Now Power Moment

Now Power Moment is coming to the understanding that the power is really in the now, right now in every moment.  This webpage is dedicated to Seth who channeled through Jane Roberts.  More Quotes from Seth.

Though there are quite a few videos on this page and a few are long, this page may be most beneficial to revisit because of the taking in of how the now power moment is so powerful, and that we can navigate to consciously be creating our preferred reality by really understanding and accepting this power of the present.  

Every Moment Is a New Creation
in Now Power Moment

Seth " Every moment you are recreating reality"  We are so powerful that every moment we are recreating reality.  So what are we recreating every moment?

Seth said that reality is created from psychic (mental) information that becomes into patterns.  And where does the mental information come from?  It may be from memories.  And where does the memories come from?   Either from past experiences or from creating new memories that linearly form into future experiences of creations.

Or from living and staying present in a state of divine beingness.   Many self-realized who discovers who we really are and stays in that state naturally stay present in the joy of existence of life.  This is Now Power Moment, and life unfolds naturally so that many experiences are just unfolding naturally of love and joy, maybe without much intention.  However, we could see it as their intention is to just stay present, so there still seems to be some kind of intention or desire embedded in reality.

Matter is Spontaneous & Instantaneous

Seth said "Matter is spontaneous and instantaneous.  Meaning that it is instantly being created every moment and spontaneously dependent on our memories and how we are living.  Our living is consistent with what we think and feel or just Be, we are always in the Now Power Moment.

It also means that that it does not involve processing or timing either.  It is the Now Power Moment of realizing and knowing that every moment is a new opportunity to recreate the reality we prefer to experience.  As Eckhart Tolle also reminds us that everything is always happening in the NOW.

When we turn to Ascended Masters that are using abilities labelled Siddhis in the now power moment, we can realize the abilities and power we do have when we open up to what is available for us.

Seth said, "There is no processing or timing to change"

That is profound wisdom when really comprehending this truth that processing or timing is an illusion, Seth said is based on the slowed down perception of our outer senses.  Also all techniques or rituals (reality tools) are only needed as Neville said, to convince ourselves, meaning reprogramming the subconscious into believing, knowing the information that everything truly is happening and being recreated Now, Now Power Moment of every moment. 

You can completely change the past.

Dr. Ibrahim Karin Discusses the Present Moment and Simultaneous Reality

In the video below Dr. Ibrahim Karin discusses simultaneous time and beyond time and beyond our senses.  The way he describes also about reincarnation at 1:07:06 in the video he goes more in depth of simultaneous time and is similar to what Seth said too.

It is All Happening Now
in the Now Power Moment

Recalling the 3 Practioner's who healed patients in less than 3 minutes.

Everything we experience now appears in the illusion that it took processing or time to manifest.  When we really get it that there is no time and everything is being recreated moment by moment this gives us great opportunity to up our game.  To be able to use Now Power Moment to recreate our preferred realities we desire to experience.

Just realizing and knowing this gives us so much ability to create what we want without time gaps, or processing, or using techniques or rituals.  We just live consciously aware and think the thoughts that trigger the emotions and walla.  We'd be recreating moment by moment which eventually we'd be living life we prefer by using the now power moment which eventually would penetrate into the collective consciousness of living life.

In the video below Sarah from The Alchemists channel gives her interesting interpretation of timelines and shifts. 

It is all Memories or Similar to a
Film Strip We Project into the 
Now Power Moment

Could the Now Power Moment just be all memories?  Or similar to a film strip that we put our most dominant focused attention upon that lights up the film strip and projects it.  As Pure Awareness there doesn't seem to be any memories, only a indescribable love.  To play or experience any reality in any other of the infinite realities, including this life game, we seem to need memories or film strips.

When we are living in the information of belief systems of our outer senses, that is a default programming of past, present and future of linear time.  Joe Dispenza says, past memories or future memories are the same thing to the biological system.  There's no difference of a past memory or a future memory and is the reason we can imagine something and then experience it. 

