Letting Go is the Most Important
Part Of Manifesting

Letting go is such an important part of creating our reality into the desires we want manifested. It does become easier to understand when we observe and practice until we become to know the process from all of our experiences along the way.

Though it sounds simple it may not be as easy until we get quite proficient at letting go. Have you arrived at the same conclusion? The small desires that you could really care less about seem to manifest so quick and easily that you almost forgot that you desired it until you realize it manifested. Yet the big desires that you want seem to take so long in timing you wonder if it will ever become manifested.

The secret of letting go is in the paragraph above! Letting go does consist of truly what the words are defining to imply, to LET GO literally.

Have you ever desired to win the lottery? Aha I knew that would really get your attention and I am sure that most individuals do want to win the lottery, why not? That would be the most sovereign feedback of knowing we energized it and an exciting experience to be able to be financially free and spend money without any stress about it. And when we absolutely know that we do create all of our reality and nothing is ever left to chance then that does mean that everything and anything is possible even the lotteries.

Getting back to the letting go part of the creation process because again it is the most important part of the whole manifesting process.

For me in the first few years when I started to learn about the nature of reality and that I did create every single bit of it, leaving nothing out. It took me quite awhile to first allow myself to accept the idea as a belief. So it took allot of experimenting to actually see the proof for myself. And it took many years later to still understand the letting go part for the bigger things I wanted. But that is because of of our beliefs that create the illusion, because if nothing is left out of creating our reality then nothing is excluded. As you will read later in the planting the tree part of this page. Even though we may think we know, many times the seeming obvious things can go so unnoticed until we really keep our self aware.

Trusting is Knowing, all Doubt has Vanished

Letting go is knowing we are Infinite Creator's so we genuinely trust that our desire will be manifested. We become to trust from being aware from all other experiences of our previous manifestations. If any doubt comes in all we have to do it bring up memories of other manifestations we have created. Especially the manifestations that seemed so impossible at the time.

When we trust, we know that we have put the desire out. We have imagined with great specifics and with intense feelings. We continue to do it until anytime we the thought about our desire surfaces, we insert our feeling visualization again.

Steps of Manifesting

1… The first part of manifesting is simple, you have a DESIRE and then start thinking and feeling by using your imagin-ation as if you are the being that already is the reality you desire.

Now here is the tricky part, without the ego part coming in to tell you its not possible, or you can’t do it or this is silly nonsense or any putting yourself down and doubtful thoughts. Once we get past that part and the focusing of our desire becomes easy to put our attention on for five minutes, ten or fifteen minutes then its done. It is rewired in our brain as many master teachers explain. Then you just go along your day and act as if that is your reality.

Okay, yes you are right if you are thinking that is not so easy to do because your present reality is not that way yet.

2… Acting as if … is an important step because if you do not act as if it is already the desire that you prefer, then you will keep getting the same old reality that you do not want. You are not letting go especially of the old reality you do not want. How then can the desired reality you want come through if you are not letting go of the old one long enough. In other words you are not being in the vibration of it being your reality of creation yet. It is a pretending game that you play with yourself. And it is what evolves into the BELIEF part of the process, because you must believe that it is possible before it can be possible for your desire to manifest.

If you have been manifesting quite proficiently now then you are already aware of these steps and will not even need this review. However I wanted to add this information in because it is such an essential part in creating the reality that is desired.

3…The most important part of the process LETTING GO can be the most challenging and the greatest opportunity to practice it until you really get to know how to let go. I know we all heard it a millions times, we even experienced it a million times yet do we really do it with the big desires?

It will always be what we really need the most that will be the most challenging until we change our perception and focusing about it, which means not needing it anymore. Yes it does seem like quite the paradox. Remember that sitting in a paradox can be very exuberant because it is like being in the eye of a tornado. No matter what is going on around it we would not be affected.

So letting go is the surrendering, the trusting that it is on its way. It is becoming closer for you to just be it to switch to it or whatever way you perceive it to be.

Trusting yourself, the Infinite Intelligence, the realities are already there for the picking in the infinite dimensions to shift to by desiring it and believing it. Until you become the vibration of it and then next thing you will realize if you have done it correctly, it is the reality you become to be living. It is always from non physical to physical.

The letting go part I have found to be the most challenging for me especially in the first beginning years, you may have found that too. Even though all master teachers taught about letting go as the last step of manifesting or shifting realities that last part can seem tricky.

Looking back through hindsight I can easily see now how the process works but when I was confused about it, it was like trying to take candy off a little kid.

