3D Reality Mirror

3D Reality Mirror is the reality that is already been created, became physical from whatever we have been putting our attention upon long enough.  It is really interesting to contemplate especially when we realize that many times we unconsciously create or pick realities that we do not prefer when we think, feel, or automatically react from old programming. 

Seth said it something like this, you create reality and forget that you were the one who created it, and then you look at what has been created without realizing it was you who created it.  So if we are not staying consciously aware to realize that we are looking at 3D reality mirror and forgetting we are the one looking at it also through the observer effect.

Trying to Change 3D Reality Mirror

When we take a look at 3D reality mirror with the analogy of an actual mirror that we look at and then try to change the mirror by touching it, or screaming at it, or trying to fix the mirror etc... the mirror is similar to 3D manifested reality that is mirroring back to us what we already created, projected out.  If we continue to react and try to keep fixing or change what has already been created in 3D reality mirror, it is similar to screaming or trying to do something to the the mirror to change it. 

Continually telling the mirror what we want and wondering why nothing has changed.  As was mentioned by many teachers in the past that the mirror will not smile back until we smile at it.  Which we totally get it simply enough, yet when we are looking at the 3D reality mirror we too easily become distracted and forget that is what is really going on.

Joe Dispenza also repetitiously states that nothing changes until we change.  Tom Karin also says it so specifically in the video below too.  Seth said it when he stated that every moment we are recreating which can immediately change the 3D reality mirror when we really get how powerful we are and how powerful the present moment is too. 

3D Reality Mirror
Source that We Are

Trying to take our mind off of the 3D reality mirror of the reality that is already manifested can be challenging especially when we are in the habit of trying to work with 3D reality mirror, the already created reality.  If there is something that our body has already taken on unconsciously, or from an ongoing conflict that is still not completely resolved which may have created a body condition, it is challenging to try to ignore the condition or symptoms. 

However, if we really realize that it is up to ourselves to stay focused upon what we prefer as the version of ourselves, consistently how we want it to be while continuing to ignore what is going on, along with any unwanted mind chatter long enough to see the changes. 

This is working from the inside out  instead of trying to work from the outside in, as the 3D reality mirror is the end result of our creation.  And since every moment is always a new opportunity to recreate what we want, we just continue to bring ourselves back to the Source that we are and continue to be consciously aware to bringing ourselves back to our preferred reality enough times until we see some changes.  Then the 3D reality mirror will change the outer physical manifested reality and or body.

Reminder of what Bashar said when asked how do we know we have changed, when we respond differently from the way we reacted in the past to a same or similar situation.

The 3D Reality Mirror Removed
& Leave only the Frame 

If we take it one more step beyond to what Neville Goddard said that everyone and everything is ourselves pushed out.  So if we took the 3D reality mirror and removed everything but leave the frame, then we would be looking straight through to others and the world, which would be similar to seeing others and the world as a mirror reflecting back to ourselves what is inside ourselves.  Watch this short clip of Anthony De Mello explain that we are seeing people not as they are, but as you are. 

Yes this is a step deeper, however we all know that whatever or whomever triggers us can only trigger what is still left unresolved within ourselves.  It can only be another, or a situation, or body condition that can trigger us,  a 3D reality mirror can show us what we need to transform (by responding differently) or seeing whatever it is differently to no longer be triggered the same way as in the past.

So 3D reality mirror removed with just the frame left can show us and gives us great opportunities to drop or let go of whatever is still triggering or disturbing ourselves from the 3D reality mirror.  Which is also returning us back to pure unconditional love Source Being that we all are behind everything in the 3D reality mirror.

It is also similar to taking off a virtual headset when playing a virtual reality game when we are so immersed in the 3D reality mirror game of life.  When we are so immersed when playing as characters until we remove the headset and find ourself Being back to the Source we really are.

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