Though to our sensory perception it seems it became the future when we experience it when we look back from our future when we are experiencing it to the past.  To a linear mindset it appears to be a future event or a past event.  However, to a Now Power Moment perceiving it would be understood to be just memories projected Now to experience.  Memories of different realities or timelines.

Tom Kearin really gets to the point in both videos when he talks about waiting is creating.  Seth stating that we are creating every moment, then it makes sense that waiting is creating more waiting until we finally convince ourselves that the power is really in every moment, and that we are creating every moment.

Bashar channeled through Darryl Anka 

In the video below Darryl speaks about the analogy of a television with all the different channels in comparison of parallel realities, along with film strips in the beginning of the video.  Most reading this page most probably, just as I have in the past remembered allot of information about ourselves through his teachings.

Quoted Seth Profound Wisdom

Early Sessions Book #60

"The Nature of Matter, the Process involved in its continual creation and manipulation, and the truly astounding cooperation involved, as all living things contribute their energy to keep the physical universe in any kind of permanent, coherent form.  This process is carried out unconsciously, and yet if mankind follows through then he will become consciously aware of his own part in this continual creation of matter, and he will be able to continue in a much more intelligent manner.

Matter is in some ways the basis of your universe, and yet matter itself is merely energy changed into aspects with certain properties that can, under certain conditions, be perceived by your senses, and that can therefore be manipulated.  It is a medium for the manipulation and  transformation of psychic energy into aspects that can then be used as building blocks.  Yet even the appearance of this physical material,  though it seems more or less permanent by its nature, is not permanent, and is only cohesive enough to give the appearance of relative permanence to the senses that perceive it.

In itself matter is not continuous. 

What you perceive as change or growth in a living physical structure is not change or growth as you  conceive it.  The physical properties of matter are not continuous, in that a particular given tree or rock is not the same tree or rock, physically, today that it was yesterday.  Nor will it be the same tomorrow.  The chair upon which you sit this evening is not the same chair, physically speaking, that it was last evening.

Matter is continually created, but no particular physical object is in itself continuous.  Change in a particular physical object is not change as you conceive it.  There is not, for example, one particular physical object that deteriorates with age.  THERE ARE INSTEAD continuous, for now I will say continuous creations of psychic energy into a physical pattern that APPEARS to hold a more or less rigid appearance.  This appearance APPEARS, that is, this physical object appears to change and to age, but the material does neither.  It does NOT EXIST long enough to do either for one thing.

There is an infinite number or series of creations of matter.  The ability of the individual creator of any particular physical form to use psychic energy to control and manipulate CAUSES THE OUTER APPEARANCE of deterioration and aging of matter.  Matter itself does not age or deteriorate.  This may throw you, but I will prove my case.  I will also prove it even in so far as the so called aging of rock formations other archeological events are concerned. 

Matter is created directly from energy on a subconscious level. 

The matter is SPONTANEOUSLY and INSTANTANEOULSLY created.  As you know, or should know, this applies to the human physical form as well as to all other material.  You are seeing in slow motion when you think you see growth and decay as being properties of matter.

Any material object is being constantly recreated, according to a form that may appear rigid and fairly permanent.  It is however the passing through of individualized, highly specialized psychic personality patterns.  It is the passing through of these personality patterns, within a certain field of organization that causes the appearance of both fairly rigid material which then SEEMS to change.

Again, no particular material object exists long enough as an indivisible or rigid or identical thing, to change or age.  The energy behind it weakens.  The physical pattern therefore blurs.  Each re-creation after a certain point becomes from your standpoint, less perfect, and after MANY such complete re-reactions, that have been completely unperceived by YOU, then you notice a difference and assume that a change in one object has occurred.

The actual material that seems to make up the object has completely disappeared many times, and the pattern been completely filled again with new matter.  There are laws that we will get into later, involving the strength or force of energy as it passes through various fields, and is perceived in them.  The energy itself does not weaken, however.   It passes beyond and through.  It fills forms, and as it passes the forms seem to blur, as a wind will fill out the sails and then disappear.

