Being Now

Being Now is being who you truly are without any methods, techniques or journey.  Being totally present and allowing life to unfold to your preferences, even if they need changing, that can be done in the present moment also.

Whether you have been on a journey for years, or are just beginning to awaken to your true self, just knowing that you now get to decide the way you want to play in this life game. 

Once you can stay silent within your visions of your preferences, which means old chatter no longer disturbs you, then you are ready for instant manifesting.  You have become 100% responsible.

Being Already Whole … The ONE 

You are already whole when you are no longer identified as the character in the game of life.  Your identity is the ONE, Self, Being Now that is playing the character with all its constraints.   However, now the character's constraints have dissolved because all its cues (intuition) is from the Real Self.

To use the analogy of a game and as you develop successfully in the game you gain points which allows you to get farther and farther in the game.  Life's game is similar because you now know the game you are playing and the best way to navigate in playing it confidently.

With this game of life, we are realizing that we are making it up as we go, being consciously aware as we play. or we are still playing from default programming through limited belief collectiveness to eventually wake up to the Self, Being Now and the game you've been playing.

The Silent Power of the One Self
of Being Now

When chatter no longer disturbs your beingness of Being Now, you are in the most powerful state of silence because there is no chatter to detour your intentions.  You just are the ONE POWER of SILENCE and that powerful state is the observer continuously experiencing intentions and preferences. 

This may appear in this reality as a higher state of consciousness because we have broken through all the barriers of illusions of the immersion of being the character.  In other words, the veil is lifted, you know who you really are.

You No Longer Need
Reality Tools as 
 Techniques, Beliefs, Processes or Fear 

Reality Tools are tools we refer to as beliefs, techniques, steps, rituals, processes,  or processing time.  These reality tools are used and needed through the stages of growth when time gaps are needed to process information of the nature of reality.  Once we are the controller and know it, then these tools actually won't even work for us because it is showing that the time to drop the training wheels has come.

When the chatter no longer detours or pulls us in, meaning, we Intend and pure silence is only left, then we instantly manifest our preferences.  All other methods, tools or metaphors are no longer needed.  Then it is all coming from the True One Source purely from ITS most powerful silence without any medium.

Powerful Silence

Silence or what yogi's refer to as emptiness does not mean what the ego mind refers to or understands IT to be.  To the ego mind, silence, void or emptiness means of nothing going on.  However, to the awakened one's the experience is so clear that Silence is So Powerful because IT has no default or limiting chattered memories.  IT is just Pure Source of Being, so removed from memory chatter of the ego and fears.

So Silence is All That Is, the true source without any chatter, so nothing gets in ITS way which is then how instant manifestations become instant.

A journey is only a process of being so immersed in this life game and identified as the character that we agreed to forget to eventually experiencing remembering in this reality, to take off the costume when we are ready to.  That's a journey.  However, once we self realize, the rules of the game totally changes.

Then we unveil knowing our true source and power, the Silence is what allows the power to creates instantly.

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