Powerful Quotes Leads Us To
Powerful Thoughts

Powerful quotes from Great Masters and Master Teachers can lead and show us by pondering for awhile on their statements of what they are defining in their meanings in a short sentence or many sentences. Expanding our consciousness of thoughts to learn and grow from their experiences as well as our own. We can evolve to becoming infinite creator's with your own powerful quotes from our own life experiences too.

So this page of quotes is dedicated to great, exuberant statements that helped me. Of course statements or quotes of information from great master teachers do fill books endlessly. This is only a grain of sand of quotes yet powerful enough in each one itself. They are also in random order as each one in itself is a powerful source of information unified.

After the powerful quotes I have added my input of what it meant for me. Even though we are all unique in the sense that we all perceive reality slightly different through our own filtering perceptions. As we grow in our expanding thoughts our own perception also expands along with our new understanding of it.

At the bottom of the page you will find a spot to SUBMIT any powerful quotes that you have CREATED yourself. Since my site is dedicated to bring out the most CREATIVE SOURCE from our selves. We should also honor our own self in knowing that our input also matters. We all learn through our life experiences and creating a statement from your own experiences can always help another. Or you can add a statement or powerful quote from another who has inspired and helped you through your growth.

Powerful Quotes from the Greatest Minds

Practice the repetition of imagining and saying a statement 1000 times a day, if necessary.  Joseph Murphy

Get your mind off the problem and onto the end result of feeling your wish already fulfilled.    Neville Goddard

It takes a great deal of courage to admit to yourself that if you are sick, frightened, frustrated or defeated, you have brought these conditions on yourself, no one but yourself can get rid of them..

No matter how much your mind tortures and tries to detour you, persist, for it is only your lack of faith that’s in error.

Whenever my attention wonders away from the true power I am, stop and bring it back into focus.

Behind every problem, there's a question trying to ask itself.  Behind every question, there's an answer trying to reveal itself.  Behind every answer, there's an action trying to take place.  And behind every action, there's a way of life trying to be learn.  Michael Beckwith

Don’t blame others for our own problems even if they appear as the cause.  It’s because of our own error in judgment.

 Tom Campbell’s  ... Digital Information, just data, our reality is our interpretation of the data.  The data is not coming through the senses, our data is coming in through our consciousness and we are interpreting it.  Our body and senses are just metaphors we use to describe data for explaining the data. 

When you know who you really are, Pure Powerful Consciousness, nothing is impossible.

" If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."  Dalai Lama X1V

Problems don't exist at higher levels. Mooji

“My job here on Earth is twofold. My job is first of all to awaken people who might be asleep. Almost everyone is asleep. The only way I can awaken them is to work on myself.  Take 100% responsibility”    Dr Hew Len

 Simply put, Ho’oponopono means, “to make right,” or “to rectify an error.”

A great website with a massive variety of quotes.

Albert Einstein “Memory is deceptive because it is colored by today’s events.”

Albert Einstein "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Since thoughts are what we are perpetually choosing from different levels of vibrational frequencies of consciousness, then choosing potentially good feeling thoughts will solve our problems. That means thinking in new ways then the old ways. For me that meant to redefine the actual word problem from my old past defined meaning and I gave it a new meaning to define problem instead as a opportunity. Just try it say the word PROBLEM then notice how you start to feel in your body. Then say the word OPPORTUNITY and feel the difference in how your body feels? I found the differences so profound as problem created a stress anxious feeling but when I say opportunity it lightens the load. Opportunity feels exciting and gives lots of hope which is quite the opposite of what saying problem feels like as stress, confusing of what to do? Using infinite words can create empowering up lifting feelings that can make the difference in the reality that you are creating.

Albert Einstein ”When the solution is simple God is answering.”

For me God or Creator of Infinite Intelligence or The Source Of All That Is, are all varieties of definitions to mean the same thing. And when we quiet our mind from the chattering ego personality that can influence our reactions of fear or doubts to responding in the most loving way then for me that is God’s influence in us. I experience my heart to expand through the Creators channeling and reflections to perceive everyone and everything in the united Source. Our higher self is connected to God or whatever label you use for the Creator. And then everything seems to be in a constant flow instead of a hard struggle for our life to become what we desire it to be.

Seth channeled by Jane Roberts “The Power is in the Present”

This powerful quote that I learned my most important wisdom over twenty years ago from Seth's teachings. When I first came across Seth's teachings through what I now know of as Law of Attraction became my perpetual life changing flow. It became my first most important mantra used daily as a reminder of how powerful the present moment is in creating our reality on a minute momentum basis. Whatever we are focusing, putting our attention on, and actually thinking about especially if we begin to feel emotional about what we are thinking about. What we are concentrating upon in the moment that becomes what we are focused upon with our thoughts in the powerful present moments is creating reality. Moment by moment. Which leads us to another powerful quote.

