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2018 Blog Archives of profound reminders and information that helps to keep you focused on manifesting reality you prefer and staying in the state of pure being of love as you expand your consciousness.

A Great Profound Video

Neville Goddard says it … right on. This audio/video is a great reminder to start the day with.

Profound Video on Awakening

Tom Campbell and Jürgen Ziewe: A Physicist and an Artist Speak about Consciousness, awakening and evolution

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Protected from Devastating Fires through Their Focus!

Ramtha student in Argentina protected from devastating Fires through Their Focus.

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New Species of Co Creaors

This is a great video about knowing and finding your hearts true desire. Compass of Joy. But it is only available for 24 hours for free.Enjoy!

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Is the Chattering Mind still Getting in the Way?

n this video Mooji gives great reminders of how persistent we must be to not allow the ego chattering to get in the way of our true self, and from detouring from our true intuitive desires to manifest.

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Evolution and Necessity of Stress for Change

In this GaiaTv video, which you can watch for free in the next 48 hours. How stress is a necessity for evolutionary changes when environments change. How quickly DNA and species can change.

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Virtual Reality; Why Should You Care?

Tom Campbell explains reasons of knowing that Virtual Reality is important for us.

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Virtual Realty Experiments

Tom Campbell's Crowd funding produced almost double the expectation of the money needed to begin the experiments that would prove that our reality is information and virtual.

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Reverse Aging Research

Many scientist along with so many others have already begun experimenting with reverse aging. If they are successful with dogs, humans may be next. It seems the Crispr is the big breakthrough that will change everything because it changes the info directly in the cells.

Which of course the exact same thing is done when we stay focused on any desire we want to be fulfilled. Whether in the body or changing physical reality just by reprogramming by staying focused on feeling it is already done till we see the change.

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CRISPR/Cas9 system

Scientists reprogram T Cells to target autoimmune diseases. The breakthrough which involves the CRISPR/Cas9 system will allow T cells (the cells which fire up our immune response) to recognize infections with greater specificity, and eliminate the need to use viruses for transferring DNA to target cells.

Most importantly in the 3rd paragraph of the article, "Instead, an ELECTIRCAL field makes T cell membranes more permeable (temporarily), and ready to accept CRISPR-edited DNA. Previous research attempts usually meant inserting long strands of DNA into T cells -- which are responsible for the body's immune response"

An electrical field is pointing more towards it is all INFORMATION. All they are doing is changing the information, old programming to new programming of information.

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Personal Growth or Service to Humanity?

The question ... which should be more of a priority, Personal Growth or Service to Humanity? In this short video Vishen Lakhiani profoundly answers that question. For us who have consistently been and will always be on the path of evolving ourselves, that simultaneously is also a great service to humanity. So it's a win win path.

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Ken Wiber

Understanding awakening is just the beginning, not the end of a journey. Owning our negative emotions so we can finally be released from their pull.

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Wisdom Teachings

This video from Gaia TV is free to watch through this link only for the next 48 hours. David Wilcox gives scientific proof and interesting research and experiments done that proves our intentions influence reality. Heart Emotions of Unconditional Love is the key. Great confirmations throughout the video.

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New DNA Structure Found

"Scientists have identified a new DNA structure inside living human cells that looks like a twisted “knot”.Called the i-motif, the DNA form has been described as “a four-stranded knot of DNA” and is different to the more well-known double helix structure.The discovery was made by researchers from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia."

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10 Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2017

Ten of the greatest breakthroughs of 2017 breaking through what in the past seemed to be impossible, is now possible.

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