How My Psychic Experiences
Keep Me
Passionately Evolving

A bit of history and my journey ...

My name is Anna Antoski, and I have studied the nature of reality from the best teachers for over two decades, which lead me to knowledge that evolved into the psychic and paranormal. Click on my picture for more on spoon twisting.

Just as we already have all powers within us, it is not until we start to use the power and through experiencing these powers, that we then know it for our self.  Our own experience will always be our own feedback and proof, regardless of what anyone else from the norm conformed beliefs may deny.  When we experience it for our self, there is never any denial.  We can't deny something we experience, instead those experiences expand into evolving more unlimited potential abilities.

When I experience any psychic experience, it has shown me how anything that my limited self once believed was labeled impossible or crazy, becomes normal.  It's the paranormal becoming normally accepted for us.  The more we practice and experience the paranormal for our self, the more wisdom we gain, and the more we desire to expand to experience more psychic abilities.

We all experience glimpses or glitches of psychic abilities throughout our lives, but it's limiting when we label and define it as not important, or not valid.  It;s when we expand these abilities to experience more of it, until we begin to realize how normal these abilities are for us.  Then we make a quantum leap into the leading edge of consciousness.

That's what I have experienced from the first time that I was able to twist spoons around three and four times.  To feel the metal become like soft warm putty was proof how mutable reality really is.  Then when I spent the valuable time needed through practicing to experience telekinesis ...which is bending metal without any physical touch or force, to be able to bend it with my energy focused intention.   To watch it bend over an inch, and then another inch is just so empowering.  I am still working on being able to do it within a few minutes instead of what now takes me over an hour to do.  And I am still working on many extraordinary practices to eventually master successfully.  Psychic children naturally use many of these abilities that are so extraordinary and powerfully amazing, and can be our role models for our evolving future.

Now I am able to observe my reality and see my creations manifesting faster than the past.  The linear time gap is lessening with each evolving step I take.  Many once paranormal abilities are becoming normal on a daily basis.  We all have the potential to become the evolved being in our life's journey.

Shifting Into The Changes

As a result of my divorce I became a single mom.  Every challenge and struggle became a catalyst for another opportunity to shift my thinking from limited thoughts to unlimited thoughts.   Through it all I became to know what I wanted, and by being aware of my thoughts on a daily basis was the way to creating my life to be the way I wanted it to be.

I am now in a relationship that continues to evolve and expand with the freedom to be myself that I did not have in previous relationships.  I also worked at a job for nineteen years, and even though I enjoyed it, and put 100% into it, and met the most amazing people that became friends, but it was not my true passion.

Now I can do what I love to do which is my passion, and that passion sustains and expands my inspiration to write when the flow comes through, and experience extraordinary abilities by practicing.   It was the help of Site Build It to take something that I love to do, and transform it into a website with no website building knowledge.  Now I start my day doing what I love to do.

It was not always this way.  In the past I became depressed very easily because I was not aware of all that I do know now.   And of course that created many illnesses that was an ongoing for many of those years.  My main focus was all about self healing in the beginning of my learning because that was what I needed and wanted the most, my first priority. It was from there that all the other evolving knowledge became to anachronistically manifest into my reality to learn from.  To experience and know that we are all creator's creating our reality by what we choose to believe from the thoughts we focus upon.   As we change our thoughts, then our beliefs change too, and that changes our lives.

It was and still is a truly exuberant fulfilling journey during the years, and now still learning the knowledge about the nature of reality.   And the wisdom I gained from all the experiences along the way changed everything to really live each day blissfully.

Blissful Days From Blissful Thinking

Now I am blissful every day.  It does not matter what is going on around me, which of course continuously changes to more blissful vibrations, because now everything is always an opportunity for me to evolve to grow and know more.

My desire of owning a home in the country, something I had desired for years is now my reality.   But it took learning to become one through focusing on the home I wanted, was then when it manifested.

It has hundreds of acres of land all around.  Surrounded by trees and small forests.  With a variety of animals that live in the forests and graze about, I feel one with nature.  My life continually unfolds from what I desire into manifested reality.  It is from choosing what I refer to as infinite manifesting thoughts that keep me focused on the possibilities of everything.

To now live each day in the present with genuine gratitude and appreciation.  My heart and health is in harmony with my bliss.  From a very unhealthy state of being in my past to now being healthy because I picked thoughts from the infinite manifesting source that trigger blissful feelings. I deal with any disharmony in my body in the sovereign ways.   I have not been to a doctor or taken any medication for over twenty years and have learned to trust myself and my own diagnosis.  If I create any thing out of alignment for my body that creates ill health or pain, I can easily and naturally bring it back into harmony and health.

Now it is natural for me to think, feel and experience my days in bliss, and I actually do count my blessings all the time.  I have found as a result I can so easily tune into my higher self, and when I do my creativity flows.  This is all a result of choosing from the infinite manifesting mind of all possibilities where everything is possible for our choosing.

Abraham talks about how it feels being in the Vortex!

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