Profound Reality Keys

Profound Reality Keys is a Compilation of teachings from different teachers that I, and most of us have found to be the most profound ways to manifesting what we want, and keeping us on the infinite track.  The more consciously aware we become, the more intuition and higher information comes available to us. 

As we think, feel from the being level of unconditional love, which is the highest Source, we are being our powerful and most effective and evolved being through every day encounters and experiences.

Theses profound reality keys are great reminders and will help bring conscious manifesting to a specific point to knowing the nature of reality, and how we can most effectively use the knowledge as our own wisdom.  We can perceive it as we are growing into our real self, or revealing our real self. We are stripping away all the error programming we’ve been conditioned with that keeps us knowing our true self.

Knowledge only Transforms
into Wisdom when we Experience
It for Ourselves

This is one of the most profound reality keys.  We are constantly learning and growing as conscious awareness and gain more power the more we learn and experience what we’ve learned.  This learning is usually accepted through our intellect and then as we progress what we’ve learned, it becomes into our being level emotionally. Which is what we refer to as second nature, a new habit that we no longer have to “think-intellect” about and instead we just are it without thinking, it’s just the natural way we are.

We then go from AHA moments to WALLA experiences.  We then know it’s true because we’ve experienced it and no one can take that truth away from us.  

Intuition becomes Clearer and We
Trust it over our Intellect

More profound reality keys of insightful advanced intuition becomes available to us.   Intuition becomes clear and we follow the guidance of our intuition over our intellect. 

Our intellect will usually be very rational, and our intuitive guidance may be irrational and not make sense to the intellect.  Because our intuition is from more advanced evolved sources. 

Don't Investigate,
Instead Ask Is the Info Useful

This is another very important profound reality key.  Whenever we come across any information, be it a book, a video, a voice or vision, don't allow the intellect to take us on a journey of investigating where the info is coming from.  Because all that does is take us on a detour away from just using the information. 

Fabulous useful information can pop up in so many ways to help us. But if we allow ourselves to become distracted through more investigation, we waste allot of time when we could just be using the useful information instead to our benefit. 

Tom Campbell said it something like this, don't ask if the info is legitimate or credible or where did it come from, just ask yourself is it useful info.  This is keeping in alignment with the above key, higher guidance and intuition most of the time is not rational.  Won't make sense to what we've been taught through society's conditioning.

Desires are Answers to All Problems
We are Experiencing

Another very profound reality key is that any problem or challenge we are going through, desires that pop up as ideas are the answer to those problems, Neville Goddard teaching.  Then we focus upon the desires as already done, manifested, using whatever reality tools or techniques convinces us to accept the desire as our experience

Eventually with enough practice and experiences, we become to think and feel in ways that the best desires naturally become our reality as effortless manifesting.

Advanced Choices Become Available to Us as We Become More Aware

Another profound reality key is ... as we continue to evolve in love, which is expanding our consciousness as we become more aware, more advanced choices become available to us compared to the norm.  As an example, the norm uses the medical system and pharmaceutical medicine, and their authority is doctors. 

As we evolve we know more and can do more.  Advance choices to become our own authority, to heal ourselves becomes available to make our choice from.   Eventually, when we are the One Source, health issues never develop because we are that love, harmony, and living in perfect embodiment.

The same is for everything including money.  We begin to see the false error of lack which eventually transforms into infinite perception of absolute abundance.  We see mostly everything we were taught or conditioned to believe is opposite of the real truth.  

Stripping Away the Error Programming

This profound reality key is most fundamental.  We are Consciousness not our body or character personality we play and develop.  We can know what we need to work on by how we react in all situations and encounters in our life.  These reactions are from our being level and as we strip away the error data programming’s, our being level develops into a love being.  The one that was covered up with all the ego programming. 

If our reactions are of fear, anger and low emotions, then we now know what to work on to transform it to love.  This is the work we do to clean up (as Hooponopono) technique does.  Just by being aware of our automatic reactions is how we know what’s covering up our real selves.

How we Interpret 
Everything is what We Experience

Another profound reality key is how we intrepid everything is what we experience.  As an example… if another is rude to me and I intrepid it and take it personally instead of just seeing it as data/info playing out, or acting out.  Then I just clean the data and bring it back to love/source and respond compassionately. Then all my interactions will be loving, no matter what’s going on with the other.

When we work on changing as much as we can to intrepid as love, then any negative situation will result in the highest benefits.  An example with money.  If we intrepid when we spend money that we have less, we will have less money.  But if we intrepid when we spend money, we are circulating it, and remind ourselves often enough that whatever we spend we will also receive back, that’s what will begin to occur.  We’ll notice it.

We Give Meaning to Everything

This profound reality key is in alignment with the above one of how we intrepid everything.  Everything has meaning, and most of the meanings given to everything is from past conditionings we accepted without infinite intelligence.  We get to give conscious aware meaning to everything, which changes the outcome of how we experience reality.

The easiest way is to intrepid and give the best most positive, the love meaning, instead of fear to everything and everything. Then our experiences will unfold into the best most advanced loving experiences.

Thinking/Feeling OF the Desire
v/s Thinking/Feeling FROM the Desire

This profound reality key is so important in conscious manifesting.  Neville Goddard explained that just this one thing made all the difference in manifesting what we want or not manifesting what we want. 

