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Here you will find Websites that empower, inspire and expand your consciousness with knowledge and information.

Lucid Mind Center Your Mind Power is the Key to Your Happiness! It is already within you and all ready at your disposal - you just need to activate it.

Positive Energy A website designed to promote positive energy and goodwill. It's dedicated as a tribute to Dominick D. DeRose, an attorney in Houston, Texas.

Vibe Mindset is a website dedicated to Neville Goddard's wisdom and teachings through the guidance and help of Dr. Jay Cavanaugh.

Remote Healing Remote healing - LTA personal development - to fundamentally improve personality, health and all kinds of problems and circumstances in life, example treatments on the website.

Psychic Mystic Discover your Psychic Ability and participate in the transition to the coming age of peace.

Breathing Development Research, Education, Services, Programs for Superior Health, Peak Performance, Life Extension. Better breathing is possible for everyone.

Healing Journeys Enjoy your journey to healing the state of your well being your wealth, abundance your relationships. Welcome on board! You can harness these energies and combine them with nature's which will allow you to improve every aspect of your life, physical, emotional and financial.
Live - Love - Life

Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts Resources for people who need guidance & inspiration to overcome challenges, develop new ways of thinking, assist in reaching your goals on your journey of personal growth and wealth creation. Many free public domain books available, come see.

Ultimate Wealth made Easy If you have the desire I will take you by the hand and teach you basic strategies and mindsets so you too can achieve ultimate wealth.

Mind 4 Joy A personal and intense blog where, I address making the difficult conscious choices to live with joy, purpose, and courage. I share my thoughts on spiritual power, relationships, simple living, managing stress, work-life balance, career decisions, money, politics, the environment, and more.

Metaphysics for Better Living Learning how to naturally combine metaphysics and God into a beautiful way of living. We live in a spiritual universe and we have creative powers. God has given us natural laws and once understood and incorporated into our lives we will see dramatic results.

Tai Chi Life The online portal for Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Healing, Meditation and Taoist philosophy in the UK. information and more videos on Tai Chi Chuan and QiGong and healing and meditation and Taoism! Enjoy.

Develop Your Self Esteem Discover how to create a relationship with the most important person in your life - You!

Vedic Astrology Om Astrology.com is a web portal for astrological services for various matters like education, career, business, health, love, marriage, children and other aspects & events of human life. We follow ancient Vedic Astrology and all predictions are based on moon sign.

Law of Attraction Website This law of attraction website shows how to use the law of attraction and universal laws for wealth, health, and happiness.

PsychicAccess Talk Radio
The net's best psychic talk radio network.
Great shows with great guests, this network will
keep you entertained and informed.

Abraham- Hicks


Reality Shifters experiences ... Cynthia Sue Larson   

Coast to Coast Radio

Bruce Lipton
Dr. Joe Dispenza
News for the Soul
Dr. Lee Pulos

What the Bleep Movie & Website
Wayne Dyer
Vincent J. Daczynski Amazing Abilities
Tom Campbell
Tolly Burkan
Gregg Braden

Norman Doidge MD
Remote Viewing
Super Consciousness Magazine
Seth Jane Roberts learning Center
Loiuse Hay

 Hidden Meanings
Martin Brofman
Institute of Heart Math
Monroe Institute
Noetic Science
Law of Attraction Radio

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