Infinite Abilities

Psychic Infinite Abilities can be Experienced
when we Quiet our Mind

Infinite abilities are from the source of All That Is which is the infinite dimensions of reality. To access the infinite dimensions we must quiet our mind and focus on one thought. In doing that we are accessing our imagination that is the inner connection to the infinite dimensions.

In spoon bending I focus on seeing and feeling the spoon already bent in my focused thought. I keep the focus until I feel the spoon become soft and warm in my fingers, and then as I let go of the focused thought, I twist the long stem part of the spoon. The time will vary for each person's acceptance level of beliefs. It was the second day of focus practicing that I was able to twist my first spoon, for others it may be instantaneous, for some longer or never.

A great teacher I learned from was Nicole Whitney the creator and host of news for the soul her instructions made it easy to learn to bend spoons.

It will depend on what we believe to be our truth of how long it will take, or the possibility of it being experienced or not. Once we have already experienced it in our mind of focus, the physical experience of it will depend on our beliefs of what is possible and how long.

Remember we are accessing through our imagination the non linear, anti gravity, non local of infinite dimensions.

Our linear physical reality is perceived in a slow down low vibration frequency that gives the illusion to appear that everything is separate. Our perception of reality is experienced as separate fragments of a past and a future that appears as an illusion, that it's separate from our present. Yet it is in the present powerful momentum that we can experience and perceive everything going on simultaneously in infinite dimensions. It is by quieting the mind and being focused in the infinite manifesting dimensional source that will allow psychic infinite abilities to be experienced in physical reality. All it takes is practicing that we become better at it.

The Start of my Psychic Experiences

I would like to share my psychic infinite abilities with you, and I also invite you if you would like to also share your psychic abilities you can submit them here or any other experiences or phenomenon you have had.

It is by sharing our experiences that others can also realize that the power is in all of us. Life can be as magical and powerful as we allow it to become by experiencing our psychic infinite abilities for our own selves. The more we do the more we evolve and grow with our feedback of proof that anything and everything is possible for us to experience in physical reality.

I started to notice my infinite abilities or psychic experiences when my grandmother passed away over 25 years ago. We were so close that she was like one of my best friends.

My grandmother passed a couple weeks after my grandfather, her husband. The night before she passed we were talking on the phone and through our conversation my television that was on low instantly blasted in full volume. I would turn it down and then a few seconds later it would go loud again, this had happened over five times until I finally turned it off. Even after I had turned the television off it then turned back on again, so I unplugged it from the wall. I was talking to my grandmother the whole time it kept occurring and I became quite scared because I have never had that happen before. My grandmother asked me if I wanted to bring my two young sons and stay at her house over night, but since it was so late I decided not to.

The next morning I had received the news from my sister that our grandmother had passed away sometime through the night. My sister was the person who found her already passed away in her bed when she went to visit in the morning.

When I got the news of my grandmothers passing I naturally had the intuition of the occurrence of the television the night before. The message of intuition I received was that it was my grandfather, my grandmother’s husband, giving us a sign or communication of a premonition of my grandmother’s death. It was as if he was trying to either warn us to do something or just let us know that he was in contact and knew what was going to unfold. Looking back in the next few days that followed I questioned myself that if I would have stayed over night would that have made a difference? The conclusion of her death was that she was reaching for her heart pills but could not open the bottle to take them and suffered a heart attack.

My Knowledge turns to Wisdom
through my Experiences

Looking back to the experience from my perspective now after 20 years of evolving and the wisdom of the nature of reality, I can see much more insights of the experience of that night of my grandmother’s passing.

I know now that any type of heart problems of our body has to do with the emotional blockages (as being stuck in an negative emotion) that we are experiencing that actually causes any illness or out of harmony of any disease of our bodies. And I believe that we do create our own death, though most individuals may not agree or be aware of that wisdom.

When we know we create every part of our reality it does mean that nothing is ever left out of that wisdom of knowing, then there is nothing we do not create. We can block ourselves from not being aware or in denial of some parts of our reality we choose not to understand how and why we would create certain experiences. We do create it all and that also equates creating our birth and death into other realities.

I do think that my grandmother was heart broken, so to speak, with my grandfather passing and no longer being with her physically. Even though it appeared that they hardly ever got along in their relationship, but I do think from all the years being together it was a major secure comfort zone for both of them. I think her fear of being alone and living without him subconsciously took its toll.

When we know that our body is always communicating to our self to take notice if we have any pain or discomfort. If we do not listen to the signaling it gives us it will become more intense, more painful until we do. It will try to get our attention to notice and correct the emotional stuff that is creating the stressed area of pain, illness or discomfort. However, if we do not listen to the communicating signals then the pain or illness will progress even to die from it.

Back to the Past

The next day after my grandmother’s passing as I was washing dishes and an ashtray that was sitting far from the edge of my counter for it to fall by itself, actually fell to the ground smashing into pieces. As I swept the pieces I actually said out loud, “Grandma I know this is you giving me signs and communication.” My grandmother was a heavy smoker and using an ashtray to fall would be something I would instantly identify her with and the reason I know she used an ashtray to get my attention.