Again, growth and deterioration are what i will call APPARENCIES.  They are, in other words, only apparent propertied of physical material.  Physical material has in actuality two main properties.  It is spontaneous and instantaneous. 

No particular physical particle exists for any amount of time. 

It exists and disappear, and is instantaneously replaced by another.  The third actual property of matter is what I will call "pattern assumption".  It assumes and flows within patterns.  The existence of the patterns gives the illusion of a permanence of matter that is highly misleading.  There is so much to be said here, as it it is also necessary to consider the ways in which physical material is constantly created, and to consider the role of the senses.  This may seem like a sideline but it is not.  In the painting of a picture, you are actually forming new patterns through which energy can flow into material form.  More quotes from Seth of Creation of Matter.

The video below is from a Joe Dispenza testimonial, Justin had hernia surgery having a mesh put in, and after having x-rays there was no mesh and no scar tissue.  That in itself is evidence of what Seth is saying that matter is recreated every moment. 

Many people have had their thyroid grow back and functional.  Things that seemed impossible are possible and happening now. Being able to know how it is happening is of great value to continue to use many of our natural abilities to do even more seeming impossible to possible.

From Seth book continued.

There are reason, which I will discuss later, why the painting , that is the physical pattern of a painting, may seem to, and often does, exist longer than the many who paints it.  No particular physical particle has any kind of durability.  It constantly vanishes as such, and is replaced.  The PATTERN which is filled by physical matter is composed of, of course, psychic energy, and it continues like an afterimage, seeming to become weaker, as indeed it does, as it or the energy behind it passes beyond the field in which matter as you think of it is effective.  Growth in living things, perceived as living organisms, does not involve the extension of a particular physical thing.

I am using up many of Ruburt's resources, nevertheless i am doing so with good reason.  This material should be as precisely put as possible, so that no misunderstanding can arise.  The nature of matter is an extremely difficult sore point in your scientific circles.  Incidentally, for the benefit of the record as yet Ruburt has read no books or information concerning the subject.  

The seed is not the flower, and the flower is not the fruit.  The fruit is not the result of changes in the seed.   In each case there are patterns to be filled.  The pattern contains the material, change that to DATA, for the physical material to follow.  When you consider this information in connection with an inner psychic reality, then you will see its supreme logic.

When you consider that behind all matter there is a conscious energy, then you will see where the pattern comes from.  It is not the  material that composes man, that gives him his identity.  No physical nerve structure or combination of purely chemical and material properties will ever result in consciousness. The consciousness gives meaning to the physical material.

The physical material, it is true, makes the consciousness effective within a particular filed.  Growth does not involve one particular physical extension, in terms of one thing that of itself is permanent enough in itself, to expand.  As individualized psychic energy approaches your particular field it begins to express itself within that field to the best of its ability.  

It constantly comes more and more into the field, focusing more of itself within it.  You have a psychic arrival and departure.  As the energy approaches it creates matter, first of all in a rather inadequate, almost plastic fashion.  it continually recreates matter as it comes fully within what you call the physical plane, then energy's construction into matter simply becomes more proficient and focused.  But the fetus then is simply not the infant, and the infant in not the adult.

I hope you realize that what we have here is value fulfillment of individualized portions of energy within the physical field, through construction of this energy into matter.  But the creation is CONTINUOUS, like a endless series of beams, at first weak as they are far off, then stronger, then weak again as the pass away.

Matter then, is of itself no more continuous, no more given either to growth or age, than is, say, the color yellow.

I am very pleased with the manner in which this material has come through.   When you learn to draw upon additional energy you will not be tired the following day. "  More quotes from Seth

This is read by Wolf uncaged from the book Seth Speaks chapter 5

Seth Quoted Continued

This is continued from Seth Early Session book #61,                                       June 10, 1964 Wednesday

"A few things should be clear by now.  There is an interaction that I have yet to explain to you, between time as you know it and material.  Basically material is spontaneous and instantaneous, as I told you.  The change in it that you seem to perceive is illusion.

