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Start here is a new page I created after receiving requests to have a page as a starting point to navigate through the website.  I’ve added this webpage as guidance for new visitors as the website pages continuously expands and grows.

The best way is to follow your own guidance to whatever pages you feel a pull to go to, will be the pages that will be what's next for you to follow upon.  Or you can just follow from this page, from the links and videos.  Very essential is knowing about mirror neurons, as this makes watching videos or others who have manifested what you desire so much easier.

You can also go to Site Map 1 and site map 2.and Site Map 3. And you can go to whatever page pulls you to go to.  The Site Map has webpages that are, and are not listed in the right nav bars.  You can also go to Profound Reality Keys for specific short key points or info about consciously manifesting what you prefer.   

Since I began the website in the year 2010, I have also continually evolved and changed, so earlier pages before Self-Realization was mostly from the identifying of the personality self.  After SR the identity is mostly from the Infinite or Pure Consciousness.  You may notice that in the expression of the writing throughout the webpages.

All the books throughout the website I have read and found them very helpful.

You can also use google search bar to search for any info in the website

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First and Most Important is Getting 
Comfortable with
Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Loving yourself unconditionally is accepting yourself the way you are right now and working on any changes to let go of old programming of ego's negativity that's getting in the way.  Loving and Accepting yourself is foremost of importance, and something you may need to work on throughout the day if you are new to the essentials of why loving yourself first is so important, as everything will stem from this. 

If you have not yet read the Introduction page, you can start there and click on the links, reading through those pages.  You will come across practices you can also do.

Now that you have read and checked out the links on the intro page, are you ready for more?  You can begin your 30 day challenge.

Honor Your Desires

Any challenges or problems you are experiencing in your life, the desire that comes to you is from your true infinite self.  Wants may come and go, but desires seem to not leave your mind which is a sign it's from your true self as a evolving way to resolve a problem. 

Neville Goddard, "a desire is your savior to your problem" so we must honor our desires and work on them with focused thought added with elevated emotions to energize the desires into manifestation.  Especially if the desires are leading edge, beyond the norm, this is also adding to collective consciousness evolution.

Staying Passionately Committed

The most important part of it all is your passionate commitment to do the greatest work you could ever do, which is becoming a conscious creator of your reality by being aware of your thoughts and feelings throughout your day. 

Whether through conversations reactions and responses, daydream thinking, thoughts that float by your mind, that you attach more focus and feelings to, this all magnifies energy of fuel in the creating of your reality. 

So staying in peak awareness is of ultimate importance along with re-correcting thoughts, feelings and words spoken that you don’t prefer to experience.  And then inserting the re-correction of your own story to change your thoughts, feelings and words you are speaking.  And also realizing you are also changing to accept what you prefer or desire to manifest into your experience. 

Conspiracy Theories are Mostly Facts

Most of us throughout this infinite awakening journey do come across conspiracy theories.  Many of them are really true facts disguised in being defined and referred to as “theories” to detour most people to not be taken too seriously and sustained in being hypnotized of the real truth. 

However, and this is a really big important part if you are new to the real truth, which is to only use the conspiracy information to bring your awareness to the realization that what we’ve been taught and conditioned to believe is probably false.

You will may go through AHA moments and even angry stages the more you realize many things we learned we’re lies.  However, once you transform it all for your highest benefit you may come to realize that you did choose to come and exuberantly play in this game of being human in physical.  And all the challenges become your greatest opportunities to fully wake from the conditioning hypnosis.

Keep in mind not to get to wrapped and immersed in all the conspiracy information.  It’s really only a means to allow you to become aware that knowledge is powerful so that it allows us the realization to let go of all false info and ideas we once bought into, and be able to re-create now our best self in any divine way we desire to.  You can read more about this on the transformational conspiracy page.

Onward to the Greatest Work

After the Introduction page and links, especially the “Create Your Day” link and then the conspiracy facts from the holographic disclosure videos you many want to go back to the 30 day challenge and add more for your future list to do.

You can also incorporate TIS technique that is very helpful in any moment to create changes in re-correcting any thoughts, feelings that deal with yourself when you are dealing also with other individuals. 

Our main challenge is letting go of the past and eliminating or transforming as much fear as we can to love.  Becoming a love transformer so that everything in our creation unfolds for our highest benefits and everything becomes less of an effort.  We'll be in the reality of love, joy, excitement and living the life we've always preferred to be living.  

Relax, Exuberantly Enjoy Your
Growth and Breathe

Stay as relaxed as you can throughout all these changes and if you feel anger or fear or frustration, or any negative lower emotions, allow them to the surface.  It's emotional cellular memories that surface to be released.  Release them as clouds passing by.  the ultimate best thing to do is to take 5 or 10 minutes to relax and take slow deep breathes while immersing yourself in unconditional love.

Each time you release old stored emotions, you will feel better and lighter too.  You can also check out the DNA Changes page if you are going through or may go though body changes as you expand your consciousness.

Big Congratulation to YOU! 

So great to have you along with us as we continually break through the frontiers of the greatest leading edge consciousness of our time.  Unveiling all that we really are, Divine Powerful Beings Consciously and excitedly creating our reality in love and experiencing more and more evolutionary abilities.

Take the Spoon Bending Challenge

When you are ready to test the power of your mind by focusing your thought and feelings as if what you desire is already manifested, check out and twist a spoon.  When you feel the metal become soft as putty and twist it, it's the greatest proof to yourself from the experience.  Then you can use the spoon twisting as a catalyst for other bigger desires you want to manifest.

Any Questions, Ponderings or Insights

You can submit any questions or anything you are still curious about and also any insights you also have that can help new visitors on this Start Here page.

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