Virtual Reality

VR Simulation Description

Virtual Reality is a simulation of a real reality.  Using information into digital forms to experience through a perceptional sense based reality that we experience.  Just as VR goggles or external devises are used to give the person a perceptional experience of a virtual reality game the person is playing in. 

While playing the VR game, the person has perceptual experiences through their senses of the game feeling real while they are playing it.  After disengaging from the game, taking off the googles, or devices that is used as a medium for engaging in the game, they are perplexed and disoriented for a bit while they assimilate their real reality from the VR they were playing in.

Virtual Reality is the model that science is pointing to in understanding the nature of our reality.   

Virtual Reality as the Nature of our Reality

Many more physicists, scientist and many individuals are also pointing to the model of Virtual Reality as the nature of our reality because now with technology that can conceptualize the models of VR for better understanding, compared to the past when we had no technology to base our understanding.

Comparing the many ideas about the nature of reality from the past has now become prehistoric in comparison to our understanding through technology now.  We can comprehend to understand ourselves as Pure Consciousness, and our body/mind personality characters as the vehicle we as pure consciousness is working through. 

Just as in any game we play here in physical, most of us don’t take games seriously, we know we can stop playing at any time and the game’s over.  This is the same thing as ourselves is Pure Consciousness (God or Creators) playing the character of our bodies in this virtual reality game.  Ourselves as Pure Consciousness doesn’t take the physical life/games or any virtual reality dimensional games seriously, it’s all just for the experiences. 

Being Fully Immersed in the
Virtual Reality Game of Life

If we become so totally immersed in this game we wouldn’t be able to have enough distance to even know we were immersed in a virtual reality game.  Similar to the idea of the Matrix movie.  Experiencing Self Realization, or Point Consciousness is so far the best way to get an outside view out of the virtual reality game of the universe.  Because you are then out of this world, not in a body and have no identity either, there’s nothing but the ONE.

There’s no time, no space, nothing but pure love source where so far that we can go and know where there’s nothing other than that ONE SOURCE of LOVE.  By being out of the universal virtual games then we easily know the differences, and can see how this universal big game has infinite smaller virtual games going on all the time. 

Most refer to virtual games as dimensional realities.  So the words we use to describe it all changes the more we advance in technology or evolution to deeper understandings.  A great book I am reading, The Simulation Hypothesis by an IT computer scientist Rizwan Virk goes into great detail. 

Pure Consciousness into a
Fetus Embryo then a Newborn

It’s quite ironic, I watched a baby being conceived and through the process of growth into a baby.  It’s not the first time of course seeing this since I have birthed three sons, but the observing took on a whole new realization perspective now.  We have all listened long enough from the ancients that we are not our body.  But when we experience that we are never just our bodies, and we were never originally our bodies as the materialistic view of beliefs have conditioned us to believe, we make more sense of it all.

The process of an egg fertilizing into an embryo, tiny mass of cells developing into a newborn shows it completely.  The fetus begins a formation into a body form.  At 5 weeks, the body is the size of a sesame seed, and looks more like a tadpole than a human.  Even by the 9th week weighing only a fraction of an ounce, and then the “tail” falls off and becomes to form and look more human. 

By just realizing all of this, it’s too wild that we even have to be reminded of who we really are when the proof is right there in the video of our processing of embryo to human forming.  We can plainly see that pure consciousness is not a form, but an intelligence that forms its creations, as a human body or any form it wants to form.

Becoming an Ego Individualized is an
Important Part of the Human Virtual
Reality Game

The One Source that Self-Realization or Point Consciousness shows there is One Source and no other, just being in the void of love.  We take the journey into individual separation to be able to play in and be immersed in the human physical virtual reality game of life.  So becoming individualized with an ego is a very profound and essential part of it all.  So we can uncloak the individual personality we have grown into through development in physical.  To then have conscious awareness of what we are, and what and why we did what we did to get here.

What is really amazing is how totally hypnotized into these illusionary cloaks we become immersed into the body as an identity, and literally do forget who we really are, and how challenging it is to get back to remembering who we are. 

We really do become totally immersed in this virtual game believing we are just the personality characters the Real Self is playing.  Because we have to drop everything we have learned through the process of this virtual game.  It’s now quite comical, and why it has been labelled, the cosmic joke.  Rediscovering or remembering our pure self and pure power and then to be using that power is also quite the challenge too.

Philippe Petit now 50 years later since the wire walk he did between the two towers in NYC in this short clip below.  It is so inspirational how he describes Smiling and having the mindset before his first step of being VICTORIOUS,  seeing the end result as victorious before he takes his first step.