Ramtha, channeled by J.Z. Knight ”You can Change in a Moment”

This powerful quote is just as powerful as Seth’s teaching. A moment is really all we have to work in and what we are creating out of. Try it right now, think about anything from your past, now think about anything about your future. What have you found? When you think of something in your past you are doing it in the NOW, if you think about something about your future, you are still doing in the NOW. This shows us that only Now is where the power is; only NOW this PRESENT MOMENT is what we are creating from by what we choose to put our attention upon. So what will you use your powerful now to put your attention on when you know that it is creating in the now all day long?

Ramtha"The battle is the greatest just before it's over"
Usually whatever we desire can be our greatest challenge until we go from doubt which is our greatest battle to belief to knowing that is totally trust for our desire to become the experience we desired.

Though I have not attended Ramtha's school, I have studied for years by reading Ramtha's books, studying the video's and practicing the disciplines daily too.

Aristotle "I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is the victory over self."

Dr. Wayne Dyer Dr. Wayne Dyer "Think from the end."  Such which Wayne Dyers studied Neville Goddard's teachings of living from the end.

Such a powerful quote as a reminder with his information in explaining that thinking from the end of what we desire to manifest in our lives. Wayne Dyer is popular to us all and he teaches and explains everything for us in the most down to earth ways filled with the most amazing stories and examples. Thinking from the end is how we create our reality to be what we want it to be and can sustain it to be a perpetual way to think and create.

Louise L. Hay “The thoughts we have held and the words we have repeatedly used have created our life and experiences up to this point. Both the good in our lives and the dis-ease are the results of mental thought patterns which form our experience. In order to permanently eliminate a condition, we must first work to dissolve the mental cause.”

Such a powerful quote that I came upon when I read the first book by Louise Hay’s, titled, “Heal Your Life." It was over twenty years ago and it became like a bible for me for the first few years that I began self healing. I had it on my coffee table for years and whenever my kids would have any discomfort in their body they became to so naturally pick up the small book and diagnose themselves. And the very inspiration and knowledge that seeded has sustained me throughout all the years of self healing through my thoughts. Which also lead me to not seek any medical help or medication because when I became so in tune with my own thoughts and body I realized that my body’s only way of talking and communicating to me was through how it feels which is a result of my own thinking. She teaches to love our self first and everything will flow from there.

Dr. Robert Anthony
"Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle."

When we are ready, knowledge is everywhere to be found and instead of just swishing it around in our intellect we instead use it in our daily life, we then experience the knowledge and it becomes our subconscious wisdom to expand into more knowledge to evolve from. More on Dr. Robert Anthony Click Here!

Martin Brofman Martin Brofman “Everything begins in your consciousness. Everything that happens in your life and everything that happens in your body, begins with something happening in your own consciousness. The model developed into a system of healing that I decided to call the Body Mirror System, to represent the idea that one’s body is a mirror on one’s life”

That powerful quote is from a great teacher of healing your own body. I found that when I can highlight almost every sentence on a page in a book, that book has the most exuberant knowledge that will lead to our evolve wisdom for our own self through our experiences. And Martin Brofman’s book “Anything Can Be Healed” is that kind of book. It affirmed and confirmed for me the path I was on to keep going with confidence in knowing my own consciousness of thoughts is either healing or dis-easing our body.

Masaru Emoto“My fascination led me to study water deeply, and over time I became convinced that water took in information. Water collects information and its crystals reflect those characteristics, it means that the quality of water changes based on the information it receives. In other worlds, the information we give to water changes its qualities. I’m referring to the external factors that affect the mind and body.” From his book “The True Power of Water”

Masaru Emoto’s books showed me also the importance of our thoughts upon everything we drink and eat. Just as all master teachers teach, the only thing that affects us is what we think about everything. So I truly know that it is not what I eat or drink it is what I think about what I am going to eat or drink that will be the information that my body cells will be responding as a result of my thoughts about it.

Roger Highfield “Remodeling Santa’s body does sound rather excessive, but scientists have already demonstrated in mice that it is possible, through genetic engineering, to produce a creature that can eat huge amounts of fatty food yet never get fat. This gene, called R11 beta, codes for a segment of an enzyme, called protein kinase (PKA), that regulates fat storage and metabolism.”

