Inspiring Lottery Winners

There are so many inspiring lottery winners sharing their stories and techniques.  They are great inspiration for others who also desire to attract or manifest money in different ways other than past ways of working hard, especially if not doing we love to do.  The lottery is another way of manifesting money and giving us instant feedback of what is going on within ourselves.  Showing us our own mindset, attitudes and beliefs about deserving  prosperity.  Along with many other beliefs that can surface so we can be aware of to release and get into the FEELING of abundantly becoming prosperously wealthy in new creative ways.

Since I’ve been researching and watching many interviews of inspiring lottery winners, I have come to the realization that it’s all about our own energy, attitudes and beliefs.  That’s really all that seems to stand in the way of being a big lottery winner or any prosperity in our lives.  Also when we just take a look to realize how we’ve all manifested so many desires throughout the years, we already have enough proof to know it’s all about becoming INTERNALLY as already won  As Neville Goddard said, "living FROM that STATE, not OF the state." 

In this video Marie Benard interviews Ingrid Plattmann who is a Ramtha student and shares her story and Ramtha techniques she used to win $230,000.00 from the lottery.  Many Ramtha students have become inspiring lottery winners.  Ingrid goes in depth how lack beliefs limit receivership of prosperity and it took her three years to finally win.

Marie Benard interviews Bunky Bartlett who won $82.5 million dollars from the lottery

Lottery and Law of Attraction

We all know that law of attraction is the universal force that is always working, whether others who win without knowing about it must of had an alignment of winning energy that manifested their win.  Underlying it all we must be already in the state of being to energize or manifest lottery wins or money.  

Timing seems to be as Neville Goddard taught was dependent upon the naturalness and convincing ourself, which seems to be when it is programmed into the subconscious mind.  So timing does seem to be unique and dependent on each individual.  

Mirror Neurons Fire when We
Watch Another

Mirror neurons activate in our brain when we watch another doing something.  The same mirror neurons that are fired up or activated when the other person is doing something.  An example of Maria's excited feelings of her experience of her lottery win activates the same mirror neurons in our brain as hers.  

This means just by watching her and feeling the same excitement, we are forming memories to expect and create the same excitement and experiences.  This is how evolution unfolds within us and expands in collective consciousness.

Maria Carrero is Added to the
List of Inspiring Lottery Winners
Maria Won 40 Million Dollars

Maria has become popular for her win and money dance.  She’s a fabulous inspiring lottery winner that is so enthusiastically contagious just by watching her joy and appreciation for her win.  She said she always dreamed she’d win one day.  Maria’s joyful story expresses her heartfelt desire for having money for her husband to be able to quit work.  And to help her family with the money and how it was always in the back of her mind from her heart.

Maria’s happy and appreciative dance is a great way for any of us to start our day.  As Abraham Hicks says, just get into the vortex and become comfortable in the vortex.  Which really means, honor yourself as the Creator you are, and use your power consciously and lovingly.  Since that’s where all our high vibes and desired manifestations are created from the Infinite Source Field.  So we must become that vortex and live from IT, and let go of engaging in all the old ego mind chatter of negativity that blocks all the good that desires to manifest for us.

Although this video is not about the lottery, Mooji shares a great example or analogy of how easily the mind chatter can get us either caught in a unconscious loop of mind chatter that distracts us from either our true self, and or any desires we want to manifest.   

Different Techniques

So many inspiring lottery winners that share their stories have used different techniques that resonated and felt good for them to use.  Some use affirmations and visualization. Or remembering which is imagining to see it as already happened as a memory in hindsight, hearing others congratulate us of our win in their voice. 

Some use candle flames, deep breathing, lucky charms, some chant.  There are so many varieties, techniques and tools that can be used.  They are just tools to get us to focus on already feeling and being a winner of large amount of money.  So all the tools and techniques are devices to get us to focus our attention to already be a vibe match to manifesting lottery wins.  To become into the new person-ality, to be the new state of being. 

Similar to a hammer and nails that are tools.  A hammer is not the actual end result of what we build, it's just a tool. You are building a new you who is the alignment with what you desire to become and experience.  So you get to choose what tools you want to use to get you to becoming that new person who is a lottery winner.  Who attracts money continuously.

Being in an appreciating thankful feeling state as if you already won power surges your vibration.  Sustaining that gratitude of really feeling appreciation for not only your future wins, but appreciating everything throughout the day keeps us feeling good.  Now research has found gratitude literally brings our body back into harmony and healthy.  It also simultaneously keeps us in alignment with attracting more experiences to feel good about, along with adding to winning energy of expectations.

Cynthia Strafford won 112 Million
by Imagining

Cynthia says it so clearly, "It's a dream come true  I thought it was mine, I really felt I was going to win this one and I was right.  All I kept thinking was I am going to manifest it soon. It happened"

Paul White won 149 Million
by Imagining

Paul said, "His siblings have given him grief for years how he talked about how he's going to win the lottery someday, and how his financial plan consisted of winning the lottery.  He also said, "I've gone through this in my head so many times in my life that you almost feel like it's finally coming true"

Becoming the Person
Who is a Winner is the Key Force

The most important thing is that there is really only one way to be lottery winner, and or create the life you desire to experience.  To become the person, the new person-ality that is a winner, who is already a vibrational match to unlimited prosperous wealth and money.  Using our imagination which is the inner power source, force that recreates us to be what we desire to experience.  We must be the magnetic force that energizes our desired manifestation destiny to our experience.

