Comparing Infinite Worlds to the New Super Camera

Infinite Worlds can be compared to the new super camera. Have you heard of the new super camera? It can take trillions of frames a second. Now if a camera can do that, then we are already doing more then we may realize.

Any technology we have presently shows us what we have naturally in us that is going on because it’s always inner first then outer is a reflection of when it comes to the nature of reality.  Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts and Bashar states we are blinking in and out of realities a billion times a second, but it goes unnoticed because our senses have been conditioned and trained to perceive reality linearly.

Michio Kaku explains the super camera and how our perception is limited through illusions.

Infinite Dimensional Worlds May Be Blinking in and out of Our Perception

If our perception is limited then we are blocking our consciousness of expanding into perceiving infinite worlds as we do in remote viewing of realities when we expand our consciousness to knowing more of what’s unknown to get to know. We must constantly be dipping into what may seem outrageous to allow leading edge wisdom to come through. As we continue to expand into the unknown territory we will find more information formulating and being processed as we go and our perception also changes by expanding to know and experience more of it too. Parallel universes or worlds may be blinking in and out just as a trillions frames per second with the super camera and capturing the picture of it takes expanding our perception.

Using an example of perceiving the moon when it's not completely visible, we only see a slice of it but we can see the shadowy whole part of it, even though it’s not illuminating. Expanding our perception can be similar to the moon analogy, if we only seen a slice of the moon and then believed that was all there was of the moon is similar to limiting our perception to only what we believe to see. Seeing the rest of the moon by its shadow we realize the whole of the moon may not be seen on some nights but it’s still there, just as our perception is only slices of reality, yet infinite worlds are coexisting all the time. They are blinking in and out continuously however it takes expanding our perception to see more than just slices of it.

Hugh Everett Parallel Universes and Space Time Reality

The Benefits of Infinite Worlds as a Valid Belief of Reality

Experimenting with multiverse or infinite worlds to be a great benefit because it fits in with making more sense of reality this way. It also is empowering to know that we individually always have the choice in choosing the reality we prefer to be experiencing. And can change it in any moment to be of our preferred choice to be experiencing while we are creating our future simultaneously too while also changing our past.

In this video the super camera is explained, however keep in mind that technology is always mirroring the nature of reality and substitute the camera being similar to switching reality frames.

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