To Pure Consciousness this
Game of Life would look like a Virtual
Reality Game

It’s when we really get it!  When we really realize and embody, not just intellectually, but embody the truth, we can see so easily how life as a virtual reality game, and the character personalities we play is just a part in the game.  We truly did need technology to be discovered and used to comprehend to understand virtual reality as a modeled concept.  Einstein and many of the great interpreter thinkers of reality at that time didn’t have the technology and computers to help as a template to understanding Virtual Reality as we do now.

Just by changing some of the “labeling” words we use now to describe ideas as dimensional realities, we can change it to be perceived as virtual realities.  And the personalities in bodies can now be perceived as characters in the VR game, seems to put things into a better perspective of understanding.  Of course we need to drop all old conditioning's, dogmas and beliefs to begin to comprehend VR as a better concept for a better way of describing reality as virtual.  Anything would be virtual to the pure conscious being that we all are under all the disguised illusions we bought into unconsciously..

Immersed in the Game

The ego conditioning is what allows us as Pure Consciousness (PC, I find it quite intriguing that PC can represent Pure Consciousness as well as Personal Computer) to play in the game, because without ego, we wouldn’t have separation that allows for individualization and the duality of negative and positive, which gives separation into different experiences.  So we actually need the ego to get in and play in the game. 

So the ego had to develop to its full capacity of extremes so that we can be consciously aware, and play in the duplicity to have enough extreme experiences to desire to know what’s going on behind the scenes.  Then the journey really begins to unfold on the way back to remembering who we really are, and then evolving from a being of love, our true state of being.  This becomes as a second new infinite birthing compared to the physical birthing which is still playing in the game unconsciously until we become conscious of ourselves and who we really are.

For many of us we have experienced many dark nights of the soul and mind as we go through these phases of awakenings to our true selves of pure source.  Disorientation, unreal mixing with real and so forth, different stages of growth is how we perceived it all, but now I see so clearly that it was actually more as unveiling and letting go of all that we learned.  So it was growth in the evolution of human living and becoming consciously aware of who we really are under the disguise of human conditioning of the ego.  So really we were unveiling more than growing, but then we grow into embodiment the infinite or real self into the physical virtual reality game.

In this Virtual Reality we Get to Express and Try Everything

It’s actually quite the blessing that we can express and experience so many different levels of negative and positive.  When we’re too immersed in the VR and forget we’re playing, many negative feelings and experiences become so serious and a challenge to get unstuck from. 

Once we know who we are, and play the game consciously knowing we are the one playing and trying to guide and control the character player, everything then can become more playful and not so serious. 

The main reason meditation works, it gives the space needed for us to observe from the busy conditioned limited immersed version of the mind so it can expand.  And evolve to be of better use, and less constrained for us as the one controlling the characters (body/mind/personalities) in the virtual reality game.  We then identify with the Real Self and the body then must follow and become the servant.  It’s a role reversal.

Real Brain or Virtual Brain?

Anyone would find this information fascinating and many physicists as Tom Campbell did, and he also shares this profound info with us as he explains in this video at. ….   Someone with half a brain has a high IQ.  How is that possible if the brain isn’t fully functional?  Considering that looking at a brain looks like a meat, but electrical. 

That’s another clue that the brain and our body system may not be what we were conditioned to believe, and sheds light to show us more evidence that reality is digital and virtual, based in information.

The more I researched virtual reality, the more it was making sense that the body, brain and mind are virtual, just appearing as biologically real in our interpretations of it. " Perception and comprehension is relative to the level of consciousness we are in. "

This statement is so important that I will repeat it.  "PERCEPTION AND COMPREHENSION IS RELATIVE TO THE LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS WE ARE IN."  The more we evolve through knowledge and experience, the more we are consciously aware of, and the more we are noticing what we didn’t notice before. 

Now when I read or hear about the brain, it takes on a new light of wisdom, and actually doesn’t have the impact as it had before.  If the brain is virtual, then it no longer is an important factor as in the past.  The important factor is the ONE who is controlling and trying to get the personality character the best information to have less constraints.  That’s what I am finding to be the most important now.

In this video, at 13.53 Tom shows journals proving about the brain.

In this video  is the doctor who scanned the university student that Tom Campbell mentions.  Though most is in Dutch I will point out the English parts. 

12:00 to 21.35 with a few Dutch in between segments.

At 44.00 the doctor now is proven wrong about older children and adults not being able to heal and regenerate compared to young children.  As we see the results of our own healings, and the accumulated results of healings of incurable illnesses and disease in adults are magnifying tremendously.  

