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Infinite-Manifesting Site Map 2 is the continued page from Infinite-Manifesting Site Map 1 page. With more web pages of information, more articles, and videos.  Bringing self awareness and knowledge of the nature of reality into experienced wisdom.


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Answers to Questions

Sharing your evolving Insights

Use these videos to Empower Yourself Every Day

Take the 30 day Challenge, are You ready to Commit

My books in paperback and kindle

Ego versus Infinite Being

Powerful Purposes in Your challenges

Faster Manifestations


Infinite Possibilities, Impossible to Possible

Loving Your Desires


Focusing Power Manifestations, Pure Unaltered Focus

Your Heart is the Most Powerful Guidance

Trust is the Key to Manifesting Your Desires


Evolving Wisdom

Are You in the State of Being to Create the Reality You Want?


To See or Experience IT, we must Believe It

Perceptions Changes Genes DNA

What we don't want creates the Contrast to knowing what we do want


Being Your Story

Genius Gene in Your DNA

Immortality is a Conscious Choice

Physical Immortality

Do You know Your Life Theme

2012 and Beyond


What Multiple Personality Disorder can Show Us

PMS can be an Altered Multiple Personality

Affecting Weather

Transforming Everything to Bliss

Releasing Your Past

Extraordinary Living

Stars in the Night Sky, What Could Be Beyond

DNA Symptoms you may go through as you Evolve

The Power of I AM Vortex

Owning the Impossible to Experience the Impossible

More Evolving Wisdom

Remote Viewing

Lack Illusion 

Infinite Worlds

Luck or Creation

Are You where Your Attention is

Natural Sleep Patterns

Challenges as TV Bloopers

Spirits on Cameras

Switching Realities Journal

Transforming Consciousness Realities

Vibration Frequency Codes

Reality Tools, Do You still need them

Data Field of Info

Body is Precognitive

Past Changes

Future Now Words

Conspiracy Illuminated

New You Now

Infinite Processes

Natural Meditation

Unity Perception

Love's Evolution

Misperseptions and Aligning the Focus

Emotional Affirmations

Infinite Conditioning

I Am Peace

Evolved Dying


Peak Awareness

Mastered Manifestations

Divine Confidence


What does Valentine's mean for you? Let the mirror show You

Halloween Paranormal

Do other People drain you like vampires?  Take your power back

Christmas Spirit all Year

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