Natural-Immunity has always been and will always be the best immunity against any virus or disease.  It is becoming too suspicious that we are being forced to get vaccines when throughout history, our natural immunity has always worked through flu seasons and other viruses.  

I myself have never had a flu shot or any vaccines for decades and always relied on my own immune system that was originally created in our body to work perfectly. With the data of research, especially Israel's research proving it.

Covid Vaccine is a Different Vaccine 

Vaccine's in the past are different than the covid new vaccines they are now enforcing people to get.  As you will see in the video below.  The video below is a shorter clip from the original interview which you can watch by clicking the link to it on the youtube video.  

Protesting Against Vaccine Mandates
People Want Natural-Immunity

There are so many protests going on against mandate vaccines in Ontario, Canada and globally.  Health care workers who have worked through the whole pandemic are now quitting their jobs because they don't want to get the vaccines.  They are not be allowed to work without vaccines.  Which is happening globally.

Governor's in USA Legally Fighting the Vaccine Mandates

There are governor's in the USA that are taking vaccine mandates to court.  More and more are pushing forward to trying to stop this insanity of the forceful mandates. 

They were already short staffed in many hospitals and now with this mandate, more and more are quitting their jobs leaving not only the hospitals with less practitioner's, but all employers to abide to this mandate of their employees to be vaccinated.  Leaving less and less people to do the jobs in every area that are needed to keep everything going.

MP and Doctors
In Canada Coming Forth with Truth

It is just so unreal of the suppression of doctors and vaccinologists, and that they are also being threatened.  Also hiding of vaccine reactions that people are having that are going on globally.  Seeing the bigger picture it seems so probable of many of the big systems worldwide are in the process of breaking down for new systems to take their place that are for the people in the most sovereign ways.

The New Pandemic Alliance

New Physicians Alliance  has been created to bring the truth out to the people of what they are doing to the doctors that have been helping people since the pandemic began.

You can also see more videos on my 2021 blog.

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