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he Benefits of Fasting  

When I was young I intuitively knew and experienced when I didn't eat I felt better, stayed thin and had lots of energy. However, after all the conditioned beliefs about eating, I then questioned my original intuition. Now it is proven fact from all the research done that fasting (not eating) is the most beneficial for being healthy, thin and having lots of energy

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Youthing or Aging is a Choice

In case you miss this article I just added to the physical immortality webpage about youthing v/s aging and that it is really a choice.

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The Strongest Man

Rev Kev moves a plane and can do many extraordinary things. Click the link and it will take you to "Beyond the Norm" webpage and his video is the first video on the page. Also read the article in the link above the video. How getting into the Zone of our True Self, the Real Source is the key.

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How Big is Your Plastic Blueprint?

This is very profound to know your own plastic blueprint. So that you can begin to eliminate as much plastic from your daily use.

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What Scientists have Done with Cloning

We all had the foresight intuitively when we first heard of Cloning decades ago. Mostly fearfully seeing how it may unfold when we first heard about it. Now we get to see how those future insights have played out.

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We Become Bored for a Reason

I found this very interesting and confirming that there is a part of our brain called the Ventral Striatum (or the Seeking System) that Urges us to explore new boundaries.

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Mirrored Universe

We know from Seth/Jane Roberts that wrote and explained allot about other dimensions and fragment selves, and some of us have even experienced other dimensions. Science fiction writer's of movies and series depicts its realities. It's wild how long it take science decades to catch up with it all.

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Great Bashar reminder that the Past, Present and Future are within ourselves.

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Trust is the Power

I love this reminder video of Mooji confirming that Genuine Trust is the Power.

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Wim Hof can control his immune system along with many other beyond the norm abilities. Immersed in ice water for almost two hours. Very inspiring showing us that positive stress allows us to go beyond what seems impossible.

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Entering the SuperConscious Zone

I desired an answer to a challenge I am going through. Then intuition led me to this article and I received my answer. Funny thing is that I knew the answer all along but my chattering ego got in the mix for a bit. The article is by Sri Nithyananda and I love the story of the 2 frogs and the snake. It's so great that life is becoming more effortless and in flow when we are living as the snake and the frogs so naturally from our hearts.

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Physical Immortality

I just read a very interesting article about Physical Immortality. Check it out, it's worth reading.

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Soul Walk In's

Could you be a spiritual or Soul walk in of a soul transference? Read more about it through this link.

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