Self Healing Is
“To Thine Own Self Be True”
William Shakespeare

Self healing is the most empowering way to not only know your own self, but also evolve to trust your self.  It does take some practice for self healing if you are in a habit of trusting another to diagnose whatever disharmony that you have created within your body. Our body will always reflect what is going on inside of our self first before we see the disharmony in our body.

Is Your Immune System Strong or Weak?

Our immune system is the collection of body cells that are either working together in harmony, or working against each other creating disharmony.

What self healing really means is bringing the harmony of our body cells back into it's natural harmonious flow. Since it's our own beliefs, thoughts and attitudes that created the body cells to become out of harmony, when we realize it's up to ourself to choose to think better thoughts, the better thoughts will create better feelings.

Negative, hopeless, fear thoughts are a low vibrational energy and create panicky anxious feelings that we refer to as stress that creates our whole body to to break down it's immune system.

Our immune system will either be weak or strong depending on what thoughts we think that creates our beliefs we have come to value that create our attitudes about everything.  If we are in fear, doubt most of our day then we will continue to sustain the creation of a weaker immune system that leaves us open to be susceptible to anything that comes our way. This is also an opportunity to change.   Self healing is choosing better thoughts and focusing on already being healed. Inspiring quotes remind you of the beauty of life.

I Have Been Self Healing Myself
For Over Twenty Years

I think of my body as a mirror, feedback of my body’s way to communicate to myself if it's out of harmony.  Our body’s natural process is for our body cells to work in harmony, peacefully together, and it will until something affects the harmony.   And what affects the harmony that blocks the natural flow is our thoughts beliefs and attitudes that also affects our chakra energy centers too.

Trailer from "The Living Matrix" movie

Did You Really Catch A Cold?

In self healing we do have to work backwards or opposite to what we have been conditioned into our belief system that everything just happens to us. The belief that we catch a cold, get a disease, or it just happens to us, came out of the blue is an illusion. The illusion through our belief to create us to believe that we have no control or affect on our body.

When we see through those illusions and limiting beliefs we then see the workings of how our thoughts and attitudes are creating our reality and our body’s reactions. Our body is always communicating to us of what has been going on inside of it from our brain.

Let us take a look through the illusion of catching a cold or catching of anything that appears in the illusion of someone else or thing allowing us to catch something.

We were conditioned to believe that germs or viruses can be transmitted to us whether by touching something another sick person has touched, or even through the air we breathe. What really happens is your belief which is a bunch of thoughts gathered together and you gave value to those thoughts and ideas, (usually unconsciously) that creates it to be a belief. This is what you then perceive to be happening under the illusion of catching anything.

In the example that you touch something that another person has already touched, lets say a telephone, and now when you touch it your belief influences your perception that dictates that you just picked up some flu or cold like germs.  

Then you start to notice yourself becoming warm or a running nose, coughing and whatever symptoms the other had that you may have, just observed from them or from being told that other person who used the phone was sick with a flu or cold.

Your belief activates and your perception become in a defense threat mode (low vibration thought), you just touched the phone of the sick person's germs that are contaminated on it, and now you are going to catch and become sick also.

Now I find this so interesting because that is what appears to happen, but it is not what is really going on.  What is really going on is that when you touched the phone it was your beliefs that activated your electrical brain and body current from your thoughts to your body cells that you believe you can catch something that way. So it appears (illusion) that this is true.

But what really went on was that your brain signaled from your beliefs of thoughts and your body actually activated the command (as it is always doing) to create the body cells to perform on command.  The command was a threat (fear reaction) you are going to catch the same sickness as the sick person who touched the phone.

In reality it was the thought that activated the brain and body cells to create the sickness and not catching it from another's germs.

This is something to give some thought to ponder if that is what you believe really occurs in that process because it shows us that nothing can be caught or transmitted to us through our sense of touch, or its in the air unless we think it can.

