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On this blog sharing comments page you can comment or give your insights or experiences about any of the blog articles or topics from any years what's new blog.  Do give reference to the actual article that you are commenting on or at least with a title that others will know the one you are commenting on.

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As there are so many interesting topics and articles that we can all expand on, I created this page to do this for any topics from any of the years What's New Blogs.  So do share anything you'd like to further discuss, or have insight about or experiences you would like to share.

Most Exciting Time for Us

We are all getting that resonating knowing certainty from now on in and onward the most purposeful and exciting time that we have pre-planned to be in physical bodies and experiences for expanding consciousness on this amazing infinite journey.  

It really seems to be our main purpose presently and so much is surfacing at such great speeds now.  Time lines are constantly changing and greatest information is constantly surfacing to connecting all the dots.   We are integrating illusions of separation into unity consciousness while raising consciousness to higher vibrational frequencies.  The more we talk about it, understand and experience what we are constantly evolving to learn as our wisdom.

We are changing and becoming to fully open to our full beings of love, opening to our infinite source, spirit, soul, it just becomes more and more exciting, so let's continue to share our comments and insights.

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Do you have a anything you would like to share from any articles from any of the years What's new Blog? You can do that here, just share!

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I am positive now that finding this website was no a coincident. I had been meditating on these following words for only 2 days : "Show me how to create …

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