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Inspirational books can be great guidance when we resonate with what we are reading.  They can help us expand our growth as we absorb ourselves through the pages as they magically transform as we read.  Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, poetry or how to books, all books that pull us in and keep us interested is worth sharing with others.     

Latest Books I've Read

I have really enjoyed finding Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy books and teachings.

Books Connect Us

All books that we read and especially when they keep our interest can take us anywhere as our imagination through thoughts and emotions that are triggered as we read.  From page to page, chapter to chapter, especially the books when you get to the end of them, we want more.  Books you have read do that to you all the time, so we have such an appreciation and love for books and the authors who share whatever they have to share with us through the tools/mediums of information of words through books.

We really are intimately connected with the author as we read through the pages of their book.  It’s like one on one mental interaction and if we expand further to realize that any other who is also reading the book, whether past of future are also intermingledly interactive, especially if the reader is aware of it going on.

Have you experienced that?  Allow you mind to focus on not only the author, however also when the author was writing through the medium of words that are unified in energy that is sustains on the pages.  But also of any other individual energy that’s still present in the energy medium of the words as information.  It’s quite the experience to experience that intimate deep unified connection of energy that is still lingering throughout the book.  It’s actually similar to remote viewing.

The magnificent technology of downloading books really has transformed into the most amazing experience of wanting a book, and within a few seconds have it and be reading it.  This shows us already how much we have evolved to be able to experience such a quickening of receiving something we want instantly.

This is a tremendous shift of change when we notice it compared to our past way of reading.  Being able to also notice other individuals highlights along with adding your own to be shared with others.  It’s so amazing when we really appreciate these changes that sometimes can be taken for granted.

Great Example of
Picking up Information without Reading

I am only half way through the book, “The Physics of Miracles” by Richard Bartlett, and it’s a fabulous book with great reminders and examples of experiencing the impossible, fabulously inspirational. 

 Richard explains about a man at one of his seminars that was illiterate, however passionately desired to be able to read books.  So what he did was go to the library and whatever book propelled an urge to him, he borrowed, and would put the book under his pillow, and the information of the book would come through to him.  Richard explains the reason that can occur is because of the same reason that I came upon the insight while reading and writing books, that our energy goes into books as we read or write and becomes imprinted in the energy field.  So whenever anyone reads the book they pick up on energies of others who have read it and the author also who wrote it too.  Of course this all makes sense since everything is energy and we know that consciousness envelops imprints into entangled fields like a vortex of energy when tuned in we pick up on it.

 A couple times in the past few weeks I have experienced with my eyes closed, seeing all kinds of information magnify so highlighted clearer than any physical writings.  It was the most amazing experience, not only seeing the information but also feeling it deep within myself too.

Have any of you also experienced this?  If you have share it on the “Miracles” book link that I added of another of my reads I have shared in the submission.  Below are more inspirational books that I've read this year.

Books I have Read Recently

You can submit any recent inspirational books you have read or any books that comes to mind that you have read in the past that you’d like to share so that we can also read them if we have not yet.  Enter the title of the book, and the author, and a bit describing the book and how it resonated or helped you, or that it was just an enjoyable read. 

I will start and share a couple of inspirational books I have read recently, and enter them by submitting too.   So if anyone wants to discuss them, we can.  When you share the books you have read and you can also add how it inspired you, or how you resonated with it, how it was insightful or just enjoyable.

 Here are links where you can read two books for free.

I recently read a series of inspirational books titled,  Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, really gets to the purposeful reasons of enlightenment, so inspirational.

Enlightenment 0, Illusions is another book that's so heartfelt, well it was for me, and so inspirational, it's for free, so go check it out.

Inspirational Books for 2014

As we continue to evolve so does our energy sync us to come across similar books that match our vibrational energy, here are a few that I'd like to share that I found very inspiring and insightful that I've recently read.

In these two videos, I am quite sure you will find many confirmations and added insights with great reminders on your infinite path.

Have You Read any Great Books Lately?

Have you read any really inspirational or enjoyable books lately? Then share some of the titles with us.

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