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Donation is Greatly Appreciated

Your appreciation gift amount of $8.00 or more, if you choose to donate is greatly appreciated by me,  and by universal energy ... because when you're giving from your heart, it's a high vibe blessing us both as Being DIVINELY WORTH it.  Then you are "re-energizing the money energy with Pure Love, and it will also return in some way back to you also in Love.  And for your giving, I'd like to also give back to you a few powerful TIPS.  These TIPS are Universal and create Great Mindset changes concerning abundant prosperity. 

Tip 1...The number 8 symbolizes INFINITY, unlimited abundance, and when we focus on abundance, we then see it all around, it's always been there but because of lack mindset, most miss it.  In true reality, abundance is everywhere.  Just take a look at all the blades of grass, all the trees, all the stores, people spending money and receiving money everywhere.  Your mind will begin to perceive the unfolding abundance everywhere you look.   

TIP 2...Begin every day to really be open to seeing the abundance and prosperity that's all around us, by doing this you begin to release unstuck old limited programming of lack.  Also remind yourself repetitiously of the Universal l:aw that "what you give out comes back to you multiplied," and the importance of energizing your giving with LOVE.  And be open to noticing how it will also return to you multiplied, this is the RECEIVERSHIP ENERGY.

TIP 3...As a prosperity practice you can begin right now, before you press the "Pay Button" PAUSE and EMOTIONALLY AFFIRM to yourself the intentional vibratory energy of LOVE and feel it, "every time I spend money, more money comes back to me" and then click the button.  This way you are creating a shift in your mindset from lack consciousness to abundant prosperity consciousness, and cleaning the money energy with love too. 

When you do this repetitiously every time you spend money, your expectations to be an open receiver for the energy will eventually become second nature to always be receiving whenever you give. Instead of giving with the mindset energy attitude of having less money because of what you spent.  You are then in alignment with the Unlimited Infinite Universal Force.  This is a real mindset energy changer.

I infinitely thank you for your appreciation prosperity vibe gift, Anna

When you click the Donation Button, rest assured you will land on a page that is encrypted and secure. Your information is safe with PayPal, one of the largest payment processors on the Internet.

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