It Is A Trick Played Upon Us That We Miss

The trick of the illusion of something being transmitted to us as catching something.  We are never catching anything, we are only tricked into believing that is the way it works.  Which then you may try to avoid such catching or transmitting of things, germs, viruses and so on by staying as far away from a sick person or disinfecting the objects before use.

Seeing beyond the trick (illusion) is so empowering because it brings you back to knowing how your brain and body does work, and also allows you to never be affected by any beliefs in catching anything.

I can be around anyone who is sick in anyway and never be affected by the catchy tricky beliefs because I recreated new beliefs that give the new commands.

The command that tells my cells nothing can be affected as in catching something. And what a powerful way to live life because then you do not have to avoid anyone or thing if they are sick.  It will not keep you separated (which is fear) from them, especially if they need help (which is from Love) then you can be available to help them instead of avoid them.

You become sovereign in your health because you are the one consciously picking the thoughts at first and then it does become automatic. And those new thoughts become empowered beliefs that transform into your own knowing, and nothing or no one can ever alter that knowing for your own self, because YOU JUST KNOW IT!  You have experienced it for yourself.

Knowing we are not the victim, we are the powerful creators of our body and life. Gene's do not have to control us as in the old biology, we can control our gene's by our own mindful thoughts.

The Placebo Effect... download link to Joe Dispenza's audio book

In this video Gregg Braden shows a video of real time healing of bladder cancer in a patient. The hospital does not use any medicine, they use their focusing of feelings from their hearts to cure the patient, or pick a new possibility or timeline that the patient is now healthy.

Is Your Body In or Out of Harmony?

If we feel no pain or discomforts then our body is communicating and reflecting back to us that our thoughts, attitudes and reactions are in good shape, our natural process, our natural harmony.  We are instantly forgiving, not doing much judging or blaming, or reacting in negative attitude ways that actually only does harm our own self.

When our body is feeling great we are already in the self healing sustained thoughts and attitudes. Then we know that our thoughts and attitudes are affecting our body and it’s reactions are healthy because we have kept our body cells in harmony and peace.

Trusting our self is being in a state of self healing by being aware of how our body is feeling is the absolute communication that keeps us in awareness and in health.

Whenever, there is any illness or discomfort, that is the signaling for us to stop and ask our self some questions to self healing what is out of harmony. What thoughts have we been entertaining or thinking about lately on a consistent basis?  Have we been using blame or self pity attitudes or become so stressed out over things, people, or situations in our life? How have we been reacting lately about all or some of these things? They will always be the clues that will mirror our feedback to what may seem mysterious when it appears that something has become our of alignment of harmony in your body.

If we are angry on a daily basis about things or others, or the world, regardless what it is, we must ask our own self, is it worth affecting our natural body’s harmony of self healing because of it? When it comes right down to the most essential part of our attitudes of reactions, even if it is in our own thoughts not spoken to anyone else, our body is still picking up the messages, thoughts. If we do continue to then verbally discuss those angry attitudes with another or others we are really expanding more of the same kind of thing and our body is still picking up on it. There is no way of getting away from it.

If you have back pain ponder for awhile to find out what has been going on in your thoughts will be the beginning process of self healing? Have you allowed another to be a “pain in your back” to you, because then you did give your power away to another to let them affect you?  You didn’t really have to. Or is there something going on in your life in regards to really important issues?  Because that is feedback to show you that your back which is a very important part of your body. Your spine is the carrier of the rest of your body. So important life issues can affect your back. Financial pressures can affect your back too since it is like a spine in your life. Or family members, whatever you believe is a strong (spinal) connection to important parts of you life.

What is also interesting to realize is that even if you hurt your back lifting something it still was connected to the previous thoughts about what you deemed important life matters to you.  We must reverse if you want self healing to work, by perceiving it this way. Did you have dominant thoughts about something, or someone that is important that has been bothering in you in your life? Then you hurt your back while lifting something, not the other way around. Hurting your back from doing something exertive was a reaction from the thoughts previously because, if the previous thoughts were changed then you may have asked another to help you lift something and not hurt your back as you originally did.  Or you can create a new idea to believe that you are getting stronger, instead of weaker from doing something.

