The Lottery can show You what You Believe about Money

How often and how much money do you win in the lottery game?

This simply will show you your own feedback of what your beliefs about money is and your deservingness about money. When I started years ago, I used it as feedback and also integrated all that I was learning into every part of my life and that included the lottery as feedback too. I realized that I had a belief that created unlucky tickets, no wins.

The feedback showed me that I did not believe I was lucky or deserving to win anything. When I became aware to noticed my feedback and went to work to transform as many beliefs as I could about money and my deservingness and using the lottery was a great tool to show me about my beliefs. That was many years ago and it did take a lot of work on myself, I needed it because there were so many dysfunctional beliefs that were running my programs and creating my life. I realized that I could not receive unless I started to perceive myself differently.

It took writing out and reading affirmations every day to change my thoughts and my self talk and even the words that I used. I needed a total revamp and transformation of myself to not only have the deservingness to ask as in the desire for more money but to be able to receive. Not only did I need self esteem but divine esteem which was what actually moved me to become to know that I am a creator and excited of my new wisdom.

Yes, that is what feedback from the lottery taught me. First no wins at all, then I started to become luckier, winning lots and lots of free tickets and small wins. Then I started to win $100.00 wins and the feedback was showing me how my beliefs were changing. Now I felt lucky, not because of random luck but luck that I created myself by changing thoughts that changed my beliefs that changed my vibrations to be of a synchronistic vibration to create the matches.

If you are wondering if I won the big jackpots yet? I have to admit I have not, but as I continue to create new beliefs that can support my desire is when it will manifest. However, as I wrote about on my wealth page, Cynthia Stafford won $112 million by visualizing.

When Winning is not Only about Money

I felt that I was winning in more ways then just about
money. I was winning by my old unstuck for too long beliefs transforming to new potential beliefs and that was very exciting for me and still is exciting and fun.

As Abraham teaches that all of the contrast that we create can show us what we do not want any longer and opens the door for us to know what we do want. So I became to love even my contrast and my challenges and many of my old sabotages and beliefs that were no longer serving me.

It was all a learning experience and feedback for myself. It also opened the door for new possibilities and knowledge that I can turn into wisdom from my own experiences. The lottery became a fun game of feedback and growth, just as we can use everything as feedback for ourselves.

Do you not win more times compared to winning?

You can change it!

By starting to see yourself as already winning, not just once or twice but all through every day. The lottery is no different then anything else in our lives to give us feedback and transform ourselves by choosing potential thoughts. To become of a creator’s esteem, to love yourself and know you are worth it, so that you can be in the receiving vibrational frequency that will create everything you want.

There is no Randomness in Creating

The illusion of randomness, coincidence, it just happens or any other of those beliefs really are not true when we know from having enough experiences that we do create our reality.

It's not random for some things and creating for other things, it's either we believe we create all of our reality or we believe that we do not. If have the belief that we do not create all of our reality then we are still living in the illusion under a belief that is supporting that kind of thinking, old programs. But once we have enough proof for our own self from being aware and having so many experiences that it becomes undenialable that we do create all of our reality then we also come to the wisdom that nothing is random, everything is creation, being created.

Helene Hadsell has Won every Contest she Entered for over 50 Years

Helene Hadsell who is referred to as "The Winning Sage" has won every contest that she has ever entered after reading a Norman Vincent Peale book. She would visualize, imagine herself already won and expect her wins as she sat in receivership, and it manifested every time for her for over 50 years. With what she refers to as Wishcraft with her S.P.E.C. formula that represent Select-Project-Expect-Collect. She is so amazing and absolute proof that there is no randomness in winning, it's all energy.  The video is part 1 of 5.

Multiple Lottery Winners

We can also see the proof from lottery winners that have won not only 1 time, or 2 times but 3 or 4 and 5 times, that is not luck, randomness or it just happens, that is creating by the thoughts held in pure unaltered thought with no doubt. In other words it's creating the reality they desired so they had to have wealth thoughts energy to receive their wins.

Check out the following links from the web of multiple winners.

Keith Selix won 3 times from scratch tickets
Joan Ginther won 3 times
Archie Herring gets lucky 10 times
There are so many more multiple winners that can be checked out on the web, but it's enough proof that randomness just has nothing to do with it once we see through the illusion.