I would believe I was letting go of the big desires I wanted yet I can clearly see that I was doing the complete opposite. Wild horses could not drag me away from constantly hanging on so tight to it. Even when I really thought I was letting go, I was not.

I loved the analogy I heard years ago about when we plant a tree or seed if we keep going back to check it out to see if it is rooted firmly enough in the ground we are actually going to be upsetting the whole process.

I mean of course that made sense to me, yet I kept doing that same thing with the big desires I wanted. Yes pulling and tugging and yanking them apart and then I would sit there and wonder why I was not manifesting or shifting to my desired reality.

Planting my Own Trees

Planting seven trees showed me clearly how we can get in our own way.

We dug the holes in the ground and then put the trees with its roots in place and then filled the dirt back in at each location. Then I watered the trees three times a week and after a few weeks just left them. Or I tried to!

Whenever we had fierce winds blowing, I would look out at the trees with such empathy and be concerned if they would withstand all that wind that would many times go on for days.

Where we live we are out in the open with hundreds of miles of fields all around. So when the winds pick up they really do become fierce. I realized that my own doubts I was projecting even if I was not going out and digging up the dirt, which would seem ridiculous to do, yet my old thought of doubting would take over and before I realized it I was putting out concern thoughts filled with doubts. And that is definitely not letting go and trusting.

As I sat and pondered I realized that if I did not go through all my adversities that challenged me throughout my life I would be too weak to survive and handle them all. It does make us stronger with each adversity we survive and excel from.

Since you probably also have been going through similar experiences too, as we are endowed with it as human nature to fear and doubt first. Until we turn it around so that the opposite becomes natural to us. But if you are not truly letting go then really knowing about the letting go step is crucial to creating your biggest desires to be created.

So I stopped my nonsense of not trusting nature and the trees and what they also had to go through so that their roots could become firmly rooted in the ground. They needed the fierce winds and all the storms to push them around. Just like we need our challenges to strengthen us.

It is through that process that the trees gain their strength to firmly root themselves to the ground. I realized how my projected perception makes or breaks everything for manifesting.

So all of our own reflection we perceive outwardly of everyone and everything is filtered from our own beliefs. Everything we perceive is a reflection back to us of our own self and is the most exuberant learning tool I have learned from.

How I Created what I did not Want by
Putting to much Focus in the Mix

All the trees we planted survived all the storms. But the largest tree in front of our house did not. When a fierce storm accompanied by a mini tornado whipped through just a fraction of our area it broke off half of our largest tree and did not affect any other newly planted trees.

I did not expect the strongest largest tree to be harmed, I assumed it could handle the storms and the winds. Until I thought back to when we just moved into our home and as I stared out at the big tree and wondered how it sustain these fierce winds. I even seen a visual glimpse in my mind of its branches being destroyed. Then I reminded myself that if that is not what I want to be created then I must change my thoughts. That was a year previous to when the actual vision became reality in physical.

I wondered again, how? Just a bit of non realized thinking with emotion and then stopping it and letting it go and changing it could manifest the reality I did not want so easily.

There again is the secret. Without even realizing what I was doing and thinking I did let it go and did change the thoughts. When we planted the new trees just adding a bit more worry concern energy to the already mixture from the old worry thought really cooked it up.

It does not even matter the linear time gaps of our thoughts because when we remind our self that Infinite Dimensions, Infinite Intelligence, there is no time. Everything is going on simultaneously, which means that there is no tomorrow, no yesterdays, there is only present moment fluctuating momentum.

Something you give thoughts of focusing to five years ago and then give more focus to bit by bit, if you are not aware of it then it is adding to the mixture and is creating.

It may seem as a year or two or more has gone by but if we are not aware of how all the pieces do fit together into the mixture then everything appears to be under an illusion. The illusion that everything just happens to us.

If we are not connecting the dots throughout our physical linear perceptions of time to be observing of how it really does all fit together, we then will miss the most important parts for our feedback.

When we do take notice and indeed realize how we did create the reality we did not want by adding more unaware fearful thoughts into the process.

This is what inspires me and sustains the inspiration to be so passionate in a perpetual learning from every reflection that I possibly can.

Let's Bake a Cake

I know from planting trees to now baking cakes, but hey everything has something to teach us when we are aware.

I heard Abraham use the most exuberant analogy of ingredients of tabasco sauce in a pie and our kitchen and it really does get to the crux of understanding how our thoughts really do matter and it is always up to us. And the flavor and humor that Abraham uses is just so inspiring and enjoying and keeps the fun in learning about our selves. Before I heard that teaching I had always compared it to a cake because I love cakes and many times repetition solidifies through its process to really rewire it into our brain so that we can be in the flow of our desired creations. So I am including my version of the cake analogy below.