Change Your Self Talk

Whenever I lift anything heavy I tell myself that I am getting stronger when I lift heavy things.  It does work.  I always feel stronger now whenever I lift things and do not have back pain as I did in the past when I believed that lifting heavy things would hurt my back.  Now I believe that my back and body become stronger.  It truly is amazing how our self talk does create.

Self healing is bringing your body cells back into harmony, thinking will trigger the feelings into harmonious thoughts that create the harmonious attitudes.

Let's use another example of a sore throat and the desire you may have to self healing your throat. Ponder awhile about how you have been expressing things lately, negative or positive. What have you been thinking about that you have wanted to express to another but have not? Maybe you could write out what you feel and then make peace with it and then throw it out. In a course I took decades ago, Dale Carnegie Leadership Course, we were taught to hit pillows to get our any anger that was built up through the years and not released. What a releasing light feeling that is when you are done. The forgiveness comes so easily for yourself and to others who you believe hurt you in some way or whatever the releasing contained.

I did not need to do that practice very long because when I seen how my thoughts and attitudes was all connected to my brain, body and reality I quickly became to know that it is all dependent on my own beliefs, thoughts and attitudes in how my self healing would affect my body. And have been working that same process along.

As I have said before it may take some practice for you to do your own self healing if you have not done it before. If you have then you know how the self healing process goes. Either way it will always be seeing the connections between the thoughts and body to get to know what is really going on. And it is so worth it if you desire to know yourself and heal yourself and then be in sustained health.

We could take every illness, discomfort, dis-ease and do the same thing with it by following it back to our thoughts, feelings and attitudes first, and then work it out from there, inner first and then outer. However that would take a book to link every body feedback to every possible thoughts we dominantly entertain and Louise Hay has done that.

Louise Hay's also teaches the importance of loving ourself first because when we love ourself first our body cells keep that loving harmony. It also flows outwardly in everything and everyone we encounter, we then extend that love that transform our perceptions from our love thoughts and attitudes.

Practicing self healing will give you the proof and feedback for yourself from your body. Then you become to realize that it does not matter what another does or is that affects you, it is how you perceive it to be that will be what the affect will be to you.  Will it be a love attitude, or a fear attitude will make all the difference.  You will know by as your body will always be the mirror and feedback to bring you back to your own self and work from there.

Marisa Peer guides us through a fabulous meditation near the middle of the video.  Another powerful thing she mentioned is using MY and MINE when we want to own whatever it is, and use THE whenever we refer to something we do not want to own.

Joe Dispenza Testimonials

By making peace with everything, not only will your body reflect that feedback to show you by feeling great and healthy in it's well being, you also will see your reality changing to the most amazing experiences. As I keep saying, your life will amaze you how blissful it will become especially when you do self healing while counting your blessings all because your brain and body cells received it all from you to begin with.

My Experiences of Healing

I have healed myself of flu's, colds, migraine's, sinus's, reoccurring back pain that would also affect my legs, improved eyesight, depression, panic disorder, infections, sensitive gums, weight gain to weight release, my heart, body aches and much more.

I know this seems like quite a list of disharmony, however they were my opportunities to experiment with self healing and also become familiar with the unwanted ideas and beliefs I had and no longer wanted.

The years of my journey to trust myself and rewiring my brain to be able to heal deliberately everything I had in my past creating without my awareness at the times. I didn't have the knowledge until I went looking for it, and through it all I evolved into the wisdom of healing through my experiences for myself of how our thoughts, beliefs do create our body to be unwell or well. In other words in harmony of it's natural functioning, or in disharmony of it's natural functioning. I realized that I myself was getting in the way of my own harmony because of old conditioning programs and beliefs.

I did it without a doctor or medication. My experiences proved over and over to me that we really are what we think and that can become so empowering. It will always be from our own experiences to know the difference and the proof for our own self.  You can read more about in my book, either in kindle or paperback.

The video below is recent and I have just added it to this older webpage and Gregg Braden says it all in this one video.

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