Count your Blessings and
Watch your life Change
in Magical Ways

Count your blessings instead of sheep is a song in the movie “White Christmas” and has been a catalyst for me in being gratefully appreciative for everything, yes even the so called judged negative experiences too.

The song's lyrics is about count your blessings instead of the old way of counting sheep to allow one to fall asleep easily. However counting sheep was not something I have ever done to fall asleep even though years ago before my awakening to all of this wisdom I did allow worry thoughts to NOT put me to sleep. Instead it created me to toss and turn for hours. So the metaphor for counting sheep is being too focused on our worries, which is expanding on fearful thoughts. And that is not what any of us want

Hindsight Leads the Way

In hindsight I can see how critical that actually was for myself and my body and daily reality that became from doing that because I did not know what I know now. I can now see exactly how my reality became unfolded into manifested stormy experiences. Thoughts matter and I kept focusing on what I did not want without realizing what I was creating as a result.

It was an old automatic way of thinking, pessimistically from addictive emotions that kept me spinning the same web.

It's all about transforming a negative to a positive, this link will take you to a website that is designed to promote positive energy and goodwill. It's two different vibrations of energy.

I was sick all of the time with many illnesses which is completely opposite of how my body and life is now. Just from changing my thoughts and appreciating instead of fear based thinking.

Now I fall asleep thinking about my desires already manifested and how I would be living them, which is the energy thoughts to them manifesting. Which they still continue to do to this day. Plus I fall asleep so easily that I barely am able to visualize for a few moments.

It makes all the difference not only in how my daily life is created or shifted and becomes the way I desire it and my sleep and dreams and when I awake. My dreams are happier and quite amazing and when I awake I feel so refreshed and actually excited to get on with my day. My day has become what I always desired it to be. Evolving Consciousness - Your Amazing Spiral of Development through Joy can be every day for you too.

My Sister’s Idea Seeded and Transformed
Appreciation to Become Natural of a Great New Habit

With the added benefit that my sister came up with years ago of a Gratitude List. Every week we send an email of the things we gratefully appreciate to share with each other. With the intention of a reminder that can sometimes go unnoticed. By sharing it for years, it expanded our selves to an amazing powerful way to have it become a natural thing to do all day, every day, a great habit.

Of course the powerful benefits to count your blessings of appreciation is how it expands and changes how you feel on a daily basis while simultaneously creating our desires to manifest more easily and naturally.

Count your blessings then becomes your experiences each day this way especially when it becomes so natural that you do not have to remind your self to do it because it becomes automatic. And that is the state of being we will become to be and our thoughts will also be of that too.

What About the Negative Things
To Count Your Blessings About?

Now that I can automatically appreciate, as it has become a great habit, anything, person, situation becomes my mirror reflection that shows me what I need to work on for myself.

Anything that I judge negative quickly transforms to my opportunity to shift to actually appreciate the situation or experience.

Count your blessings often and it will quickly change your perception of it too.

Really it becomes as simple as that. Years ago it was not that way at all because I would focus on the problem until I became literally drained and sick as a result.

So count your blessings and watch how your life will transform to experiencing your creations daily the way you desire them to be manifested. Magically your day will amaze you at being the way you want it to be.

Quotes about strength to provide encouragement in hard times

When you Count your blessings helps in letting go with the magical dusting of grateful appreciation even the habit of trusting, which is what letting go is so that you can allow your desires to manifest easily. It is all connected so infinite intelligently.

So count your blessings, you are worth it!

When you really start to appreciate yourself, which means being aware that you do appreciate things about your self and all that you are. You become to love and accept yourself for the Divine part that You are in the Divine Creator's Creations of All That Is.

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