Reverse Aging

Reverse Aging is showing great success in experiments as David Sinclair and his team have been doing in the labs.  In this article explaining how they can literally not only reverse the aging process but also age young mice too.

In the article they explain that it is because our bodies have a backup copy of our youth that can be triggered to regenerate, and that aging is a loss of that information.  And by resetting, rebooting the system by tapping into a reset switch so the cells can read the youthful information once again and regenerate the body back to a youthful age.

Another great confirmation from the article reads that something like a safety mechanism that the body will reverse from 50% to 75% and stop at a specific youthful age.  

Becoming Youthful Again and Healthy too

The Sinclair article also states that along with reverse aging comes a totally healthy body too. 

That is so perfect that embedded in the backup copy is our ability to reboot, reset to a age when we were young, filled with vitality and totally healthy too.  Because along with being healthy comes perfect eye sight, grown in teeth if they were missing from aging or whatever throughout the years, healthy bones, muscles and skin, the whole thing, along with all our wisdom and experiences too.  

Seth Spoke about it in the Early 1960s

Many of us, including myself has always thought it is possible to reverse aging and bring ourselves back to being a specific young age because we realized if we create our reality then we should be able to create it to our preferences. 

Seth channeled through Jane Roberts spoke plenty about we create our own physical image and reality by what we believe and our most dominant thoughts and feelings. 

Seth's explaining about creating reality and changing our past as long as we have a past pattern (memory or a past program) available to use. 

Seth, Session 614:  “You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, causes all experience. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

For in all cases the physical matter of the human body will be subconsciously created in line with inner conditions.  Whatever you accept as your self image becomes be it negative or positive, illness or health etc...
and is automatically created.

YOU ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE, AND EVERY THOUGHT IS MIRRORED IN THE PHYSICAL MATTER OF THE HUMAN ORGANISM.  Each individual creates subconsciously the physical matter of their own image, the condition of this image is each's own responsibility.

Thoughts are automatically translated into physical matter by certain areas of the subconscious.  If certain long standing distorted concepts are held, therefore, then they must be faced and struck out.  For otherwise there is an automatic flow of this energy into a false disruptive pattern.  Even just searching for the answers through the inner self begins to dissolve the problem or illness.

You yourselves construct not only your own physical image, but indeed your own physical environment.  And that you have constructed, you then respond to through the outer senses, and you react to what you have subconsciously created.  You construct the dream universe in the same manner that you construct the physical universe.  In the dream universe there is no need for the permanence of image, or the apparent permanence of image that occurs in the physical universe.


There is an infinite number or series of creations of matter.  The ability of the individual creator of any particular physical form to use psychic (mental) energy to control and manipulate CAUSES THE OUTER APPEARANCE of deterioration and aging of matter.

No particular material object exists long enough as an indivisible or rigid or identical thing, to change or age.  The energy behind it weakens.  The physical pattern therefore blurs.  Each re-creation after a certain point becomes from your standpoint, less perfect, and after MANY such complete re-reactions, that have been completely unperceived by YOU, then you notice a difference and assume that a change in one object has occurred.

The actual material that seems to make up the object has completely disappeared many times, and the pattern been completely filled again with new matter.  There are laws that we will get into later, involving the strength or force of energy as it passes through various fields, and is perceived in them.  The energy itself does not weaken, however.   It passes beyond and through.  It fills forms and as it passes the forms seem to blur, as a wind will fill out the sails and then disappear.

Physical material has in actuality two main properties.  

It is Spontaneous and Instantaneous  

No particular physical particle exists for any amount of time.  It exists and disappear.

This refers me back to your false cause and effect theory for practical purposes, so far this theory has not been too binding but it is becoming so. 

Time does not cause change in matter, appearance to the contrary.  I am going to skip a giant step, and say that man himself and all conscious beings produce matter subconsciously.  I will fill in all the important details later.

I wanted to make this point, since matter is created by the subconscious, and since it exist simultaneously and instantaneously, and since its CREATION or arrival, and its departure or replacement are instantaneous.  Once this is understood it becomes at least theoretically possible to re-create the material of the past, in so far as the patterns for the material have been retained.
The last part of the sentence is extremely important."

David Sinclair Video

Reversing Aging Using Your Mind

Reverse Aging using your own imagination and mind is the most natural way since everything is created by us naturally upon what we focus on the most that eventually through some repetition becomes the new beliefs.  As it has been said by many ancient teachings that if we can think it, then it Is Possible.  

What is really great is that if you are experiencing any disease or ill health presently, instead of just working on healing, you can instead just pick a specific age when you were the healthiest and had the most vitality etc... and perpetually imagine it until the subconscious creates the memory or program.  It is so much easier to have one total image versus doing one thing at a time as healing and then youthing ect...

By doing Already Done thoughts, feelings and imagining throughout the day and especially whenever you notice old thought and feelings surfacing.  Just ignoring the old chattering and stay focused on that specific age and play with it as you make up your inner vision to play out like a video in your mind.  Then trust what you are doing is making a difference which we should see the proof of eventually.  Just as we have all seen enough feedback of proof from consciously creating our desires throughout the years.

Ellen Langer Experiments

Ellen Langer conducted an study experiment with senior males and immersed the environment for 5 days as if they were living in 1959, and they seen major improvements and youthing in their bodies.  She explains it at around 15.00 in the video.

It is interesting how she explains also that when people believe they are in remission of a disease compared to thinking, believing they are cured makes a profound difference.  Along with some other interesting studies she has done that she talks about in the video as the maids experiment of the importance of the meaning we give what we do, and why we are doing it makes a profound difference in the results from the change in our mindset.

A Current Interview of David Sinclair

It is even more interesting at 2:08 in the video that Sinclair is saying that we have bioswitches that are genes that control how long we live.  So we can even select our age of death.  To go one step beyond ... when we realize that death is just another program and illusion too as many ascended masters have done endless living and manipulating of the body and reality,  Ascended masters have masters those kinds of abilities to help humanity of being the best service to humanity in any way they can.

Also keep in mind throughout the interview that as Seth has said along with many teachings that what is most important is what we think about what we eat and do.  Since knowing that we do give meaning to everything then we can give whatever meaning that is the most beneficial for ourselves in what we eat, drink and do. 

Also the observer effect experiments shows that whatever the expectation of the observer is, will produce that equivalent evidence of the effect, reality experience manifested.  That is how powerful we really are, so keeping that in mind always whenever new science or whatever research is being presented.

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