Roger Highfield’s book “the Physics Of Christmas” which I found so delightful and amazingly filled with scientific information and experiments flavored through everything in relation to Christmas. Which is a celebration that I do enjoy all year round, yes everyday for me is Chrismasy for me, so I exuberantly enjoyed the learning from Roger’s book. Just in the one chapter confirmed scientifically that we can eat whatever we want and not gain weight, it is all dependent on the thoughts we think about what we are eating It will be what will create and direct the information for our body and cells to create the chemicals to create whether we will gain weight or not. It is what transforms the information and commands of what we put in our mouth to turn into nutrition for our body or not. All depending on what we think about our thoughts first about what goes in our mouth and our body’s results. Just a reminder here this also occurs just by smelling or seeing something too.

Bruce Lipton “95% of the human population arrives on this planet with a perfectly functional set of gene blueprints.”

Wow! Was my first response to Bruce Lipton’s information and he knows because he has been a biologist for over 40 years and has seen all the proof in his own experiments first hand with cells and our body’s genes, blueprints and DNA. For anyone who needs any convincing that our thoughts do create our body. And we can choose and create new thoughts that will change our body to respond the way we want it to, this is the information that will prove it for you. However, the greatest proof will be your own feedback to yourself by experiencing it for yourself by doing it to see your own results.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross "If you shield the mountains from the windstorms, you'll never see the beauty of the carvings. "

"People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within. "


Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka "Circumstances don't matter! Only state of being matters! Be in the state of being you prefer!"

I can actually hear Bashar's voice echoing in my head even when I read that powerful quote from Bashar. I do use it as a mantra daily because it is such a powerful reminder. In the moment of noticing my thoughts wandering on something I do not want, I say the mantra and wala, just like that I switch my attention to being in the state of being I want to be in or have manifest. It sure does work every time. I have done it while being on the phone waiting for the automated voice that says, "we will be with you in a minute". Many times as we have all experienced that minute could be 15 minutes or longer. I say the mantra and then I visualize for a few seconds of a person picking up on the call, and then that is exactly what occurs to manifest every single time. That is one example out of my day, there are just too many too mention.

You can also check out a great site of quotes

Quotes to Live By
This collection of great quotes to live by will provide you with inspiring quotations that are positive and thoughtful. These sayings can be used as a daily motto or as inspiring expressions for each day of the week.

Come back soon as I will be adding more powerful quotes to this page regularly.

Anna "Blissful days are created by being aware that your thoughts are blissful and by responding blissfully to any challenge creates a blissful outcome.  Which is staying as the True Source/Self"

Definition For me my quote defines staying in bliss no matter what challenges I may subconsciously create. By responding blissfully each moment continues blissful creations for my daily experiences. And that also keeps me in alignment with my desires manifested.

Allow your creative adventurous self to come through and create a powerful quote to share with others. Or share a powerful quote of someone that has inspired you.

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Ramtha : I have always lived the future NOW!  
Live in the moment! The power is in the NOW!

we distinguish ourselves from others by what we are  
We are often caught in frantic competition with others to appear better, either by how we dress, the cars we drive, the money we have or by a lot of other …

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When the rain covers the clouds, remember the sun will always push through. 
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(I try to forget but always remember what needs to be forgotten the most but its remembered in so many more details))) 
First things first forgive and understand why you've forgiven it. Maybe your suppose to forget it for a certain amount of time and when that time comes …

(I think to forget but always remember) 
Tryin to forget what needs to be forgotten then more details are remembered many times in more details then remembered last time.

If you speak the truth, then Truth will find you.  
Whatever we put out there always comes back. If we choose to lie then we not only give our power away, but we also choose to be deceived. Remember, to …

Positive People 
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reality is only beautiful to those who know hardship for everyone else is dreaming 
it means that through pain life is revealed and hardship creates the beauty of your life. People who live in lala land will never see reality as it really …

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.  
One faces alot of differences in life. but after all man must pass away. so let not your pass hinder your present gone are those old days. face what …

if snake was not poisonous women could use it use it to tie firewood 
it reflects the reality of nature thats if snakes were not poisonous human being could take him as a friend but since thats not the cause man must …

Royal Aces _ to see the soul of the world , we must first confront our own nature. 
In order to understand the world and the actions of, we must understand the basic drive of our own actions , just how we learn to love and forgive ourself …

there are many different ways of thinking some are like oceans some are like streams  
Thoughts can overwhelm you or trickle inspiration, but like water they are continuous

Expanding thoughts are like a river a cycle that never ends for answers only create more questions  
What ever you learn only makes you ask more questions, an eternal learning that's constant in one way it's always changing today's truths tomorrows …

We do not inherit this planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. 
This is an exceptionally profound quote that represents the fact that planet Earth is definitely not just a material to be used and thrown away at our …

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