24.00  & 30.31 & 34:14 & 39:08 & 40:46

A very interesting article worth reading by Donald Forsydyke

Intention Creates Expectation and Changes Our Experiences

I found it really important to remind myself when I heard Tom Campbell explain at 20.50 in the video about the constraints a character has, and may have to live with, for example, after an accident.  Considering he just spoke about the individuals with little or damaged, or no brain, yet they functioned well, even with high IQ's because they didn't know that they had damage or no brain until scans were done.  Yet the ones who were conditioned to believe because they were born with brain constraints, and told they'd be constrained (retarded) taught or conditioned to believe they were.  If they were not told that, they would function just as the previous individuals who didn't know, did.

So it's important for us to know that no matter what constraint we have, or accidental experience that may limit us, is only that, a limit for us to evolve from, a blessing in disguise.  Meaning that with enough focused intensity, we'd create the expectation that actually does modify that constraint so that we no longer have the constraint.  Especially when we know it's info and virtual, and evolving is what we are here to do. 

If through an accident (which is a result from not being totally present aware of what we were doing) and damaged our head, then using our will of intent (just as we do for any manifesting of desires) we'd change the info that would change the new probabilities, that would change our self.  We'd work on that constraint and evolve enough to surpass it, heal it back to normal use.  That's what we are here to do, go beyond, evolve constraints for the virtual reality we are playing in to become more of what we can do now.

It is All Information

Everything is information that is constantly being processed.  Consciousness is fundamental and realities are based in information, data being processed.  We receive downloads in different stages that we go through, and become more aware of downloads the more consciously aware we are.  We can then drop all beliefs and past conditionings that were once valued and just work with pure beneficial information.

So if we are virtual as personality characters, and don’t even have real brains, then what’s really going on? 

Processing of information.  This is where processing time can be shortened.  If we believe we have a real brain and body, then we need lots of processing time for the components to absorb or condition through memory etc… But if it’s true that there is no brain, then we just get the information, accept it, and go from there.

In other words, we get out of the way, meaning the personality with all the free will and limited constraints gets out of the way and just allows the true self to work through us as the personality/body.  We also keep the identity of the Real Self as our True Being and continue to embody the True Highest Self now in the virtual game.

Pure Consciousness of Love is
Who We Really are

We are Pure Consciousness of Unconditional Love, pretending we are the personalities so immersed and identified with the personalities that we believed we were, because that’s what made the game so much fun to be playing.  Imagine what a game would be like if there were no extremes of negative and positive?  If we didn’t have diversity that allows everyone to be unique in some ways, the game would be too boring.  We needed the contrast for the game to be challenging enough.

We would never have taken the plunge into playing any virtual reality game, be it this life game, or any other dimensional virtual reality games, if we didn’t know we always in a moment could remember who we really were, the one playing the game to begin with. 

Though, this VR game could be perceived as a very long game time wise, because we have death as another virtual reality in the game that gives the game more depth and challenges to figure out.  But as the Pure Conscious Being that we really are, time doesn’t even matter because it’s only perceivable as linear in this VR game, or some other games/dimensions.  In other VR games, time is experienced differently than this VR physical life game.

Is It Real or Not Real v/s Useful or Not

The Potential Question to be Asking is “is it useful” instead of the questioning if it’s “real or not real” Tom Campbell guidance.  Real of Unreal, and the same with believe or not believe is also a limited way to question.  Is it useful or not, now that’s the best way to inquiry into anything we come across, because if it’s useful or not useful will always lead us in the best evolved direction. 

With infinite realities and perceptions always going on, who’s to say and judge for another if the reality they are or have experienced is true, real or believable or not?  Everything will always be real to the one who is experiencing whatever they have experienced.  Though it may not be conformed to the collective doesn’t give it validity to judge if the other is really experiencing it or not, just because we are not experiencing it.

Knowing Everything is Information Makes Everything Easier

Staying Identified as The One Playing and Giving the Info to the Person(ality) Makes everything Effortless

Just the realization that everything is information does make everything easier because all we have to do is be aware of the information, and use the information in our mind/body/personality.  We can drop and ignore everything else, and just be aware of the best information that we as the Real One Playing this VR game of life is giving as info to the personality. 

Again it comes back to Identifying with the Real One or the personality.  As the limited constraint personality we will always have limitations, but identifying with who we really are, the One Playing the character player (personality) we lift constraints and use the best info until WE prime the personality into what’s needed to expand its mind/body to become more unlimited and less constrained. 

Movie Thirteenth Floor

You may have already seen the movie thirteenth floor, but if you have not, it is worth watching.  I found it to be better than The Matrix, resonating with virtual reality or simulation theory.

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