Contrast is a Magnificent Gift

Your Greatest Opportunity to ReCreate Reality

We all know what Contrast is, if you listen to Abraham then you hear it mentioned all the time and even though we are working on ourselves all the time, reacting opposite to what you want can go unnoticed. You may be using it to power the energy to be going in the wrong direction that continues creating what you don’t want. If you are not working on yourself all the time, then using this powerful energy will literally change everything.

Let’s take a look at the definition of contrast which is the complete opposite of what we do want, it’s the already created reality we experience of what we no longer want to experience. No matter what it is you want by using this power in the moment will transform reality to be what you do want.

This is so Important
This Is Where All The Power Is

Firstly, you must keep yourself in the aware state as much as possible, because without being aware you will miss the biggest most important opportunity to change what's opposite of what you want into what you want. If you are not aware you will be reacting the old way, the same way that you have in your past, so it really does take constant awareness not to miss this powerful stage, your powerful opportunity.

The 2nd stage is the in the Moment that you notice you are reacting negatively to the contrast as you have before in your past because it will make all the difference in how your reality is going to be created. It's from this point of noticing the opposite experience and then responding the way you would if what you want is already the way you want it to be.

The 3rd stage is to do the 2nd above stage every single time the contrast is experienced again. Repeat, repeat and continue to repeat responding as if you are already in bliss about the reality you desire to be living. You cannot give up! Even if you do this numerous times and then react the old way to the contrast again, you must start over again until your reality has changed to what you want it to be.

Being an Infinite Creator Using the Magnificent Gift of Contrast

This truly is a powerful gift from the Infinite Creator and is the main reason any of us on the leading edge of becoming an Infinite Manifestor is all about. Knowing and trusting how powerful we are in physical and staying connected with your Infinite Self by using all THAT'S OPPOSITE TO WHAT YOU WANT as an OPPORTUNITY in the POWERFUL PRESENT MOMENT in what Abraham refers to as “asking from the place of having” is what makes contrast so powerful.

One of my Examples of the Magnificent Gift of Contrast that Changed my Reality Quickly

Just as you maybe be, I am still continuously learning every single day and working every single day on any contrast I am experiencing. All it took was a couple of days that I fell into some negative and not trusting energy of thoughts that snowballed into down feelings from some emotional addictive old programs that created massive back pain that pinched my nerves and the pain then was going up and down my legs. If you have ever experienced this then you know how painful it is.

It’s been a long time since I experienced back and leg pain, but knowing what I know and realizing that this is where I can use my magnificent gift of contrast was the power point. I allowed myself to suffer with it for hours until I was driving home from my parents and was at the point where I was going to pull over on the road because the pain was so intensely immobilizing and I was feeling hot and weak. That’s what pain can do, weaken and drains us.

Right in that moment I reminded myself that this contrasting experience is such a Magnificent Gift when used, the opposition and pain was a loud screaming at me, the SIGN. The COMMUNICATION TO GET MY ATTENTION that I am going in the opposite direction of where I want to go. In that powerful moment I completely stopped my old playing out thoughts and turned them around by imaging how I would be feeling if I were not in pain. I continued to do it for 5 minutes, that’s all, just 5 minutes of complete pure unaltered focus and again even to my surprise, I say again because, wow, see how sly and easily we can be taken off our infinite path? Just by that turn around imagining and feeling for just over 5 minutes was enough to trigger the already created memories of pain gone. I was literally 95% pain free, within the next 10 minutes of entertaining more amazement of how powerful I am, I was completely pain free, 100% and was able to fill a big water jug and carry it into the house. Pain free ever since and it’s been 3 days later.

Are you Using Every Opportunity of Contrast
to Evolve in Being
a Deliberate Infinite Manifesting Creator?

Using every single opportunity, every single time you notice the opposite of what you want, you stop and do the miraculous work, every single time. That is what it will take if you are still living any experience you still do not want, small or big remember doesn’t matter. Impossible beliefs will transform to the infinite amazing possibilities from the contrast and then into created reality just by constantly doing this transforming all opposite experiences. When you know that you are so worth it all you will do this work. When you know all the benefits that go along with it, you will passionately do the work it takes every time. Keep reminding yourself that it will take using every opposite experience as your magnificent gift of power.

You Become to Love, Accept, Own and Look Forward to the Opposing Experiences

This is what you will be experiencing instead of dreading or not liking your opposite-contasting experiences. It has now become what I love and look forward to because I know that every time I work on the opposite-contrast I am experiencing, I am recreating my reality in the present and future to be habitually, effortlessly while living blissfully too.

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