2021 Blog Archive 

So much has gone on in the world in 2021. 

Filled with misinformation and changes that could not go without mentioning it in the blog.  There is also inspiration and encouragement too through videos to see the bigger picture and keep the trust knowing a new world is on the horizon for the better.

Joe Rogan and Dr Peter Mccullough

This is a short clip from Joe Rogan interview with Dr Peter Mccullough.

Joe Rogan & Dr Peter Mccullough

Great Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Peter Mccullough.  The full interview.

Wonderful Explanation of Meditation

"a sansyashi who stayed in Himalayas for many years"

What Reality Do You Prefer

What reality do you prefer to be living in presently? Now is a most perfect time to be holding the focus on a preferred timeline.

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Lots of Neville

What a perfect time to revisit Neville Goddard's wisdom. This website has lots of Neville lectures and books you can read. Great profound reminders in taking our power back from any fears and continuing to fulfilling your desires.

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What a Profound and Great Message

Jean Houston says it so profoundly, it is time for us.  We came here to do this as she says, "breakdowns to break throughs "The above link is a few minutes of an interview. A full speech is in the video below.

All the World Believe a Lie

Very profound great reminder of the power of our own immune system and power within ourselves. Whatever is happening to us is from a belief. If what's occurring is negative, then it's from a false error of thoughts repeated. It then can be neutralized to zero and focused upon for the new belief to become that is of our preferences.

Stop Believing the Lie

This is a great reminder from Joseph Murphy to knowing that all the power comes from within.

Bruce Lipton & Marianne Williamson

Very inspiring podcast with Bruce and Marianne.

Bruce Lipton

Loving Bruce Lipton's humor with some his videos. In case you missed any of his videos they can be found through the link below.

Nick Hudson

Nick Hudson is the co-founder of Panda which is a more secure platform for others to express truths about covid. I also added the video to the natural immunity webpage.

More Truth about Covid & Vaccines

MP Derek Sloan and Dr. Bryon Bridle who is a Vaccinologist and their wisdom and experiences about covid and vaccines. Also others that are speaking up about how the public is being mislead.

It is All a Game

Alan Watts reminds us of the most profound truth.

A List of Dr Hew Len & Others of Hooponopono Articles 

Here is a list of really great profound articles and interviews with Dr Len and others. One of the most important pointers is that we are not healing another, instead we are erasing what is inside of ourself that causes their problems. 100% Responsibility. This seems as the most perfect time to be doing hooponopono for everything that is going on personally and globally.

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Great Reminder from Dr Len video

Dr Len did Hooponopono, cleaning as he refers to it for the hospital in which he worked. Through 100% responsibility within himself as he read each patients file, each patient was eventually released. We can do this for the world now. If ever it was needed, it is now.

LauraLynn interviews Reiner Fuellmich

This is a more in depth interview and has even more information with Reiner Fuelmich. LauraLynn had her youtube channel taken down and is now on Brand New Tube which this interview is on. Near the end of the video it is so great to know there is hope.

I also, as all of you must imagine (Neville Goddard revision technique) that that our loved ones that did get the vaccines, did get the placebo ones that was spoken about in the interview, and they will all be fine.

This is also what we've all known that had to come about for big changes. Everything needed to get to the extremes to break down the corrupt systems to have the changes that will be our new future.

International Human Rights Attorney

It is so great to see a international human rights attorney Reiner Fuellmich working with many others to fight all this cover up.

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Robert Lanza Article on Dreams

For quite a long time I have contemplated about dreams. Some of our dreams are so real until we wake, we'd never know the difference and would continue in that reality if we didn't wake up.

I also contemplated how I can dream of others, yet upon waking up, I realized the people I was just dreaming about who were so alive in my dream, upon awakening were doing things in their own life. Example my son in my dream and then realizing he in waking reality is at home cutting his grass. Yet how was he in my dream? Which one is the real one?

In waking reality he is at home? Then all the ideas of "versions" came to mind. They are all our own versions of others as Seth channeled through Jane Roberts has specifically described numerous times through Seth's books.

Dreams are just another reality, or dimension. We have many descriptive names for reality and they change throughout the decades. The newest understanding to describe all these other dimensional realities as dreams, daydreams, imaginings etc... are now referred to as virtual realities. And of course, Self Realization is totally awakening from all realities to the One Source.

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Robert Lanza

I was referred by a friend to Robert Lanza's article on dreams which seems to be spot on. From their I was interested in his book, The Grand Biocentric Design: How Life Creates Reality. This link is to his website where there is many articles and videos.

Science is now coming to the wisdom of realization of what yogi's and all spiritualism has always known. It seems to be the separation of the two are now rejoining once again.

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New Physicians Alliance

New Physicians Alliance to bring the truth out to the people of what they are doing to the doctors that have been helping people since the pandemic began.

Dr Scott Atlas

Dr Atlas states the truth of natural immunity.

Enough is Enough

There is more and more proof of our own natural immunity to any virus. This PLANdemic is way out of hand now.

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A Profound Reminder from Seth"s Wisdom

"You are exactly what you think you are, and every thought is mirrored in physical matter of the human organism. Each individual creates subconsciously the physical matter of their own image, and it follows that the condition of this image is each's own responsibility.

You yourselves construct not only your own physical image, but indeed your own physical environment. And that you have constructed, you then respond to through the outer senses, and you react to what you have subconsciously created.

You construct the dream universe in the same manner that you construct the physical universe. In the dream universe there is no need for the permanence of image, or the apparent permanence of image that occurs in the physical universe.

Consciousness is the direction in which the Self looks."For more seth click the link.

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Natural Immunity versus Vaccines

Israel did the research that proves that natural immunity is the best defense for covid and delta variant. We already know that we are sovereign beings and our own immune system is the best over anything else.

So it's great to see the research from scientists proving it."Law professor who sued the school over its COVID-19 vaccine mandate was granted a medical exemption by the school on Tuesday"

Profound Truths from Jim Carrey

I love Jim Carrey's expression of profound gems of truth.

Technology V/S True Power

Back to the Future

Fun short profound video made by Bruce Lipton.

Re-Dreaming the World

Shunyamurti speaks about White magic and re-dreaming the world.

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