It is all about being the person who is a winner, who feels deserving, who thinks, speaks, acts, and behaves as a lottery winner.  We can’t expect to do our “processes” with our “tools and techniques” for a half hour a day, and then go along the rest of the day and complain, talk or even think and feel we are of lack in anyway.  When we truly become into the realization that we are the magnet from the state of being is what magnifies our manifestations into our experiences. 

How does a big lottery winner act?  How does a lottery winner Speak?  How does a lottery winner Feel?  How does a lottery winner spend their money?  It’s best to spend money from an abundant unlimited infinite conscious state of being so the old programming of not having enough will no longer be what’s controlling our reality.  That means whenever you spend money, or pay bills, feel high vibes of appreciation for the money and the bills and services that are being provided for the bills you pay. 

Every time you spend money, consciously remind yourself that “whenever you spend money, more money in greater amounts comes back to you” this way you constantly create and spend from a “what goes out, comes back” attitude and vibration of abundance instead of from lack that there's not enough. 

If one person has done it by being in the state of being to energize the manifestation of lottery wins, anyone can.  And there are so many now that are coming forth admitting to doing the great focusing to win, not only in the lottery, but through many other ways that in the past were defined as gambling.  Which we are now realizing it’s all about the force we energize that is manifesting our reality.

 Mooi Moi is another lottery winner, inspired by Neville Goddard.  Mooi bought a sports mechanical tally counter to measure and be inspired to think more wealth thoughts each day.

Don Wagner a Ramtha student wins consistently.

Rosa Dominguez wins the lottery from two different tickets in one week.

Timothy Schultz Interviews Lottery Winners

Timothy Schultz youtube channel interviews lottery winners and he also won the lottery.

In this recent lottery winner interview Thalia speaks about how quickly after learning about manifesting, and listening to other lottery winners from Timothy's interviews that she won.  

Winners Who do not Use
or Know about LOA or Create Reality

The question always comes up about lottery winners who have no idea about “create reality” or “law of attraction” and yet they win.  They may also be negative with their attitude with money and yet they still won.  The only explanation can be that they have a belief that they’d win, even when they may state, “I can’t believe I won” they still had to have a belief they would win. 

Most manifestations do come unexpectedly, when we least expect it, surprises us, even when it was something we’ve desired for a long time.  I even recall when I sat focusing with my desire for twisting spoons and was not going to stop or give up until I experienced twisting a spoon.  I experienced it unexpectedly when a flock of birds took my attention away from my focus.  I looked down and was twisting the spoon, a natural surrendering occurred. 

My Experience with Winning 

I matched 6 numbers on lotto max Feb 2023 and won $5700.28.  It is my biggest win so far and of course my trajectory is to win a big jackpot amount.  It was a fun day going to the OLG office in Toronto to see what it looks like and to compare it to what I had imagined it to be like.

It seems to be the same way with people who just have a deep inner belief that they would win and that’s enough to magnetize, energize or attract their manifested win.  So belief is enough, but it does seem for many of us on this “infinite awakening path” that we become to know so much.  And many times we just get in our own way with doubt or unworthiness, or whatever negative thoughts/feelings pop up to get in the way.  Then we have to continually re-correct or reset our state of being, our vibration, our beliefs into absolute knowing because we’re doing it consciously through awareness to be the deliberate creator. 

Playing the lottery is great feedback for us and we hear it from many inspiring lottery winners, along with any gaming that’s been referred to as random or gambling, as casino’s, horse races, cards etc…can all be used as feedback.      

Remove Doubt with Proof

All the stories that we come upon from inspiring lottery winners add more proof that winning the lottery is a possibility for ourselves.  So we begin to see proof from inspiring lottery winners, and then we begin to build our own proof from small wins until they snowball into big wins. 

In many stores they post lots of proof of people who won from buying tickets from their stores.  I also began collecting my own proof and decided to hang my winning ticket receipts on my wall as a great reminder that I am a lottery winner and win all the time.  The more we remind ourselves and see our own proof, the more in alignment we become to our big jackpot win too.

Being One with Your Desire

Whether it’s the lottery or any desire you want to manifest into your experiences, the best place to start is to be One with your Infinite Self.  Which is the most unconditional loving source of your inner greater being.  When we come from that Infinite Source from within ourselves everything overflows in a unified way of oneness in our perceptions and life experiences.  Without the ego mind’s chattering that brings up all the negativity that is always limiting and keeping us separate from our inner greater infinite self.  So when we incorporate that with any of our desires, including the lottery, we are no longer separate from our desires or our infinite self/source that has all the powerful force to manifest anything and everything we could ever desire to experience.  This is the real win win experience. 

Anything we desire that surfaces as a desire is a result from a problem or challenge we are experiencing, so desire is a solution.  And all our desires are also our greatest opportunities to naturally meditate until it becomes second nature.  Meditation is the working on releasing by witnessing, observing from our infinite self and creating enough of a distance to watch by being mindful with awareness of our ego mind’s old chattering and stop engaging in it.  When anything surfaces that’s no longer of any service for us, we acknowledge it without judgments, so we can release it. 

So all our desires are great opportunities to meditate to become one with our infinite self while we are playing with our desires to manifest.  We expand our spiritual growth through meditation to become more of our greater infinite self instead of the old ego programming.  The lottery is another way of becoming one with our infinite self because our infinite self is unlimited and absolute infinite abundance and worthy of whatever desires pop up.  So that the Infinite can experience infinite varieties of realities in physical, all possibilities included, instead of the same old experiences that the ego leads that are usually so mundane.      

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