Dropping Processing Time

Dropping processing time is something of course we all desire.  To experience our desires being fulfilled instantly.  To use our ability to heal ourselves and others instantly.  It is something I pondered about for a long time on the why it takes so long for many big desires to be fulfilled or manifested. 

Considering I have practiced and experience many things that did originally take some time and consistent practice which eventually became instant.  After listening a second time to a video of Gregg Braden discussing the old belief in evolution being outdated and untrue, yet we all were conditioned to believe it, and embedded in that belief has the belief that everything takes allot of time and processing.  Along with not realizing who we are, limits, scarcity, separation etc...as Gregg explains.

Evolution v/s Just Appearing
Dropping Processing Time
of an Old Outdated Belief

As Gregg Braden explains that Darwin's theory was never meant to take such a hold of science fact.   And from Darwin's theory we were taught and believe that we evolved into the human species.  Embedded in that belief created the idea of another belief that everything takes allot of processing and allot of time.  That belief alone dictates everything to take time instead of dropping processing time with no time for manifesting or for any experience.  Understanding how Darwin's theory created a science paradigm really helps in letting go of the old belief. 

Listen to this video even if you have watched it in the past because there is such valuable information that Gregg shares about Darwin's theories and the beliefs and paradigm most are stuck in, versus the more advanced truth that we have actually appeared 200,000 years ago, not evolved as Darwin suggested.  This does change everything.

Seth and Instant Experience

An example Seth used.  Seth, "I want to be comforted if I were sick, someone would feel sorry for me and comfort me.  Such a wish is very seldom on a conscious level, but it is often EMOTIONALLY CHARGED and it brings forth IMMEDIATE RESULTS because of the CHARGE It carries. 

Whenever you catch yourself in moods of self pity, then you are courting just such results.  There is no way out of it, you see.  In your terms, it is highly destructible."

Just to notice what Seth is describing that anything that is Emotionally Charged gets immediate results.

Seth, "Any charged EMOTIONAL FEELING will almost immediately be made actual.  Now this gives you an advantage, you see, if you understand the principle."

Human Chromosome Two

Gregg says that the discovery of human chromosome two has over 1200 genes, but the TBR1 is the gene responsible for the neocortex, the newest part of the brain.  Gregg, "it allows us to self regulate our biology" 

One Single Belief Changes Everything

It is amazingly so profound of the realization that just one belief that was in error but believed collectively can change everything.  Because this belief in evolution dictates and has embedded within it that everything takes processing and takes a long time. 

Now imagine without that belief, there would be no processing time or big lags of time for experiencing desires/manifestations being fulfilled.  Although up until recently we probably needed to go through lags of time until we became more aware and efficient at living from our heart.  So we do see there is usually always a reason for everything.  However, now we are ready to take on that powerful responsibility compared to decades ago.

As you continue to listen to Gregg at 33.00 in the video he says, "In this moment I chose to enhance my immune system etc... We also see proof of what he is saying from his video of the healers, they heal (or shift reality) in less than 4 minutes on patients.  If you missed that video, it is the first one on the already done page proving that dropping the processing time is emotionally feeling as if it is already (being) done. 

Information of Higher Knowledge

Share with us any information you have come upon that's of higher knowledge.

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