A few hours later while I was cleaning the bathroom a Nivea jar that I had sitting again not anywhere near the edge of the counter moved and fell to the floor. Again I realized it was my grandmother again because she always used Nivea cream for her face and continually told me that I should be using it too. Again out loud I spoke to her.

At that time I had not even heard the word telekinesis, or knew of any psychic knowledge. But I did believe in life after death because my grandmother talked about her beliefs in it.

I told others in my family about the experiences and that I knew that she was communicating with me to let me know she lives on in another reality and can communicate to me or any of us. I do not know how many believed what I was saying or not until the morning of her funeral at the burial.

Just as the casket was being lowered into the ground we heard the loud sound of sirens traveling along the road. Quite the synchronicity.

We all looked to the road and then to each other and after the burial we all talked about how that was another sign from my grandmother communicating to us. Then I realized that many in my family also believed what I was coming to know.

My grandmother was letting us know that we live on and we are not just a physical body we are much more and death is just another adventure into another reality from infinite dimensions. And in many other infinite realities our psychic infinite abilities are already natural to us.

A great explanation from Abraham channeled through Ester Hicks to understanding the reasoning behind tragic events and death. Just fabulously exuberant!

Beyond mere Illusions of Coincidence

After those experiences more and more experiences unfolded year after year as my life lead me to journeys that at the time I did not realize I would take. Whenever I look back in hindsight after I have expanded in my growth is when the realization would become to show me more of the nature of reality and more of my infinite abilities.

Every challenge became an opportunity for more evolving strength and growth and perpetually lead me to more wild and adventurous experiences. I am of course comparing myself to my own self because through half of my life I lived a reality of a pessimistic belief system and was lacking in self esteem and was sick most of the time.

I lived in such fear and as a result, though I did not know at the time but however looking back now all the pieces fall into place. So for my own self I can now know the reason and the paths that I had to take to get me to where I am today. Is as different as night and day and then my psychic journey was unfolding now with a passion that sustained to continuing practicing to experience more of it.

Allowing myself to see through the Invisible to become Visible for me and that is what I believe all psychic infinite abilities and phenomenon is all about. It is not different, separate things in itself. It is a one unified field of our potential that we focus into and upon. Another sense just as our senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing that we naturally use because that is what we birthed our part of our higher self into the physical form of our vehicle body. And it is the collective consciousness of this physical planet’s accepted and natural use. When we expand to use more of our natural now seeming higher senses it is just another sense we are then tapping into or activating to use for our physical experiences.

For me it does not seem mysterious or paranormal and it probably does not for you either if you are still reading. Then we have come to know that any psychic infinite abilities we are naturally comfortable with using and evolving to use more. We then find it another part of our evolution of growth, making the unknown known. Eventually the collective consciousness of our planet will also grow into knowing and experiencing as part of the norm. Just as we adapt to new technology I believe will be the same with psychic abilities. It is our future collective being and is becoming more and more accepted each day as our planet continues to shift and change to allowing the new psychic infinite abilities to eventually become the norm.

For us to experience any psychic infinite abilities all we have to do is quiet the ego personality of the chattering rational and usually automatic thoughts. Which leads us from the finite consciousness to the infinite consciousness.

To do that we use the process of meditation to access our imagination which is focusing our attention on one thought for an amount of time. Until the psychic infinite abilities become so natural and part of our everyday life.

Depending on our soul or higher self purpose and blueprint theme that I believe we already set up before our birthing back into this physical existence again. And will be our guide of signs that keep us on our purposeful path if we keep our self aware.

Many individuals use their psychic infinite abilities right from birth as psychic children or from a very early age and became labeled as gifted individuals. However, we now know that everyone of us already has the gift, the abilities as a potential awaiting to activate and have it unfold into our life experiences.

Focusing is all it Takes to Tap into any
Psychic Abilities

Just as we use a camera and want to capture a clear focused close up of what we want to capture in a picture. The zooming in option allows the camera's lens to then remove any other background around what we will capture, all we have to do is zoom in. Then presto we have our picture.

This analogy of the camera zooming in to see something closer, just as bioculars will give us the same affect, is the same as focusing our thoughts. By quiet our usual chattering thoughts and instead focus our attention on one thing in our present moment for as long as we can.

Whether it is remote viewing, telekinesis, premonition, OOB, mental telepathy, instant materialization or transmutation, changing the past which behind that illusion we are really shifting realities. Whether it is teleportation, physical immortality or any potential ability that we now label as impossible can be possible when we see past the illusions to know that anything is possible.

All and any psychic infinite abilities are not separate abilities they are all from the same source, the quiet focused source of consciousness.

When you can do and experience one of the psychic infinite abilities then you also can do and experience any other, they are all really one and the same. It is only our own belief that will block us to deny our abilities. Once we know it we then can open the flood gate to allow our self to become comfortable with all psychic infinite abilities.

At first it may take awhile depending on your own level of acceptance in the timing of how long it will take for any psychic practicing until you experience it in physical.

You can find more of my psychic experiences of infinite abilities on my level of acceptance page

Just a reminder if you would like to share your infinite abilities of psychic experiences just click this link and Submit Your Psychic Experiences.

In this video Michael Talbot talks about his experiences and research on psychic abilities, a fantastic interview about psychic experiences and the holographic universe with many amazing proof of others and what we are capable of. 

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