Going All In

Going all in is when something you want to experience or have a desire for becomes all encompassing, all immersed in and not giving into any other detours that try to tempt or discourage you from accomplishing it.

Whether it is from sickness to well being and perfectly health, or limited money to unlimited money, or from aging to youthing.  The list really is endless when we go beyond the norm and reach for paradigm shifting possibilities instead of the common norm recycled ideas that most live from. 

If we can think it, then it is possible because we would not be able to think something if it was not already available to achieve.  But we must be willing by going all in with no B plan or any other option.  Neville Goddard reminds us of this from what he learned from his teacher Abdullah to never settle with second class once you pick first class or plan A only.

Going All In and Not Settling for Anything
Except Your Desire Fulfilled

There are so many things that can detour us from our wish fulfilled especially if it is something that is beyond most of the norms reality.  Also the inner old self talking and chatter seems to be the most challenging to overcome and ignore even more than others speaking their chattering to you.  All in all it always comes back to your self and your steadfast going all in with only your desires or wishes fulfilled, you specific visions you want to experience.

Seeing any temptations of detouring from your visions become easier to ignore when you stay focused, immersed and obsessed with your visions.  Those visions become the only fuel and focused work you do while you ignore anything else that does not belong to going all in and not to give up at anytime along the path because at any moment in time can be the desire fulfilled.  

We have all heard the stories of Kernal Sanders perseverance and Wayne Dyers perseverance even after 99 book rejections, he continued to believe in his vision.

Joe Bonamassa on Not Having a Plan B

I heard so many famous people always expressing that when we do not have a plan B, then we will not be tempted to give up to a lesser goal or desire.  Giving up plan B or to second best choices is not in the cards, what it takes is going all in and only staying focused and doing whatever it takes throughout each day on the desired visions.

My significant other was watching a interview of one of his favorite musicians being interviewed and I sat down to listen along and Joe Bonamassa was asked a question by a 17 year old that had a goal, vision to do what he loves. He asked if he should pursue being a musician as a side job, which you can go to 28.56 in the video below that Joe B answers the question.  

Abdullah and Not Settling for 2nd Class

As I have already mentioned about Neville Goddard and his teacher about not settling for anything less than what you want.  Abdullah actually was angry when Neville told him excitedly about his intended manifestation.  But because Neville detoured in accepting not exactly what he wanted, he settled and the lesson from Abdullah was to never settle for anything less than what you wanted originally.  That is going all in and staying all in until it is experienced as a reality.

Joe Dispenza constantly reminds us of that too.  Especially with any illness the body developed from unconscious programming the body took on.  That it takes being immersed as the perfectly healthy self.  This same thing goes for anything we desire in life, and especially for the beyond the norm desires as youthing, unlimited wealth and doing what we love to do.  Being the new personality that is aligned with wishes fulfilled and will also be of the greatest service to others too.

Tom Kearin gets right to the point of Just Being it no matter what.

I am adding in a video of Joe Bonamassa song that I enjoy listening to.    It reminds me of the old self that I am dying to, or deactivating to the new self I am activating.  The crosses we bare is all the old programming that no longer is of any service to me.  The True Self can now experience through the new personality as it blooms its unfolding.  

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