If we are thinking OF the desire, then we have not accepted it as a truth for ourselves and this will keep our desires always out of reach.  But when we think FROM the desire as already fulfilled, then we are accepting it as truth.  To continually think and feel FROM the desire as already fulfilled,  it will manifest.  How subtle and profound of a shift is that!

Knowing Who We are Being v/s Intellectually Acting

Another profound reality key and Tom Campbell says it so clearly.  When we get rid of beliefs and fear, nothing triggers us but love and joy, we naturally stay peaceful as a natural Being of Love.

It's so hard to find the beliefs and the fears.  But it's really easy to find the ego, and the ego is where the beliefs and fears hide.  All we have to do is be authentic and react without acting, which is our being level.  Acting is from our intellect.  And if we react with any negativity, then we know what we have to work on to let go of, until we can naturally respond unconditionally loving.

An example is being happy.  We can act happy but deep down in our being level (which is our feelings) we can feel very unhappy.  So we are hiding our true feelings by acting nice.  It's a great social tool but not a very good way to know what's hidden as fears and beliefs.  To get to the root of fear and beliefs, just observe how you really feel with anything or anyone.

The benefits are enormous and ever lasting.  The benefits also include using the ONE POWER that literally makes the impossible possible.

The Most Fundamental Profound Reality Key Is
Who We Identify As Changes Everything

Another fundamental profound reality key that changes everything is who we identify as.  When we are identified as the body/personality, then we are very limited and restrained in our manifesting abilities because we are not getting the true unlimited power that is available. 

When we stay identified as Aware Consciousness, the Source from All that Is, then we stay on the infinite love track with everything.  We are also able to use unlimited power and resources that are not available to the norm, or personality/characters.  If we could just be our true selves through everything, everything always stays in the love divine flow.  You can read Neville Goddard's lecture on occupying the mood.

Profound Reality Key
The Way to Know If We Have
Changed or Not

How we respond will show us if the work we’ve done on ourselves is accepted and is now working.  All we have to do is notice how we respond/react to any situation, encounter or experience. 

If we are still reacting the old way, then we know we still haven’t changed within.  But when we naturally respond the new way, as if the reality is the way we prefer it to be, then we know we have changed, and reality will reflect that change.  We will see our desire manifested, we’ll see the proof.

Being Thankful in Advance

Being thankful in advance, and really feeling it as real is a signature that it has already happened.  We must ignore the present unwanted reality we’re experiencing, and give all emotional attention to what we prefer instead.  This brings it into experiencing what we are already thankful for as our experience. 

Also realizing that Being into Feeling thankful is still being separated from the ONE true self we are, because being thankful implies two, not one.   Mooji explains, "does the mouth thank the hand when it gives it food? " No, it's all the same ONE.  Even when we know who we really are, we can still use "thankful feelings" to get us into the feeling of joy as the desire already fulfilled.  Thankfulness is a tool that stirs us into the end result feeling we'd feel when we've manifested our desire already.

Neville Goddard said, "We are the OPERANT POWER.  I am communing with myself.  And if I give thanks for what has happened, I don't give it to you (another) I give it to the Being-Within-Me constant praise for this miraculous power that is housed within me"

No Separation of Higher Self only Our True Self/Source is Revealed and We Live IT

There’s no higher self, or actually no separation from our higher self when we are totally consciously aware of who we are, and what we are being.   When we completely from our journey eventually become what was refer to as the higher self, there’s no subconscious.  We are present conscious awareness in every moment and our thoughts, feelings, words are our command.  Of course this is the journey we are on, especially after SR … to grow into this knowingness or realization of this discovering of what we unveiled.  And live only from that true ONE source of Love.  

Profound Quotes

Practice the repetition of imagining and saying a statement 1000 times a day, if necessary.  Joseph Murphy

Get your mind off the problem and onto the end result of feeling your wish already fulfilled.    Neville Goddard

It takes a great deal of courage to admit to yourself that if you are sick, frightened, frustrated or defeated, you have brought these conditions on yourself, no one but yourself can get rid of them..

No matter how much your mind tortures and tries to detour you, persist, for it is only your lack of faith that’s in error.

Whenever my attention wonders away from the true power I am, stop and bring it back into focus.

Behind every problem, there's a question trying to ask itself.  Behind every question, there's an answer trying to reveal itself.  Behind every answer, there's an action trying to take place.  And behind every action, there's a way of life trying to be learn.  Michael Beckwith

Don’t blame others for our own problems even if they appear as the cause.  It’s because of our own error in judgment.

 Tom Campbell’s  ... Digital Information, just data, our reality is our interpretation of the data.  The data is not coming through the senses, our data is coming in through our consciousness and we are interpreting it.  Our body and senses are just metaphors we use to describe data for explaining the data. 

When you know who you really are, Pure Powerful Consciousness, nothing is impossible.

" If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."  Dalai Lama X1V

Problems don't exist at higher levels. Mooji

“My job here on Earth is twofold. My job is first of all to awaken people who might be asleep. Almost everyone is asleep. The only way I can awaken them is to work on myself.  Take 100% responsibility”    Dr Hew Len

 Simply put, Ho’oponopono means, “to make right,” or “to rectify an error.”

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