Power-Boost your Day
Being Focused and Aware
as Soon as You Wake Up

How Do You Know if You Need to Boost your Day?

You need to Power-Boost your day if you continually fall into negative, fear energy thoughts and feelings during your day. Even if it's once in awhile, that is showing you that you still need to have daily reminders to keep your focus and awareness on yourself until it becomes your new daily habitual way of being. When you no longer fall into the lower vibrations, when everything that comes out verbally when you speak, and all that you think becomes from love instead of judgment, then you no longer need reminders every day. But until then it will be the most powerful key to use all reminders especially when you begin your day to keep the flow going. Listening to any inspiring video or recording will bring you into that divine infinite flow.

Video's To Start Your Day

Power-Boost your day beginning from the time you awake from your sleep, and your whole day by being consciously aware at where your attention is by keeping your focus on your desires. Since you know everything is energy then it is up to your own self to continually add the energy you want to everything you come in contact with all day long. If you do not do this then you are leaving your day and creations up to old programming that usually is in alignment through law of attraction to creating mostly not what you want. This is the reason it is so important to power- boost your thoughts and everything you come into contact with from the beginning of your day and all day long and even before you go to sleep. It takes constant self awareness and re-watching these video's can be the best reminders.  Even if it means getting up 15 minutes earlier t listen to any of these video's in the first hour you awake.

Tom Campbell video about Intention. 

Power-Boost Your Thoughts about Everything

I know you know that thoughts really do matter literally and whatever you are thinking is simultaneously creating how you feel too. This reminder cannot be repetitious enough if you are not aware of the power you are constantly adding to everything. Just by being aware as much as possible throughout the day makes all the difference in creations and manifesting and all you are being attracted to all day long and the next day and so on.

Creating Potential Powerful Thoughts to Add to External Objects

Being aware of many of the objects you come in contact with throughout your day that you use every day can be a power-boost conduit to energize each object as a great reminder every time you come into contact with the object. Every mug or glass you drink out of power-boost it first with a desired outcome and do it until you notice that each time you touch the mug the new automatic thoughts come to your mind over the old thoughts that it’s just a mug.

Do the same thing with what is in the mug or glass too, create the triggered memory of whatever you are drinking that it's creating the best beneficial reminder so that eventually when you drink it, it's powerful. You can do the same things with pens, computer mouse, when you wash your hands, brush your hair, your vehicle, eveything. The more you do it with different objects, the better reminders all through the day from the objects new thoughts you have inserted.

You are a Powerful Manifestor All Day Long

Knowing that it’s you who is creating all day long gives you quite the power-boost because when you really really know it, you take all your power back from everyone else and from everything and objects you come in contact with. Knowing your are creating all day long means that you don’t have to be waiting for your manifestations, since you are creating all the time, all you have to do is be more aware on keeping your thoughts on what you want instead of leaving it up to just old reactions. This gives you more affirmation and proof that you are only delaying your manifestations because of old beliefs that you can constantly be changing when you power-boost your day with awareness.

Listening to this video of Abraham reminding you of the powerful Manifestor you are daily. Maybe even listen to all video's on this page daily is a powerful way to start your day and listening to them before going to sleep too and or anytime you need a power-boost.

It’s too easy to let others and old programs stir us off our blissful creational path and it’s when we remind ourselves repetitiously is when it also becomes automatic naturally, then our life transforms in the most amazing ways.

Very powerful video of clips from Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton and Nassim Haramein to use as a reminder of our power when we know it.

Creating with your heart instead of your brain. Dr James Heart tested the creation process and research confirms it. Drunvalo Melchizedek explains the difference from creating from our heart compared to creating from our brain that creates the duality.

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