Aha and Walla is Two Parts of a Whole Experience

Aha and walla are two different words we verbalize as language to describe two different expressions of experiences.  Just as there are two unique different sides to a coin.  Just like a smile turned downward becomes a frown, two different expressions of one mouth. The same with water can also be different expressions in form too.  Water can be frozen or liquid of one property.  Just as we are spiritual entities using physical embodiment, two forms appearing separate as an illusion, but are really one.

So when we take a closer look at the two words walla and aha as separates parts of the whole experience we will get a better realization of ONE PROCESS.

Having the AHA Moment
Do You Finish the Process?

When we continue our curiosity about the resonating feeling we get when we have the AHA moment, it can take us to another part of the two words of one process.  By perceiving these two words aha and walla as different parts of the vibration frequency, we then can get the whole experience of the two words as a whole process instead of separate experiences.

So next time you get that AHA moment, write it down, or keep it in mind to ponder an experience you can have with it.  As an example, an aha moment can be when we resonate and have a feeling like yes living in the present moment, and expanding it more and more has the most empowering benefits for everything in our lives. That is one side of the coin, or one side of the whole process of experience of aha and walla.

Now to follow through on it we must take it to the next level and experience it enough times that it becomes a WALLA moment that we can then continue to use from now on, especially if it’s so greatly beneficial to us.

So we then take that AHA moment and expand that present moment more and more by reminding ourselves that we can stay longer and longer in the present moment, without turning our attention to the past.  Unless that past memory is beneficial for our future or present moment.  Same with the future, if it’s beneficial for our future potential then we can include it but keep it in the present moment of bliss. Now we are experiencing the aha and walla with both parts of one whole process.  The aha moment of yes it makes sense, and then the walla of experience that this is a great profound experience to be continued.  So to recap.


Aha is a point in our awareness that we get the AHA moment where we just registered something different then what we knew in the past.  New information downloaded into our system of this really resonate for you, as it does makes sense.


Walla is the end result of what we Aha-ed about until we have the experiences that confirm to us that the Aha processing has now become programmed into our memory of how the Aha is actualized into our experience. Now we have processed the aha into walla as a result of having an experience, aha and walla, that then becomes our knowing experience.

Why should we have to even realize this insight? For myself this differential realization makes it easier by separating the 2 words into 2 different perceptions. One that first urges us to go beyond into the other that shows us our own results of experiencing whatever our aha was to then have the walla experience.

Keeping a WALLA Journal

By now you know I love to keep journals about everything that is helpful along this journey. So I do keep a walla journal because it’s filled with years of deliberate manifestations that are great to look back on when those now sparingly downer days sneak into my reality, like the ego trying to detour any trusting energy.

Plus it’s great to see the way through the years time limits have changed and have become faster than in the past. Not only that, keeping a journal also is so helpful in viewing the results of desires fulfilled that show that the manifestations are not random, they are created.

Organized into a pattern of energy from deliberate intention that vortexes or magnifies into proven experiences that defy the odds of chance or coincidence. There are many benefits to keeping track of all this great profound experiences.

Share your aha or walla or manifestations below.

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