If we compared it to an analogy of baking a cake, think of the mixing bowl as consciousness. It does have and does gather all thoughts without any range of judgments or ingredients as in the bowl. Anything can be put into the mixing bowl, but if you want a tasty cake then putting garlic and onion into the bowl will not give you what you desire as the outcome. Just as consciousness has all thoughts on a continuum, it is up to our own self to choose what range of thoughts as we would ingredients into our mixing bowl or created reality.

Let us assume that without realizing it you put in some garlic and garlic salt and it was mixed in the batter, it would be so difficult to try to take the garlic salt especially out. You could spend hours doing that and would still get a not a tasty cake when cooked. This is the same thing when we keep adding worry and doubtful thoughts into our mix of thoughts that we are choosing to focus upon. The longer you focus upon in would be how long your cooking time in the oven would be to cook the cake. The end result would be a cake that tasty of garlic, not what you wanted. If you over baked it by leaving it cooking in the heated oven over its appropriate cooking time it would burn and could burn to a crisp. Not tasty at all.

This can be perceived in the same way with our thoughts and not letting go when we should to get the desired reality we prefer.

Can you see the difference it will make if we were to just throw away the garlicky batter (fear based thoughts) from the mixing bowl (of consciousness) and washed the bowl (choose potential thoughts) clean. Then start over again in the present moment (clean mixing bowl) and continue with infinite potential thoughts (right cake ingredients) bake for the proper allotted time (focus on thoughts of the reality we want), then have the cake that is tasty (the end result). Not to take the cake out half way through its baking time and stir it all up again. I know that does sound ridiculous yet that is what we do when we are not letting go in the end process of the steps to manifesting our desired reality we want.

So by now you can see how tricky it can be in letting go when we hold on so tight that we can keep squashing it from circulation to allow our biggest most important desires we want. Like winning the big bucks of the lottery or having your body completely well and sustaining it. Or any desire that is of most importance that you do want. It will all matter in the last step of letting go of when and how it will become the manifested reality for you in physical. And anything that is not the way you want it to be is an OPPORTUNITY to do the process of baking your cake (focusing on the potential thoughts) until you experienced manifested as your preferred reality.

Now the famous statement “be careful of what you wish for” of what you are thinking about because Infinite Intelligence has no judgments. The most powerful thoughts with emotional feelings will be what wins out and becomes manifested or reality shifted to.

No judgments, so Infinite Intelligence only manifests it never judges, it is us that do the judging. Infinite Intelligence or the All That Is just gives and keeps giving infinitely. It is left to us to let go of our own judgments that can ruin the cake (our manifested desired reality from being experienced).

So the easiest and simplest way to explain how to let go? Is to not care anymore about the desire you want. Yes as much of a paradox is does seem like, it is the way letting go works. When we really do not care is when the blooming occurs.

How do we Know when it is Time to Let Go?

Is to not care anymore about the desire you want. Yes as much of a paradox is does seem like, it is the way letting go works. When we really do not care is when the blooming occurs.

The best way that I have found in knowing when it is time to surrender, to let go, is whenever the thought surfaces throughout the day of my desire, if there is any doubt, then I have not aced it, peaked it yet. Once this part is so natural and becomes so automatic and beyond believing to knowing and expecting it, then it is at its peak and just sit in receivership of your desire manifested.


If you can go a few days without any doubts at all surfacing whenever you think of your desire, then you are ready to let it go, you will get that knowing feeling. The most exuberant way to actually feel that surrendering feeling is in spoon twisting because you can actually feel the physical hard metal transforming only when you really know and let it go. To feel the surrendering and knowing in your physical hands is amazing and will show you surrendering, to let go in the physical sensation.

So to ride the letting go wave we must become the wave and enjoy the journey. Then when we least expect it, we are no longer hanging on to the wave, we notice we are the wave having the experience we desired.

This is a great video of Abrahm explaining going from believing to knowing.

Orgasm is a Profound Way of Experiencing Letting Go

To sexually experience orgasm ... we must let go or we wouldn't go far enough to experience it.  It takes blocking everything else out except being present in what we are actually thinking, feeling and doing.  I know it is the eternal way to not only remind us of our heritage, but also be the real god/source/creator that we are,  the magical zone state of love/bliss.

You can read more about it in my book "The Hidden Key Orgasm Reveals"

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