Journey To Remembering

Journey To Remembering seems to be that we log in through being born into a appearing physical environment that does now seem much like a Universal Game.  To play in the game without remembering who we really are would seem to the characters playing in the life game to be the most challenging and courageous thing to do in regards to life, and all its ups and downs and everything that goes on in life. 

Yet to the Source True Self that we are, it would be similar to us walking into a theater and watching a movie on a screen with different characters and enjoying the movie no matter what emotions it stirred for the arousal and enjoyment of it all, and then walking out of the theater knowing we were not a character in the movie,.  Or putting a headset on and being so immersed in the virtual reality that we believe we are the character in the virtual reality until we took the headset off to remember it was just an immersive game.

This is what is revealed as we awaken or drop more and more veils of illusions to see more of what is going on, and it is all a part of the Journey To Remembering who we are and why we came here to experience this reality of life.

I Know You have Heard All This Before
It is Part of the Journey To Remembering

If you are still reading this webpage then rejoice because yes!  For many of us it takes allot of repetition and life experiences to get to the absolute knowing to be able to really drop all conditions, beliefs, ego and fear, and to fall truly into our True Self and create naturally from the Zone of that Ultimate Power.

This just may be the last page you ever need to read once you really get it and then are truly living from It.  Depending where you are in the Journey To Remembering does not matter either because you came here to play immensely in this reality anyway.  We all get here in our own ways and timing, and all is perfectly fine in whatever way it dawns and becomes the natural way of being and living. 

Naturally through Love that we are, and so easily of preferred Intentions unfolding with beautiful grace and ease through even the last echo's that may unfold that still may tempt us to fall back.  The greatest thing is that we never stay there long enough for anything to takes us over anymore, and it becomes easier and more natural.

Stories are a
Big Part of The Journey to Remembering

Inner Dialogue is going on all the time and another most fascinating part of the journey to remembering is realizing that everything does seem to unfold into reality experiences from stories and inner dialogue we are going over in our mind.  It is either stories from memories of the past or memories of the future all in the Present Moment. 

There is always something going on inside of us unless we quiet the mind by focusing on one thing until we drop everything, and are in the most spacious indescribable state of most now refer to as the quantum field, or some masters refer to as our True Self, the Source of All That Is, which is remembering who we really are.

Now we can consciously create stories we prefer to be living instead of default stories that were necessary through the Journey To Remembering to get us through different levels, so to speak, to unveiling more. 

Creators Forgetting we are Creators

This life game or reality would not be much fun or exciting if we came in knowing who we really were.  It would be so boring we would probably not spend much time here at all.  

Realizing through the journey of remembering allows us to realize that we have always been creating. not only since the time we logged in or was birthed into this plane of existence, but always we were creators creating or manifesting experiences or some kind of reality.  Coming to this realization along with all the other realizations is the journey to remembering so that we can begin to create consciously now with awareness to create now more of what we want.  Before this realization we were always creating, however we were creating unconsciously without realizing we were doing it, and that was part of the journey and game we knew once the veils were dropped.

It really does take marinating after the Realization of who we are long enough and going through so many different paths and experiences before really getting it completely.  Once we do then we can do what we always have done, create or manifest reality of our preferences instead of from default programming.

Dropping All Conditions & Being Consciously Intentional in Manifesting

We can believe we know so much until more and more veils drop to uncover more to remember more.  How many beliefs have you formed throughout your journey to remembering.  I know for myself I formed so many beliefs without realizing it through over 40 years of the slow unveiling of remembering. 

I believed I had to  use so many rituals and techniques as affirming, visualizing, self talk, and any other that came along as you can see throughout the website of following instructions or ideas from other teachers along my journey of remembering.  It has been quite a ride of drama, ups and downs and remembering's along the way.  Once dropping all of that is similar to carrying a heavy bag of (realty) tools all the time.  Once we drop it all, we feel so light and free to naturally manifest with ease.

What had happened was if I did not do these rituals, that the things I desired would not manifest.  So I continually was creating a loop of constantly waiting for desires to manifest because of the beliefs in having to do certain things a certain way.   This did eventually become effort, however it was a part of the journey to remembering that all of that was not even necessary except for it took me to another stage of remembering that from the true ultimate Source creating is so natural and easy, second nature to who we really are.

The biggest remembering of course is remembering who we are and why we are here, which is to play in the game and experience everything from different characters and experiences along the journey to remembering.  

It is really profound when we really come to the realization that we do not and never did need any techniques or processing or even time to creating reality because we have always been creating reality naturally, just unconsciously unaware.  The only difference was that we were doing it unconsciously creating what we wanted and did not want throughout the life journey to remembering.  Once we really get it, the remembering is so profoundly known, there is not going back unless we fall into old chattering programs for awhile.  Which does happen to many of us for awhile.

However, once at this part of the journey to remembering, and we get it fully that we do not need anything other than ourself and our conscious intention to create or manifest, we truly can be what is referred to a master creator which is only remembering what we have always done.  No need for processes or techniques or even time.  Especially when we really get it that we are creating every moment, knowing this is a great empowering part of the reality game too and of remembering.

Living a Powerfully Naturally Blissful Life
while Manifesting Hearts Desires 

It is so surreal that at this point of the journey to remembering of dropping everything except for ourself, and what we prefer to create and experience just by being present with an intention, and then walla, just like magic everything unfolds so easily. 

Not only are we living from our true self of Source, we are creating so naturally with the ease of unfolding from the most powerful being that we are, and everything truly unfolds so easy, naturally from the loving, blissful Self of Intentions.   So beautifully unfolding and unfolding, and not only does life become better and better, we feel more amazing and purely living life in that pure enjoyment most of the time. 

It would also seem that it would become so seamless continually unfolding of love, beauty, grace, enjoyment, fun, playful, and everything else that goes along with that natural unfolding.   I would also assume that there would be even more amazing unknown beautiful emotions we have not even realized are to be experienced too.

Being Our True Natural Source Self

Being our true natural source self is truly loving and enjoying all experiences for where it takes us next.  Yet now through everything there is a major difference with powerful yet profound ease, and through everything the ease of naturally unfolding.  Living consciously aware and enjoying every moment of it and of our creations. 

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