Paranormal Role Models

Infinite Role Models

Paranormal role models are individuals who are able to do something you or I have not done yet or we didn't even realize of a great ability from a list of already paranormal or ESP infinite abilities. This is the very reason that we should take all these separate labels like psychic, paranormal, ESP, telepathy and everything else that is separately labeled into one label with I came up with to use as infinite abilities. We really are infinite beings in physical reality and bodies, plus we are evolving from finite perceptions of reality into infinite perceptions of reality, so it really does seem fitting.

Many of these paranormal role models have also gone through times of scrutiny by the skeptics, that not only made them stronger as they keep on keeping on that greatly helps us. They have been our paranormal role models because we know when one can do anything that means anyone else can do it too, even if it does takes practicing that’s all part of the fun of breaking all the old limiting beliefs for the new future reality.

Robbert van den Broeke

Many of you that are reading this have already experienced many paranormal or infinite abilities just as I have, some that seem so wild yet when we experience them often enough these abilities become naturally normal to ourselves. Do you realize that whenever you or any of us can do something that another cannot yet, we also become paranormal role models. This is important because without paranormal role models we wouldn’t have any extraordinary advances in society or social consciousness. This is so great because more and more are coming out of the closet, so to speak, and we know how much this is always needed for our present and for our future to evolve to break out of the box of old limited living.

I love it when I hear about another person that is doing something that I have not heard of before, they are our paranormal role models and this becomes even more exciting. It also becomes another paranormal practice to work on to experience it for ourselves.

This ability to tune into spirits and people who have passed on through death actually shows their presence on any camera that Robbert van den Broeke is given and uses. It is really fascinating to hear about Robbert from what I’ve heard and watched he does the same thing we do whenever we are in a focused relaxed state.

I heard about him from coast to coast, Neil Slate was on a program and was talking about his research with Robbert and is in the process of making a video that should be out next month. It was Nancy Talbott who originally found out about Robbert and then even hung out with him and researched to experience what she had heard about him for herself. This has been an ongoing process for over a decade. Nancy and the team investigates crop circles and Robbert actually knows and can draw a picture before a crop circle appears and has always been right on. At Nancy's team BLT Research website you can view hundreds of pictures that Robbert has taken, plus there’s so much more information about Robbert and more of his amazing paranormal abilities.  More videos of others that passed on or transitioned through this link.

Uri Geller

I know everyone has heard of Uri Geller as he has been demonstrating paranormal abilities since the early 1970’s. He is also famous for his influence of spoon bending with audiences on TV or audio shows. Listeners would also get old clocks or watches that didn’t work and while listening and through Uri’s instructions, hundreds of listeners would call in saying in amazement that their clocks or watches began working, or spoons would just bend.

In this video Uri also said that in the past he believed he was affecting all these objects, however now he has come to know that it is the actual person who has affected the object. This is so great to hear from any paranormal role models to give credit where credit is due because it empowers the people to know the truth where the real power is, in themselves and with the help of any other spiritual guides that may be intervening.

In these video Uri also talks about many of the things he has done, some I was not even aware of. He has stopped elevators, also helped start the remote viewing program the government had running for 25 years and much more.

Dr. Richard Bartlett, Matrix Energetics

Dr. Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics talks about synchronicity, trust, and expectations in creating our reality. He teaches people to heal through knowing possibilities and then choosing the one they prefer and switching to it through multiple realities, switching realities to a parallel one that a experience did not occur. I have done this with many things in the past few years, one example a serious accident and so many other situations. It's when we are so pure in heart and unaltered focus with the belief to support it, it naturally becomes the outcome.

Many of our paranormal role models all seem to have developed telekinesis abilities.

Paranormal Role Models

Add to the list of paranormal role models that inspire you or if you have had an experience from a role model. Or if you have heard of a new paranormal ability you can share it too.

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