We are creating reality by what we believe, and what we believe is dependent from thoughts we thought about long enough. So to change any belief that is in opposition to winning, all we have to do is change the thoughts and think them over and over until the belief then changes to one we prefer.

Listen to this man explain in the middle of the video how he knew and said he would win

Once we know enough about how our brain rewires itself with the new memories, then it's the same for anything new that we learn and practice. It is then part of our programming, part of memories that we activate anytime we do the same thing.

Responding Differently then in the Past when Checking Lottery Tickets

Responding differently is something that Bashar teaches which made the difference in staying stuck.

I was getting quite good at visualizing and feeling like a winner until it came time to check my tickets. When my normal wins of free tickets or small amounts would manifest but the big jackpot or big amounts were not manifesting I would so automatically become disappointed. It became quite a automatic habit and even though I knew I was creating the vibration that I didn’t want to go into the automatic habit would take me over.

I listened a few times to Bashar’s video explaining the importance of responding differently then in the past until it was making sense to me. Then I intergraded that discipline into every area of my life too.

It really is so beneficial to use any new knowledge into everything in your life because just like the wisdom that we create all of our reality these other disciplines can be perceived as attachments to speed up the process.

How do you respond when you do not win on any lottery tickets? I am assuming since you are reading this you do play the lottery and hopefully not addictively either. I went through that myself for a few months, years ago when I started playing the lottery, however was quick to realize what was occurring and change it before it became another dysfunctional addiction. So if you also respond with disappointment then make it a playful fun opportunity to work on changing those responses with a fun, light attitude and use it as exuberant feedback for yourself to keeping the faith and trust in your desired creation.

I now am able to respond that way from practicing and take notice on my feedback if I allow myself to fall victim to the old way and quickly remind myself and respond with the best potential energy way. As Bashar explains that until we change how we respond from the past to respond differently to our reality, even if it stays the same, our responding differently is what will be the momentum to the reality to eventually change to what we desire it to be.

Unconditional Love is the Key

When you buy and until the time you check your lottery tickets what do you think about money and the lottery? As we know as it is repeated over and over throughout my website, what we think and put our focus upon will be what is creating our reality to be manifested. Do you buy the tickets with the belief you can win, you will win, or do you think about how big the odds are?

Be aware of the thoughts that pop up into your mind as they are the automatic thoughts, if they are in alignment with what you want, that’s great, you’re on the right vibration. If they are of lack, doubt and unworthiness then you can change them by being aware and choosing higher vibrational thoughts until those thoughts become habitual, as Ramtha labels it, “common thought.”

This is a great article article from Tolly Burkan about feedback when playing slot machines on line, or at the casino, he has actually created a casino slot machine seminar as you will see in this video from Inside Edition.

It can be used for anything as feedback whether it's in Casino's or lottery games, as it's all practicing through our own experiences to use as our own feedback for ourselves to observe to see if we really are living from unconditional love.

Using Lottery Scratch Tickets as Feedback of Your Vibration

I use lottery scratch tickets as my feedback to show me what vibration I am on. It is such great feedback for myself and shows me like a mirror reflection of my frequency I am vibrating.

An example is if my lucky number is 10 and I need to scratch a 10 to get a match to win the prize amount but I scratch an 11 then I am one vibration, one channel off.

If I am off by a couple numbers then I am off by a couple vibrations, a couple channels off.

We can compare channels of vibrational frequency just as tuning in our television to specific channels to get the clear program we desire to watch.

Scratch tickets can be the same type of thing for our own channeling of our own vibrational frequency in how close or how far off we are in the vibrational frequency of matching numbers.

It is all feedback when we perceive it that way and then we can growth and expand from it all because we are being aware and also working to make the changes needed to be a vibrational match.

Just as you can use your drive in your vehicle as feedback, how the interactions of other drivers and your experience along your travels can be used as feedback. All of your interactions with others around you, how you react, respond, anything that becomes into your experience can be a game of feedback to show you everything about yourself.

By being aware you can make the changes necessary by changing how you respond from the awareness.

Here is a great video created by Lila Sakura on manifesting and you can have all you want, it won video contest … and the music from the movie Flashdance, What a Feeling will lift you into a high vibration...

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