What you have instead is constant, new creation of material, as energy fills the patterns.  The sharpness or rigidity or quality of the perceived material depend on the energy which forms it, and the characteristics of matter therefore depend upon the position of the energy that fills the pattern, but by POSITION, I think in terms of the arrival and departure of this energy as it passes through your field.

There is what you could call a maximum point of energy focus, and after this is reached the departure of the energy begins.  If it will help you, think of the energy as a wind, a cosmic wind that fills up from the INSIDE, certain patterns.  The filled up patterns appear fairly  rigid and permanent enough to be counted upon as such.  Nevertheless the wind that composes them is never the same.  it comes and goes, filling the patterns according to its OWN intensity.

We must also deal with patterns and its source.  Since matter is constantly re-created, and instantaneous, many of your ideas of time are of course distorted, since you have taken it for granted that matter changes with or in time.  You have judged time intervals by the seeming changes in a given material object.  

This refers me back to your false cause and effect theory.  For practical purposes so far this theory has not been too binding, but it is becoming so. 

Time does not cause change in matter, appearance to the contrary.  I am going to skip a giant step, and say that man himself and all conscious beings produce matter subconsciously.  I will fill in all the important details later.

I wanted to make this point, since matter is created by the subconscious, and since it exist simultaneously and instantaneously, and since its CREATION or arrival, and its departure or replacement, are instantaneous.  Once this is understood it becomes at least theoretically possible to re-create the material of the past, in so far as the patterns for the material have been retained.

The last part of the sentence is extremely important.

All material is energy, (or would it now be seen as information) appearing in the physical field into patterns that have been prepared for it.  The illusion of rigidity is the result of your own outer senses, a perception which is too slow to catch the constant pulsations, as bits of energy that compose material constantly disappears entirely and are replaced.   

There are as many intervals when your material world does NOT EXIST as there are intervals in which it DOES exist.  For our present purposes we will call these intervals negative intervals.  This particular idea is one that I have been most concerned with getting over, and I hope that I have laid the ground properly for it.

When I use the word "intervals" I am of course using it to make the idea understandable.  The fact is, material on your field is composed of constant energy pulsations, and while to you the appearance is one of permanence to a fair degree, and while I have said that the pulsations are constant, nevertheless they are completely distinct, separate and NEW pulsations that are not continuous in the the terms that you apply to one object that is continuous.

Therefore, there is what I will call the negative interval, when one pulsation has vanished from your plane and another is about to take its place.  Alone, each negative interval may be negligible, but taken en masse this adds up until there is as much negative matter as there is positive matter.

Now.  This physical matter on your plane we will call positive matter.  To the field of negative matter, your positive matter would be termed negative.  Obviously we have much material to cover, positive and negative.  The point is that perception is the criteria for what you call matter.  You do not perceive the negative interval.  You do not perceive continuous creation of matter.

Your physical plane is not the only plane given to the manipulation of matter.  it is, however, the focal point of such planes, and they are closely interwoven.  The other two planes from what you may think of as the outer rims.

Our negative intervals do indeed have something to do with antimatter, except that I prefer to call it negative matter.  You can use whichever term you prefer.  Antimatter exists in your own universe.  You will not be able to determine its existence by any calculations aimed at discovering the existence of weight of mass.  Antimatter, using your terms, exists simultaneously with our universe, having what I will call antigravity, and in what I will call anti-space.

If you will now remember that there are negative intervals, or intervals between the pulsations of energy into matter, if you will remember that your physical universe then is nonexistent for the same number of intervals that it IS existent, then you will see that this gives us our antimatter.

The seeming, and for practical purposes repulsion of so called positive and negative matter will be explained in another session, as if I begin to develop upon this now, you will end up with a longer session, not a short one."

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