a plane? We can look back through hindsight now to realize what seemed like a crazy idea has transformed our world of transportation. This is the same way we can evolve with anything that seems impossible to be possible. You eventually become to trust and listen to your inner infinite being more and more until it becomes natural, it becomes your new way of being and living.

Finite represents manifesting from the social conditioned consciousness that is very limited. Doubtful of making the impossible possible, it’s filled with fears and doubts.

It’s so amazing that we have always been creating our personal reality and adding to mass reality throughout our physical life. Until we become to know we do create and influence our reality then it’s still unconscious, unaware to our self that we do and I refer to that as finite consciousness.

So either we are creating what we prefer to experience, and if it’s not what we prefer then we use the contrast to show us what we don’t want. And still be appreciative for the contrast so that we can then go on to create what we do want and prefer.

Infinite Manifesting, I-M is to consciously expand into knowing more then we already know and continuing to do so, it's evolving your own consciousness towards love. Transforming low vibrations of reactions into higher vibrations of energy frequencies to responding and sustaining it until it becomes a natural habit.

The difference is amazing and does affect our body, our perceptions, our experiences which completely changes our reality literally. Allowing your self to vibrate on the higher frequencies perpetually expanding, evolving with the greatest benefits of peace and bliss too.

I-M became My Reminder throughout the Day,
especially in the Beginning Stages

I created I-M, Infinite Manifesting as a trigger to remind me throughout the day when I found myself reverting back to the old way, old programs of automatic reacting. I would literally SNAP my fingers back and forth with my hands. Then I would change my thoughts back into the infinite way of thinking and then my emotions would become also of a great feeling.

It amazed me how quickly it anchored the associate with the Infinite and then I would even carry a rhythmic tune of snapping. To this day my African Gray Bird still dances when I do it and gets all happy too.

So I-M is my reminder to know I always do have the choice to choose what thoughts that will create the feelings I do prefer, the higher vibrational ones from higher consciousness.

Eventually it will lead to evolving to using more or our brain's abilities and notice and experience more of our infinite abilities which are labeled or referred to as psychic, paranormal, extraordinary abilities.

As usual in the limited consciousness everything is labeled and separated, however in the higher infinite consciousness everything becomes more unified and whole. So instead of separating all our extraordinary abilities into separate labels as ESP, telekinesis, premonition, out of body, lucid dreaming, future predictions, remote viewing, mind over or in matter and so on, it will all be merged into One Extraordinary Sense of Evolved Perception. So ESP could explain to define all extraordinary abilities. All these abilities are already our natural heritage of potentials just waiting to be activated as we evolve into infinite consciousness.

Mirror Reflection Work is Letting go of our Past and Creating Infinite Memories

I found the difference was so amazing coming from victim beliefs and transforming the knowledge into wisdom. Though it did take quite a journey through all the years of experiences, but it did prove to me that we really do create all of our reality and the infinite is the way to go.

Any parts of our reality we deny that we create is just another part of our subconscious programming we have not cleaned up or transformed yet, just old limiting beliefs

All reflections that another person, or a situations, or experiences that would trigger a negative or low vibrational reaction was what I would work on.

I referred to it as reflection work and used Wayne Dyer’s analogy of the orange, “when we squeeze an orange, orange juice come out not apple or any other juice, just as whenever another squeezes us” or in other words pushes our buttons and “whatever comes out is what is inside our self.” So if anger comes out in our reaction then it’s a limited automatic lower consciousness vibration. If instead we’ve practice and it’s become natural and instead of anger coming out as in the past compassion comes out then we are responding of a higher vibration.

We continue to do that until we have squeezed out all old automatic reactions to high responses that sustains our high vibration. And this does affect everything from our health and what we are manifesting or creating, and how blissful our days really become, it affects everything.

I-M can Remind Us to Stay in the Present Moment

To Create the Reality we Prefer

I-M this link will take you to "create your day page, as a reminder that the power is in the present moment of now and that we are always in the process of creating our reality and in the powerful present moment we can change it to create what we prefer. I-M can become a snap to be used as your reminder on a daily and hourly basis. When you come to know that whatever you put your attention upon will be what you are creating ... it may become a passion for you too. You will want to be aware as much as you can to remind yourself. Because everything becomes easier and simpler on the infinite manifesting path and you become to know it is always up to you.

So just click your fingers to evolving your path of unfolding a perpetual flow of making the unknown known while creating days of bliss too. It really does feel like you have a magic wand and you do and the wand is your freedom to know you can choose the thoughts that you know is the reality you want to experience.

It is easier then trying to change beliefs so that your reality can change to what you prefer it to be. To use an analogy of a video tape and having to go through the video tape by fast forwarding, rewinding until you find the part you want.

When we compare that to a dvd disc that you can choose from the list of chapters and you can go right to the chapter that you want. That would be the same with trying to keep track of old beliefs and trying to change them to new ones. Instead you can just choose the data of information you now want to use and draw from it. You are then going right to the source of data you need and want, it then continues to stream the information to continue the new reality to be experienced.

Keeping a Journal Of Your Experiences

Do you keep a journal of your experiences of the desires you have manifested? And a journal of all your desires and wants you still want to manifest.

By adding to your journal every day is a great way to be a reminder for you of your wants and desires that have manifested. Whether the manifestations are small or big, they are all important when you are looking back whenever you may have a downer day. You know those off days when the old programs pop in without your noticing and then can take you into feeling hopeless instead of hopeful?

It can be exactly what you need to bring you back into the I-M hope vibe and get you back on track with your creating process of manifesting. The trusting, knowing vibration that boost you back up. With each manifestation you keep in your journal you can add how you felt before, during and after your manifestation. In the beginning this can be so worthwhile and so profound as reminders that we do create and affect all of our reality. Keeping you empowered instead of dis-empowered.

Sovereignty is the Way

In this video Abraham explains our natural well being self and how beliefs are only thoughts we keep thinking. To change a belief, we pick the thoughts to support the new belief and then think them repititiously instead of the old thoughts.

Let all your days be I-M, Infinite Manifesting, Days

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